What is your one true obsession? How has it affected your decisions in life?


  1. Being too stubborn to let things go can keep someone from learning and also from moving foreword.

  2. Amygdala people, Amygdala. I am too flighty to have any long lasting obsession. Short obsessions certainly. I think they can be good especially if it is something we want to learn.

  3. My one obsession is a man. He’s famous and of course doesn’t know that I exist. It feels more like a crush, but he consumes my every thought. It’s not so bad that it affects my life. I’m married and would never cheat on my husband, but this man… Let’s just say that it’s a good thing he doesn’t know that I exist.

  4. Obsession has at times ruled my life. I would make decisions based on my obsessions rather than on good, solid judgement. I often made poor choices because of it.

  5. The one obsession I had was ghost hunting. I was obessed with a house where 4 people were murdered. I would have people drive me over there at all times for day and night for 3 years. I could look through the open window and take pictures, but I couldn’t get in and this drove me crazy. I got a moan on my recorder and then something shut it off. Finally about 1 month ago I drove by and someone burned it up, so I could go in. I got the brightest orb I have ever seen. This was on a rainy day. And lots for other orbs,too. I was done.

  6. My one true obsession is spirituality. I have delved deeply into many forms of religious & spiritual practices. My life has been driven by this obsession. It has caused me to spoil a pure faith with self demands of perfectionistic practice.
    I have come “home” to Eastern Catholic rite. Having this faith is focusing my obsession in a good way. I have opened myself up to the experience of faith, rather than focusing on nit-picking rules.

  7. Obsession is a focus on one particular thing to the exception of all others. I view it negatively because it consumes you and can impact your daily life…obsessions take over your mind and, although you make look ok on the outside, you are drowning on the inside

  8. the worst kind of obsession I see is when people are obsessed with controlling other people, especially when it is a child they are obsessed with controlling.

  9. Obsession… hmmm. Evil…. senseless evil…. how do people do that? What happened from the time they were born and innocent to the time they became evil… and truly lost their sense of care?

    … so many people are self absorbed…. I just can’t relate to that and it bothers me… I understand shyness, etc… but there are ways these days to “pitch in” and better the world, without being the center of attention.

    Senseless evil and just the lack of caring about others. I’m obsessed with trying to figure out the “why” behind that.

  10. For most of my life I’ve been obsessed with relationships, having come from a perpetually broken family. The quest for eternal partnership seemed a reasonable one, until I realized that I had never, ever been single, and didn’t even have my own opinions…Then the obsessive fixation over Autonomy took root, and hasn’t let loose.

    One day you look around at all of the co-dependent, angry, needy, desperate people in the world – looking to others to fill in their blanks, and you are very disturbed by all of this.

    It must be the most impossible task in this life – to find balance from within.

  11. I’m obsessed with the colors red and black. Those colors told me to be bloody and dark in everything :x

  12. I was going to say I have no obsession and then my phone buzzed with a message from my only child. Even though she is no longer a child, I obsess about her….her happiness, her health, her choices. I want to make everything perfect in her world. Yes, I guess that qualifies as an obsession.

  13. I am obsessed with information. I am a researcher by trade, and must know all the why and how of a thing. And then I have to know the thing’s history. And then know things related to the thing. When my grade school teachers told me to “look it up” if I didn’t understand something I took that literally. If I’m reading something, for work or pleasure, and come across a word or concept I don’t understand I have to look it up and learn all there is about it before returning to my reading. I love learning even the most ridiculous scrap of information, but at the same time, it can be exhausting, and my mind is a very busy place.

  14. I have seen the TV-Movie IT with the age of 5. It´s the first and (obviously) most shocking thing i have ever seen. “It” has marked me for life. Nowadays i´m not sure, if “It” is my biggest fear or my backing in life.

  15. I have been obsessed for many years about the environmental destruction of our world. I have been hands on fighting this and that for quite awhile. Reading articles, petitioning, marching and attending meetings and conference calls. This obsession has at times made me feel part of the solution, part of the problem, elated, powerless and downright depressed. My obsession has at times made me drink heavily. I have at times become The One at a party where I get the eye roll as I talk about how this town banned fracking or this stream was polluted from a spill. Once I am immersed in a cause that is all I can think about. I have back peddled my involvement as of late because I was making myself sick. I am still involved and dedicated however I am working hard at keeping this obsession in check.

  16. I still think about a man who rejected me fourteen years ago. A lot. I wish I didn’t. This obsession sometimes causes me to do things I am ashamed of, such as read his email. This obsession does not affect EVERY decision I make in life, but the rejection and my refusal to accept it certainly reflects the fact that I don’t always make decisions based on sound judgement.

  17. Stephen king is my obsession. It has been my constant since I started reading his books. It made some of the things i was going through much easier. My decisions in life have been based on fiction characters and perhaps what they have experienced.

  18. What is your one true obsession? How has it affected your decisions in life?
    I have had different obsessions at different times in my life. My most recent obsession and the one coincidentally very relevant to Stephen King’s new book “Revival” is a god obsession. I was an obsessed with God and my being the best Christian that I could for about 5 years or so beginning in the year 2000. I became obsessed with tearing down the myth of god and one of many god worshiping cults; Christianity in around the year 2005 or so when I saw the light of truth and realized that invisible gods and invisible god worlds of paradise and torture did not exist.
    My first god obsession; belief in god took my time and my money as it does for most invisible god believers. My second god obsession; tearing down the myth of god has given way to writing and arguing against invisible god belief which I enjoy very much doing!

    The Word of Truth

  19. Plotting what hour to arrive at Union Square B&N for Stephen King’s book signing on Tuesday — and thinking 3:00 am is perfectly reasonable, and wouldn’t midnight be EVEN BETTER… I don’ t think I am “obsessed” but these past 48 hours have definitely been obsessive… :-) As for my obsessions in general? I tend to bunny-hop from celebrity to celebrity, song to song, and so forth. I like having my little focused worlds. They amuse, interest, excite and relax me!

  20. My one true obsession – is a interest? in the various lives that are on the planet. I love train stations, I am most at home on trains and as a strange on railway platforms. I see my characters there I see the different races and the different worlds all mingling in this point of time.

    Its engaged my energy in a study of those beings.

  21. Music/ Audio; I’ve been a musician for over 30 years, I remix songs every chance I get, and I notice all the mistakes in sound on television and in movies. Haven’t been able to make a cent off it, I do it anyway. It drove me to get two degrees in it, instead of playing it safe and getting a Medical Laboratory Technician degree, so it has not always been helpful, however, my life is not boring because of it.

  22. obsessed to gain deeper understanding of universe

  23. Normal people (is there such a thing) think of 20 million things a day. I think of a few things a day 20 million times. I think I thought I was obsessed with getting to the end. What comes next. I missed the forest for the trees most of my life because of it. My obsessions have changed as I have, as time has passed. I was obsessed with being fed. I was obsessed with how to walk. I was obsessed with how to ride a bike. I was obsessed with kissing a girl. I was obsessed with getting my new bike, my new car, getting laid (still am), getting married, having kids, getting the best job. And now. Just being in the moment. Every single moment. Especially when my grandson is around. Man I don’t want to miss a thing with him. I am obsessed with loving him. I’m obsessed with seeing my son again someday. Obsessed with life, my obsessions have made me who I am good and bad.

  24. Religions. All of them. Most of my recreational reading is academic books and papers regarding religion. I studied religion at university and will hopefully be going to grad school soon to continue.

  25. Obsession? Ha, truly, look around, … there is no time, too many things to see/do/taste/touch/smell/hear to send time obsessing on just one, or a few, things. All are not pretty things, but all are fascinating in their way. (their way, not your way).

  26. Knowledge. Constantly need to remind myself how fortunate my life has been and to not take what I have for granted.

  27. I don’t really have an obsession. I have been obsessed with things or people at different times but nothing truly uncontrolable

  28. I have ADHD. It can cause obsessive/compulsive actions. They become habits that last even after the ADHD is under control with medication. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was in my 60s. The disease served me well, while I worked, but retirement was more difficult, until I was medicated. In my comment about addiction, I said I was still doing crystal meth. I am no longer. It’s only been 2 weeks, but I feel fine.
    OK, I imagine, that’s not the kind of obsession you want.
    I’ve always felt unloved, and as my title implies, invisible. I’ve been obsessed with finding my “own true love” for as long as I can remember. I was married twice before. They both were “my own true love” until they weren’t.
    I met my current husband 20 years ago. He was that man.
    He is much younger than I so I was reluctant to marry him. I expected to see ass and elbows going over the hill, as I started my “over-the-hill” journey. But he stayed. All this time and he stayed. If he ever did change his mind, I would lose mine. He might be the ONE.
    I’ll invite you all to our 50th wedding anniversary.

  29. Recent Obsession working as a “Fiber Artist ” otherwise known as crochet.

  30. I do not have any obsessions! I’m just a sober Frisian…or maybe there IS one little obsession: I need to own every King book and buy every new King book immediately!

  31. The need to please. So dangerous. It makes politicians out of us all.

  32. My one true obsession is with books and Harry Potter. I’ve lost relationships over my love of Harry Potter and even friendships. I guess they weren’t any good for me anyway. However, people do always assume I have read everything there is and I never get any books for Christmas.

  33. My obsession is the perfection of myself and others. I am elitist.
    This affects my life terribly because, as everyone knows, no one is perfect so I turn around looking for a lost cause :-/

  34. The female body. The pursuit of which has made my decisions for me.

  35. I tend to do short term obsession: learning stuff at work, the book I’m reading, quilting for a while, relativity at one point…you get the picture. I don’t have the energy for long term obsessions somehow.

  36. Escape. Someday I hope to escape permanently from reality.

  37. Obsession is Tunnel Vision….it’s like missing the forest while looking for the tree……Obsess over any one thing and soon you’ll find yourself missing everything else.

  38. The wonderful green grass that always seems to grow on the neighbors side

  39. Obsessed with the approval of others. It’s emotionally exhausting.

  40. Cat Stevens and Stephen King.

  41. Can I end this myself whenever I want too? What would happen then?

  42. I have had different obsessions at different times in my life, with thoughts and ideas, people, death, religions, food. I was diagnosed with breast cancer six years, am surviving and obsessing on living now.

  43. Obsession, usually causes problems for other people

  44. I am obsessed by learning. I want to soak up everything. Knowledge is better than money in the bank.

  45. I obsess over the Dark Tower and wonder what Bango Skank’s story was…

  46. I don’t really have an obsession.

  47. My obsession that has overwhelmed my life from a very young age, is in wanting to become a woman. The road that I have followed in fighting this obsession has caused many a broken heart. the experiments and trials that I have gone through are many some successful, and some disasters. Behaviour, image, mentality and eroticism, an amazing journey.

  48. My one true obsession is finding me, and who I’m supposed to be. This obsession has made me question my identity and wonder if I’m doing what I’m intended to do. I’m very smart and wonder why I didn’t choose to act upon it because life is passing quickly and I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to utilize my intelligence. I try to teach my children to find what they are good at and learn all they can but utilize the knowledge they gain.

  49. I find myself obsessed at times when learning something new. I put most, if not all my effort into what I’m trying to learn at that time.

    Who said obsession was such a bad thing?

  50. zero equals two

    preparation for revival.

    these stories,

    these confessions,

    reading them,

    writing my own,

    reading what comes after.

    where has the weekend gone?

  51. I think my one true obsession has to be the pursuit of happiness. This has led to me greatly lowering my standards on what will make me happy so that I can be happy. Sometimes it upsets me to have to lower my standards because I don’t think I ask for a whole lot in the first place. Plus I hardly ever seem to have a problem with dropping whatever I am doing to do something for someone else. Is it selfish of me to want something in return or is it reasonable?

  52. My obsession is a man, 22 year younger than me, that I met a week ago. I’m a married man and my every waking thought is about him, what our lives would be like together, when can I see him again, does he feel about me the way I feel about him, do I have the courage to leave my loveless marriage for him.

  53. My one and only obsession is a man. He is “my first, my last, my everything”. I do realise now that everything I did in my life, every decision I took, was somehow connected with him, done to get closer to him, to reach him. There are some words, spoken by Tom Tom in the movie “The Million Dollar Hotel”, that apply to me perfectly: “All I’ve ever wanted was to reach Eloise, just to reach her.” Of course, the name doesn’t apply, but you know what I mean.
    After thirty years of this obsession I guess I could say that I have reached him, and recently. But there is so much more I still could get! And even more that I could GIVE him. But I get the feeling that it will not be possible, for many reasons, the main being that he doesn’t want anything more.
    You should be careful what you wish for, it may come true. My dream of reaching him came true. And now what? I feel like I’m approaching a concrete wall and I am about to crash. What I have is not enough, what I want I can’t get, without it I don’t want to live.

  54. I feel as though I get obsessed with things to intensely and too fast. I will move from one obsession to the next, wearing each one down until I can’t produce anymore love for it. Though it might seem strange, I actually end up learning a lot about a variety of different topics. The only real weird parts are when I get stuck into an obsession with stuff like ghosts, lucid dreaming, gore, and more stuff like that. Ends up a bit freaky.

  55. To me an obsession is something you cannot control, almost an addiction. I don’t obsess over things. For example, I see germaphobes, worriers & health or fitness fanatics, and I think about how much time they spend making sure they do everything right. Being healthy is good, being obsessed by things, not so much. I think people get hung up in the details and then they can’t stop. I don’t want anything in my life that controls my behavior like that except my love for my family.

  56. Death. My death and everything elses. I study all aspects of it and all things relating to death facinate me, but when I think about my own I realize that everything I work for and love will fall on the ground when I die. My pets wont be loved and probably taken to the pound, my prized collections will be discarded as trash to whoever has to clean up, and everything I have learned will just be smoke in the wind. Pointless.

  57. I am obsessed with a married man who is forty years older than me. He even has a daughter my age. I’ve never spoken to him and sometimes two or three months go by without seeing him. But I think about him almost constantly and often draw or paint him. I think of him as my muse. Whenever there’s a chance I might see him, I spend hours on my makeup and clothes. I probably disgust him, but I catch him looking at me all the time, so I hold on to the hope that he might be attracted to me. I have always had a tendency toward romantic obsession, but he’s been the worst by far. I know how I’m behaving is unhealthy, but my obsession with him inspires me to keep going.

  58. An old love, my dreams of being a musician or published author. It has made me slowly become bitter and hate everybody who is happy or pretends to be happy.

  59. To protect myself from people-caused pain. I’ve given too many others the benefit of the doubt and trusted and that won’t happen again. It’s true, I’ve become basically a hermit living alone and loving it with my two cats. I’m NOT lonely I just enjoy being alone. I do what I want when I want because I work just 4 days a week. My weekends are my little corners of the world. I have my grandchildren about every 3 or 4 weeks for the weekend and spend time with my children very seldom as they are busy. I have no friends really, they all screwed me in one way or another. I can sit and read for hours – of course, SK, and the author he’s turned me on to John Sandford, etc. I am also obsessed with books written in Maine. I visited there a year ago on a diner road trip and adored the state. It all stemmed from reading 11 22 63. I visited Lisbon Falls, Gardiner, to name a few towns. Got as far north as Camden and drove along the coast. It’s utterly gorgeous. Anyway, no one really knows how alone I am because it doesn’t matter. My sweet sister and I get together at least once a month for breakfast, I work with people daily although I am lucky to have a solitary office and that with my kids and grands it enough for me. Believe it or don’t.

  60. Trying to please people. I can’t say no.

  61. The one true love I cannot have. I will die loving her.

  62. I tend to focus too much on my hobbies and being safe–reading, writing, clicking through YouTube videos. It makes me ignore the people around me and has me feeling quite guilty, to be honest. But I don’t know how to stop–this makes me happy and I have trouble expressing how much I care to other people. It’s probably made me pick the safe option many times, or stay inside when I could’ve gone out, and be a bit distant to my family. I don’t regret my hobbies but I do regret letting them come before living so often. I’m trying to get out of it by moving away from home for university, but changing is absolutely terrifying.

  63. Lenny Kravitz….and maybe Justin Timberlake…….
    But seriously, I just want to keep being able to work and not have to call off.

  64. My obsession has been and still is to find answers to my deeper questions, mainly about myself. Learning what makes me tick, in the better aspects as well as the “not better” aspects enables me to at least attempt to make more-reasoned decisions.

  65. I’m not sure what my one true obsession is. I am very pedantic and I have always “colored inside the lines.” I find that if I follow the rules then all will turn out okay. And it usually does.
    My stress level is low and I can always rely on the fact that I did the right thing and all will work itself out.
    It may be boring, but I like reliability. I like knowing people can rely on me.

  66. Stephen King. Really, can’t get enough. Have to pre-order the books and then wait, and wait, and wait. My daughter, who was supposed to be playing in her room, snuck down the hallway when I was watching “It”, and she is now almost 30 and still scared to death of clowns. Thanks, Pennywise.

  67. My one true obsession is love , and it’s caused endless teams and drama in my life . It led me to myself

  68. I am obsessed with keeping my mind busy. Yes I read everyday everywhere. I have a library in my home of all my favorite books. Books on my iPhone, computer and iPad. If not reading I have to be quilting, sewing, painting, drawing or working on the computer. I can’t learn enough or do enough. Watching tv is not enough to keep my mind busy. I also have hand sewing in my purse so no moment is wasted. It has made me better at my job because there is no computer surfing or texting going on just good work. I do make sure I get 7 hours sleep but other than that I abhore wasting time.

  69. My obsession is reading and learning, whether it’s a SK book or label on a cereal box or looking things up in a dictionary/encyclopaedia, the world is at my fingertips.

  70. My one true obsession are my grandchildren. This has brought great love and happiness into my life

  71. My one obsession is the need to make a difference. I guess that is the main reason I have spent my life doing things which help others, be it as a volunteer with Riding for the Disabled, Adult Literacy and Numeracy Programs, Telethons, and the list goes on. If someone needs help, I’m there. I have been asked by people “Why do you do that? You don’t get paid for it”. Sadly, there are many people who just don’t understand that there are some things worth so much more than money.
    Seeing a look of joy or relief on someone’s face, is one of those things.

  72. I agree that obsessions can, indeed, ebb and flow. Some of my past obsessions seem downright laughable to me now. Still, I don’t find it such a bad thing, as obsession can spark creativity, force you to think outside your normal routine, and even give you joy. Um, as long as your obsessions “ebb and flow,” that is. Remaining stuck on an obsession can be vewy, vewy bad.

  73. I am obsessed with succeeding and ensuring that my daughters succeed. It has affected my decisions because I want to be in control of everything to make sure that things work out.

  74. Obsessions change like the tides. What seems all-consuming and important today may seem trivial and silly tomorrow or next month. The most important part is to avoid letting an obsession control your life and cause you to make poor decisions.

  75. Learning – and it has meant I have followed multiple paths along different jobs to keep learning. I don’t always choose the most lucrative jobs but allow my love of learning to drive where I go.

  76. I have three – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Why are these simple things so hard? They drive my life decisions the way birds are driven to migrate. Or the way lemmings are driven off cliffs.

  77. Obsession, hum, I obsess over anything and everything….good, bad, what’s the difference?

  78. My first love. Never could he love me back the way in which I had hoped but we have been best friends since we met over fifteen years ago. I still feel in my heart that we were supposed to grow old together and am constantly dreaming of him and thinking about him throughout the day. I even hope that in our later years, after our spouses have passed, that there could be another chance. It bothers me greatly to have these feelings for someone other than my husband and believe me I have tried so many times and for so long to erase these feelings and thoughts. It hurts. Badly hurts to not be spending my life with him and I sometimes feel like everything is just a waste of time without him. I am not co-dependent or boy crazy in any way. I am however, crazy for this man who has become a part of my soul and love him with all of it. My life would be pointless without him so I am infinitely grateful for his friendship.
    “The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. …The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice-versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant.”

  79. Reading Stephen King Books since 1975 — cost me a fortune, especially for Signed First Editions.

  80. Sometimes I feel like I’m totally driven by obsessions. They come and completely possess me, to the exclusion of everything else, and then they go. I pursue my current obsession with an intensity and passion that, later, leaves me feeling puzzled and even a bit ashamed. Why did I have to see Rocky Horror Picture Show more than 250 times? Why did I have to buy five storage containers’ worth of yarn after I learned to knit? Why did I have to play that video game three hours a day for six solid months?

    Excuse me, I have to go watch that series that I had to purchase every single episode of…

  81. The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. (Oscar Wilde)

    If you have an obsession that makes you proud; well, you don’t really have an obsession.

  82. Nothing like a really good worthy obsession! It keeps those juices flowing. And they change with time. As a baby you become obsessed with mother’s milk. Then walking and talking. Children are obsessed with playing and learning how things work. Teens obsess over their looks, and the object of their desires which change from week to week. Young men and women obsess over sex and money. Parents obsess over their children. Grandparents obsess over the grand kids. And I just bet Stephen King obsesses over his writing. I know I do.

  83. It’s easier to become obsessed with things than you think. I feel obsessed with video games which feels kind of ridiculous to say but it’s true.

  84. Doesn’t everyone have an obsession? Even those little dark ones no one knows about.

  85. I am obsessed with what I call the process. Everyday for me is a process. I go to work, I interact with certain people in ways that I deem are acceptable, and then I go home. Things like partying and the like are things I don’t do. I don’t “have fun.” I don’t hang out. Everything is the process for me. I ignore temptations, things like women and alcohol. I understand on one level that there is nothing wrong being with a woman, but it interferes with the process. Sexuality and desire all interfere with the process. Essentially I want to have no feeling at all and to not be acknowledged. Don’t look at me and don’t even talk to me. Just let me earn my bread, go home, eat, and then sleep. I want to be myself, by myself.

  86. My obsession is the unknown. If there is something I don’t know it eats away at me until I find myself doing any and everything to find out. I was so obsessed with who my boyfriend was cheating with that I was searching and snooping and hacking almost 20 hours a day. I was so obsessed that I couldn’t leave him until I had found out every detail. I get obsessed with making a person repeat themself if I didn’t hear what they said. When I misplace a paper with information on it at work I will take the whole day just looking for it not because I need it (can reprint it) but because I’m obsessed with knowing where it went.

  87. I have many obsessions, but I guess the major one is connected with being as good as I possibly can in anything I do (writing, lecturing, baking etc.). I know I can always be better, there’s a perfection I’ll never get, but I can and shall at least try to get as close to it as possible.

  88. My one true obsession: This could be better. By this, I mean most manmade things and ideas, and my person. (Nature is perfect.) I like fixing things that I feel I can fix. It affects my life, like sometimes I take on more than I can handle, because I think, “Sure, I could do that. Yes, yes, yes. I WANT to do that. I NEED to make it better than it was.” Sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed. Most of the time I have fun doing it. Sometimes I get in over my head, and my life can feel off-balance. I use time management to balance my obsession.

  89. I am obsessed with catching my husband cheating on me. My ex-husband did, and told me about it. Now I am ruined with jealousy and nasty thoughts about what my amazing husband does when I’m out of town or when he is deployed. I torture myself with this and I wish I could stop. I am happily married. In my heart of hearts, I know he will not betray me like the first one. However, I still check-up on him, check his computer, and I wish he would give me his passwords so I could verify my suspicions as bullshit. Luckily, I am sane enough not to ask him for the passwords and not to demand access to his phone. Shit. Reading this, I really do sound nuts.

  90. My obsession is fear. I fear the future of my autistic son, my 2 children in general, i fear the eventuality of losing my widowed mother despite her psych problems, i fear not being able to provide for all 3 of them as a single mom. I fear being alone, i fear death but also fear the thoughts that death would be an escape from these worries(but i love my children and there is no one that will love them like i do, even if we do end up living under a bridge). I fear daylight, as nighttime and sleep are my only escape. I fear the amount of money in my bank and my bills. I dread logging on to my bank to see if i can pay my bills and feed my family and keep a roof over their head. I fear seeking out a romantic relationship as no one deserves to share my burdens.

  91. My obsession changes frequently. Whatever I am currently obsessed about I study it and think about it a lot. This is not always healthy.

  92. My obsession is family, the only TRUE thing you have at the end of life is the love of the ones closest to you!

  93. I think my obsession is to be out with friends as many nights as I can be so I am not alone. I also have the obsession of getting “things”. I’ll give up groceries to buy a brand name purse. I didn’t have much when I was young and I have this need to get those things now just to know I can.

  94. My obsessions change. When I am interested in something, I obsess and try to learn as much as possible. Eventually that one passes and a new obsession takes its place. God help he who tries to get in my way once my mind is made up to do my next new obsession. Nothing gets in my way. It is worrisome.

  95. Performing autopsies. I want to just open up a human body and dissect every inch of it. I want to examine everything under a microscope, see what cancer and other diseases look like. I want to know what each organ looks like for myself. I have never acted on this, but if a coroner ever asked me if I wanted to assist or even just observe an autopsy I would definitely jump on the chance.

  96. My obsessions vary. Sometimes I become really obsessed (like, REALLY obsessed) with a thing, like a certain book or sports team or topic, and it’s all consuming. It takes over. It doesn’t interfere with my life but if left unchecked it very well could. It’s funny because I’m interested in everything. I listen to all types of music, watch all types of shows, get along with all types of people. But for something to grab me, and hold me, and really get me into overdrive, is rare and and so when it does happen it becomes my total focus. Sometimes it’ll burn hot and strong and then poof out. Other times though…. other times it stays for years. Sounds unhealthy…. probably is unhealthy…

  97. I am obsessed with the thought of having sex with another woman. Nobody in particular. I am very happily married and always thought I was heterosexual . I have great sex with my husband but for the past five years I constantly think about having sex with a woman.

  98. I was going to say I don’t have one, but now I think my obsession is to always have a plan. Whether it be scheduled events or unscripted time where nothing is planned, I am uneasy when I can’t look forward and anticipate what comes next. I’m fine with changing plans, being flexible, and things not working out as expected. In fact, I’m great with being open and excited about change. But I think that openness is also part of my plan. If someone else changes things or disregards what I have scheduled, it really irks me. Don’t drop in without calling first – that’s what I’m saying.

  99. Books. I’ve been a Constant Reader since the very beginning.

  100. I hate to admit it, but puzzles. I recently discovered KenKen in the Sunday New York Times magazine and will let all else go until I have both the 5×5 and 7×7 completed.

  101. I became obsessed with a man when he dumped me. I was 30 years old and had two children so it wasn’t like he was the first man I dated! We had been together for a year and of course looking back now it was all on his terms , we always did what he wanted to do etc. But when he finished with me to see someone else I can honestly say I became obsessed with him, I practically stalked him! I now realise how stupid I was and thankfully never did anything bad to him but the thoughts were there!

  102. I get bored quickly with new interests and hobbies because I get obsessed with each thing until I master it then I drop it like a hot potato and obsess about the next thing. It’s a bit annoying actually.

  103. Music. I love playing it, listening to it, writing it and being around people who live it. it has INFECTED. My life with joy!

  104. Obsession–the only thing I am obsessed about is cleanliness. I can’t stand a dirty house, dirty clothes, dirty body and laziness.There is no excuse for it. I am not obsessive compulsive but I hate dirt. If you are a dirty person and keep a dirty house, then you are LAZY! Remember, “cleanliness in next to Godliness.”

  105. Obsession is defined as a relentless pursuit. As our culture thrives off materialism, engorges egos through display, and relives the past through collectibles we have forgotten the value of obsessing over good health! Enough of that…I’m off to get a Big Mac!

  106. I must admit I was obsessed with the Dark Tower Series years ago, when the books came out one at a time, with lengthy intervals between in some cases.

    I realized the depth of my obsession when our dear author was struck by the van… THAT horrific day,???? My first thought was: Oh no, Not Stephen, I hope he’s ok! …and my second, more obsessed thought…He can’t die! He’s not finished the series!!!! That being said, I waited patiently for his recovery and next book…thanks for all your twisted ideas! :)

  107. What is OBSESSION but a self-administered form of ADDICTION? Curiosity run rampant, turned against itself, this overmastering sensation can unman the mind and uncouple your sanity from your decency. Some claim that OBSESSION fuels genius. I say rather that it is DEDICATION that fuels genius. OBSESSION is it’s dark downstairs neighbor, listening at the vent, desperate to overhear something it has no right to hear.

  108. I don’t really have an obsession so much as I have a hunger. I consume books of all kinds, I don’t obsess over them. I do re-read all my books at least once every year or so and I must admit that Stephen King’s books comprise a large portion of my book collection. Reading is the best form of escapism and one of the truest forms of stress relief I’ve ever found. No matter how bad things are going in my life, I can pick up a book and immediately find myself transported to a place and time that allows me to forget everything except the world in which I find myself. It provides a wonderful catharsis for me and I thank “Uncle Stevie” as well as the other authors in my collection for allowing me to be a part of their worlds and for giving me an oftimes much needed escape from my own.

  109. Stephen King. Actually more generally speaking, reading books. Well, Mr. King has taught me that it’s ok to have monsters in my closet and under my bed (lol). Reading in generally has encouraged me to nuture my vivid imagination. Which sometimes gets me into trouble when I spend too much time daydreaming, but otherwise has been a source of endless entertainment over the years. Thank you Mr. King for taking me on so many wild and fun adventures over the past 30+ years.

  110. To be loved. This has held me back, making the wrong choices. x

  111. my obsession would be sex. i love, i love everything about it. i wish all the time i could be more bold about what i desire. i’ve had a few casual encounters in my past and i’ve mostly been in monogamous relationships, but i really wish i would have taken time in college do some really wild things, like group sex/orgies or hardcore bondage or even experimented with other women. i wish i would have been comfortable enough with my body to be a stripper, to have men watch me move and to have them want me. I still daydream about this things but doubt any of them will ever happen. i know my boyfriend would be open to a threesome with another woman, but i don’t feel comfortable with my overweight body to be brave enough to try it.

  112. The only real obsession in my life is the drive to read. I will literally read the contents on a box rather than sit without anything. Thankfully, I have a large collection of print books and a tablet on which I download books that I don’t already have. It has probably led me to spend more time alone with my books than I should and has definitely cost me money – before the tablet – that I may have spent in other ways.

  113. That’s a toughie. I would have to say it’s ‘Living Life’. What does it mean? How do we know if we’re really alive? And the end game of that is be able, when the end inevitably comes, to say you really lived. You did it. Not perfectly, but best you could given the means.

    That obsession has kept me trying new things and not stuck recycling the old ones, or clinging to the way things were. Though like anyone I am guilty of that from time to time. But it enables me to continue moving forward even after those occasional detours and delays.

  114. I have terrible, paralyzing, runaway thoughts quite a lot. They’re always about something tragic happening to my loved ones. I have a hard time controlling them. I’m so afraid that something horrible will happen to my closest family and the scariest thoughts take over. I know that logically they probably will never happen but they scream through my thoughts when I try to sleep. It’s terrifying. Not anything I cause to happen, but tragic accidents. Why do I always think something bad will happen? I’m pretty sure I’ve got OCD but I have never talked to anyone about it. Thankfully they only last a few seconds. I pray to God for his help in overcoming these thoughts, and I always feel his presence.

  115. I’m obsessed with the darker aspects of sex. Bondage, pain, control. It’s actually starting to interfere with my life and that scares me.
    If you saw me on the street, you would nevery know. I look like a normal girl. But inside, I’m tormented.

  116. Knowledge. It drives me. Ever since my earliest memory, I wanted to know. I need to know. I am obsessed with the need to know everything. Impossible task for sure, but I still strive at age 67 while my compatriots are mostly content to just exist and amuse themselves. Affected my life? Well, sorta like a jack of all trades and master of none, forced to skim the surface because taking the time to learn in depth won’t leave enough time to learn something about the NEXT thing.

  117. I am obsessed with knowing that, when I die, I will have left the world a better place in some tangible way. This makes me conscious of whether or not what I did for a living was good for people in general, or was just a way of making rich people richer.

  118. I don’t have a single obsession, I don’t think…the sex thing would be closest. But I do obsess…generally over different things at different times. I tend to focus on one or two things at a time, pushing everything else, not aside necessarily, but I’m sure you get my drift. Right now its my health and exercising.

  119. I don’t have a problem with obsession. There are too many things that I’m interested in to get stuck on one thing. Besides, obsessions and phobias are sort of prisons – and they piss me off so I refuse to allow them to be part of my life!

  120. My weight…… affects my diet, my exercise programme, what I wear and how I feel about myself.

  121. My grandson once told me I’m obsessed with death.I think he’s right.That’s why I love Stephen King books.I love horror movies, especially haunted house movies.I like the I.D. channel.If cold case files is on I’m there.Not the drama, the real cases.When I was a kid I found my mom’s real detective magazines and read them.Any sad case in the news I can tell you all the details.It might run in my family.A lot of the women are the same way.

  122. I don’t have real obsessions. I have occasional obsessions. They rarely affect my life for more than a day or two

  123. To hide myself away. Luckily done a poor job.

  124. Listening to people’s stories, although I don’t know if it can be considered an obsession, but possibly as I spent many years in college and a ton of money to become a social worker/counselor. I prefer the stories told by people at the end of their lives.

  125. My obsession is with love and the way that we as humans can use it to make the world a better place. I am also obsessed with the power of forgiveness. To me, forgiveness is second only to love. If we forgive, we don’t give those who have hurt us the power to do so anymore. We must walk in no offense.

  126. I was obsessed with my wife since the day I met her. I dated her for 4 years until she moved to Europe to escape me. I pursued her for 10 years after she returned, although we never dated during that time. I moved to Mexico to try and forget her. She came to Mexico after I had been there 7 years. We have been married for 14 years now and have three kids. My obsession with her is still very intense. We have a happy, stable marriage. I have nightmares that she will leave me.

  127. The band My Chemical Romance has been my obsession for a few years. It has affected my decisions in life because I’ve sort of been molded by the bands ideas so I play by the rules that the band members preach

  128. I would like to say that I have no obsessions. But this is a good question. I imagine my obsessions have changed with my circumstance and ideals. But the one thing that has been constant is ensuring that my ideas are understood. I do like to write my ideas and I do like to debate them.

  129. Boobs. Not even kidding or making light. I never get tiered of appreciating them. They make life worth living.

    Its effected my desire to be with worthy and special women but because they were not endowed, I did not take them seriously.

  130. Obsessions are persistent, like the hungry mewling of small animals. Eventually they rake their claws inside your head, unless you feed them.

  131. I don’t have any true obsessions, not in the mental illness sense anyway. There isn’t anything that eats away at me to the point of consuming my thoughts. I don’t think obsessions are healthy.

  132. I’m actually disappointed that I do not have an obsession, because I believe that is what leads those people like Steve Jobs, Stephen King, Dave Grohl, the great artists, etc to achieving heights of success few of us will ever realize. Not to say that I don’t have interests -I am an average artist, writer, thinker …but that’s where it ends. Those that are obsessed just can’t let “it” go …on the negative side there are those that are obsessed with “dark” things-like hurt, destruction and pain. We seem to be seeing that all too often lately..

  133. I have never been obsessed with anyone or anything to the degree that it becomes harmful or does any damage, but I do consider my inability to stop thinking about her – years later – as both an obsession and an illusion that I can’t seem to shake. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary I tell myself, “If only (this)…” or “If I’d only done that…” or “If we could have one more chance…” She has been mature enough to know that ‘one more chance’ will probably never happen, and there’s no way that she thinks about me and what might have been as often or as intensely as I do. But I can’t seem to stop.

  134. My obsession has been finding someone that cares about me. I feel the need for affection and to give affection to a significant other. This tends to make most of my decisions to be based around my love for others.

  135. Control, the need to be in control of my life, my family, situations and surroundings. I’ve learned to let some of that go and that there are very few things that I can actually control and that only have the illusion of control for the rest.

  136. To love and be loved. That’s it. It’s a very painful way to live…you have to let go, over and over what does not serve that purpose. But, it’s also very freeing- the greatest affect I suppose is that I find no freedom in anything less than love; I will not align with those who cannot open their hearts and minds to love. Sometimes that stance, perhaps obsession- leaves me quite alone yet liberated.

  137. My one true obsession is to be a writer – yet I’ve always been too scared to let people read my work. Hence I sign up to do jobs I don’t really want and try to fit in with people I don’t really “get” because all I want to do is make a living from writing. Sad but true.

  138. obsession is too controlling.and I like to be in control of my life.there are things that i like to do.but nothing that i am obsessed with.there wouldn’t be enough time to do everything i want to if i obsess over one thing.

  139. I’m obsessed with myself, I guess. I obsess over the decisions I make, how I’m perceived by others, how I perceive myself. It’s made me very introverted. If I don’t put myself out there, I can’t be worried about how others see me.

  140. I am obsessed with reading books. There, I said it. And because I don’t always have time to read, and the fact that I am obsessed with it, is irritating, like all obsessions are. I exhibit bad behavior when somebody constantly interrupts me when I’m trying to read. As in, how dare they? Do I yak on and on when they’re watching a movie? I’m in the zone! Leave me alone! Go AWAY. And that’s what an obsession does to a person, it causes bad behavior when the rest of the world doesn’t seem to care about your personal compulsion.

  141. Obsession is a word whose definition excuses us from excessive behaviors. It’s all in your head.

  142. …Imagination
    The envisioning of the surreal
    The experience of the uncanny
    The essence of ignorance, but a chance to learn with only the power of my sentience.
    These obsessions are strictly human, at least on this Earth.
    Nothing of interest here, only the discovery that other humans experience similar life themes…

  143. My one true obsession is actually two: one cannot exist without the other. I am a writer, which means that I am also an avid reader. Over the years I’ve accrued so many books, screenplays, plays, poetry collections, etc., that my bedroom became overcrowded. Something had to go. I didn’t even have to think too hard about what had to be sacrificed. I just dismantled my bed and carried its pieces to the basement.

    The thing about writing is that it is a blessing as much as a curse (or so it sometimes seems). I’m able to explore my imagination and discover what I truly think and feel. The same goes for reading. Being able to consider the world from points of view dissimilar to my own allows me to see the world — and those who populate it — in a wider, deeper way. Film does this as well. Ditto music, painting, etc. — really, all elements of the artistic medium. Through a veil of artifice, we’re able to indulge emotions from which we would be quick to shy in reality. Sometimes it can be cathartic; sometimes it can infuriate us, or vindicate us, or even change us. And it offers knowledge, which is a very powerful thing.

    The curse aspect? Often one’s mind has trouble relaxing. You’re constantly observing others’ behavior and thinking, Now why does he or she do that? Why does he or she say that? Without being able to help yourself, you watch the way people eat differently, walk differently, relate to one another differently. Sometimes you hear a conversation which is contrary to the body language that is simultaneously occurring. And you’re fascinated by it. Your imagination is off and running. It can be wonderful, sure; but it can also be exhausting. Yet you keep doing. It’s more a matter of something choosing you rather than you choosing it. It’s not about want; it’s about need.

  144. Obsession is what drives great people to succeed with some people it is their nemesis unfortunately.

  145. I don’t have any true obsession.
    I easily get obsessed with ideas, people, even characters, and I learn from it eventually, but I don’t feel like I’m dedicated to anything in particular, I don’t think I was born to become someone or to do something that could matter.
    I think it’s pretty sane, though when I get obsessed about something, I generally have much more success than when I behave in a pragmatic way.

  146. My obsession is also my escape. I am happily married but cannot shake the feelings for one person in my past. Whenever things are too bad to face, I automatically go inside my head where I play out scenarios where things had turned out different. I have to be careful because I don’t want to lose focus on the good parts of my life. But I can’t stop doing it.

  147. My boyfriend, been together since we were 15 and we treated each other like crap a lot as kids/ teenagers. Alls good now but I do wonder how my would my life be different if we’d broken up and gone our separate ways. Only when we row though and that’s not often!

  148. sex

  149. Another wasteful obsession is obsession itself – sure there are psychological asides, however anyone can exhibit obsessive behaviours which overwhelm the and yet obsessions remain just that – unfulfilled, never to be fulfilled, and eating away the seconds before you succumb to the great never again…

  150. Obsession creeps up on me regularly. It nearly destroyed my life and the lives of my friends and family. I’ve learned to watch out for it. it lurks in every corner of my life.

  151. I became obsessed with a person 10 years ago. The obsession has become less over the years, but it is still there. It is a terrible thing! I have spent many a night crying myself to sleep over this person as they were all I thought about. I would see them at every chance I got and buy them expensive gifts in the hope that they would be my friend. I’m lucky that I have managed to get some control over my obsession, but I will always think about this person.

  152. Reading is my true obsession. (Betcha didn’t see THAT coming, eh?) Everything I have ever learned about anything worth doing in my life has come from reading books, from the time I was a child. Thank goodness for the people who write!

  153. Practice makes prefect

  154. Sometimes we repeat the same dreams cause our hearts need a different answer

  155. I am obsessed with (and addicted to) my husband. I need to be with him as much as possible. I can’t stand to be without him. I physically hurt when we have to be apart for more than a day. This has made me stay with him when I maybe shouldn’t have. He has brought me both tremendous joy and devastation the 19 years we have been married. I am afraid of what is going to happen to me if he dies first. Am I going to survive?

  156. I have no obsessions..and no passions. That is truly a tragedy.

  157. Writing is my obsession. It got me into Stanford as a 50-year-old undergrad, got me Tobias Wolff as an academic advisor and Adam Johnson as a teacher. It got me an MFA at age 54. I’m doing my best to be the next Harriet Doerr or Frank McCourt or Helen Santmyer.

  158. The afterlife. What will it truly be like… eternity.

  159. I’m obsessed with my health, to the point where I’m sure every tingle in my arm or splash of acid reflux is a heart attack. Or every headache is a tumor, or every jolt of adrenaline is kidney cancer. Because I’m terrified of death. I haven’t done anything I meant to with my life yet, and, frankly, I’m not 25 anymore. So I guess that’s an obsession, too. Doing something good or meaningful, touching someone in a way that helps them, so it will have mattered. I’ll have mattered.

  160. I’m not obsessed with anything. I have a passion for learning, reading, and writing. It’s made my life better. Used to be obsessed with philosophy and religion. It drove me crazy, so I gave it up.

  161. Obsession can be a good thing if something positive comes from it. Or it can destroy.

  162. My obsession is gaining knowledge. Two science degrees later… and I still need to learn more. Luckily this particular field is always growing and changing. I read many articles of new discoveries daily to try to keep up. I think my decisions in life have all revolved around this obsession. I made a recent decision to end a relationship because we were working toward separate goals; I want a career while he wants a family.

  163. Obsession- Something that controls your life. Well in my case not really, just something I need to keep my sanity.

  164. I am obsessed with knowledge and the truth and it has driven society away from me in fear of itself

  165. To insulate myself from pain. To be able to be and not be hurt, has been my bane for as long as I can remember. I keep people at bay, as best as I can, but now and then I let someone in and I get damaged from giving into that weakness.

  166. Obsession? Or passion? Or just a love for something? I love to read. I love to play games (word games, board games, video games). Maybe I’m better at controlling the obsessions I have, or maybe I’m really good at self-delusion, but I don’t think that any of my obsessions have had any affect on the decisions in my life.

  167. I never thought to use the word “obsession” until now.
    I think I used to be obsessed with attracting people to my life, and obsessed with how they thought of me.
    I would dress a certain way for a certain person, take or cut a class to be near someone, neglect responsibilities. I would eat a certain way, talk a certain way. I would drive around aimlessly waiting for a certain person to see me. It had wasted so much time, and that’s what really helped me change my perspective. It was all such a waste. Now I truly believe I am my natural self, and that I will attract the right people that way. However, obsessive tendencies still flare up and I often become completely distracted thinking about where a person is, with whom, and what they’re doing.

  168. I read every day…I use it for comfort, for information, for adventure, for stress release…I know I have used books both fiction and nonfiction to make decisions in my life…to mold my own opinions.

  169. My true obsession is cats. We had barn cats when I was a child (5) and I took them as my own. My love has never diminished over the years but has gotten bigger as my income and home has. Most of my friends and family think it’s become a bit much – my home is filled with cat themed nick knacks, pictures, sheets & towels, jewelry and clothes. I’ve had as few as 2 and as many as 13 but right now only have 5 fur children. Oh, and I’ve been married 3 times and never had children, so they truly are my “kids”! Makes a little difficult to travel for any length of time and you have to forewarn people coming to my home because so many people have cat allergies.

  170. Oh the strength of obsession. What it has made me do. The dark alleys it has forced me to travel.

  171. I don’t think I am obsessed about anything. Is that weird?

  172. I’m obsessed with figuring out why I’m obsessed about certain things. Have to be careful with that paradox……

  173. I’ve been in love many times but none compares to this one. He’s given me a reason to continue on living, he’s became my obsession and by doing so, my will to be with him, to find him, for he lives across the ocean, is stronger than anything. I used to think it didn’t matter if I died, now, I can keep on living just to be with him. Is it sad? Maybe, but this is what I’ve decided.

  174. Wanting my sons to find a path toward happiness. It makes me want to stay on my own path and not look so much behind me.

  175. My weight. I had a grandma that would hug me and say, “you could lose some more weight!” She wouldn’t see me for a year at a time and that was how she greeted me. My dad picked at me about it. I was bullied in school because of it. Now I bully myself about it.

  176. Ah yes… Obsession. So many things to obsess over. That new Iphone that just came out. That brand new Chevy that you’ve just got to get. That girl across the street who just moved in. These are all things that we can obsess over. But are they the right things? Is there a right thing to obsess over? Think about the definition of the word. Is it a negative or a positive word. My answer, as it may vary from yours, is negative. I say this because even if you are indeed obsessing over something worthy of your full attention you’re still obsessing over it. “Obsess: To preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent.” Think about that last bit of the definition. “and to a troubling extent”. If you’re troubled over it then can it really ever be a good thing? I think not.

  177. Since my parents have left this world: i am obsessed with what the next life is like. Yet I am obsessed to know if there really is another life!

  178. obsessed with life in general…..

  179. I have something of an obsession with the past. I think about people, dream about places, and replay conversations that are not only long past, but often involve people I don’t know anymore. Can’t seem to stop. So yeah, the past. And Fraggle Rock.

  180. there is no such thing as obsession, just people not understanding or being able to live what you are living, not having the drive you have or the will you have to pursue something and to have an ultimate goal in life.

  181. My family, I guess. My privacy and the sanctuary of my home. Well, I’m obsessed by the idea that I’m sick and tired of being the one to take shit from other people – so, I’ve stopped doing that so often. Standing up for yourself can cause a lot of ripples from people who think you should just sit down and swallow.

  182. Chasing creativity. Wooing of the daemon. It has maddened and enriched me. Blessed and cursed me. Being true to one’s creative vocations makes for a life off of the beaten path. Which doesn’t come with a lot of understanding from others who live more comfortably under their blanket of conformity. So aloneness is a price that comes dearly at times.

  183. One man… that I can never be with for multiple reasons. He’s still in the background of my life, and I still just want “our time”… and I know we don’t and won’t and can’t have a “time”. Ever.

  184. Obsession and passion look the same except in the rear-view mirror.

  185. obsession excites me

  186. I am obsessed with one man. I could not have him. I wasted my life waiting for him to change. I am alone.

  187. money

  188. Being loved. Feeling that I was unworthy of love led me in the past to bad choices.

  189. My one true obsession in life is of the things most human beings are afraid of and don’t understand or simply do not want to understand. These “things” have left my life in shadow seeking to find answers. It has also taken my mind into a tailspin and someday i hope to have clarity and truth.

  190. It’s going to sound bad, but i’ll tell the truth here. My obsession, since i was a young child, has been money. I come from a very poor family, for many generations. All of my goals in life revolve around making more money and gaining possessions. I’m very obsessed with getting new things, i feel a tremendous high when i buy new things, the mail man knows me so well, due to the amount of things i have delivered.
    When i see something i want, i have a very high amount of anxiety until i get it, and if someone stands in the way of me getting it they better watch out.
    I feel quite a bit of self loathing about these feelings, but I’m always thinking about making more money and buying the next thing

  191. It’s going to sound bad, but i’ll tell the truth here. My obsession, since i was a young child, has been money. I come from a very poor family, for many generations. All of my goals in life revolve around making more money and gaining possessions. I’m very obsessed with getting new things, i feel a tremendous high when i buy new things, the mail man knows me so well, due to the amount of things i have delivered.
    When i see something i want, i have a very high amount of anxiety until i get it, and if someone stands in the way of me getting it they better watch out.
    I feel quite a bit of self loathing about these feelings, but I’m always thinking about making more money and buying the next thing

  192. Is it wrong to want to be the object of obsession?

  193. To do something universally important. I think I am on a reasonably right path. Time will tell.

  194. Books! Without a doubt. Can’t live without them. How it has affected me…. Well, i probably put more money on books than is really sane from an economical point of view so i have to cut down on other things like clothes, fancy food and so on.

  195. I want to be known. I want to be celebrated.

    I want to be remembered.

  196. I am obsessed with the guitar. It has sent me down all different paths of life, both good and evil.

  197. A project is my obsession. It has affected my life toward good things.

  198. One word… Women. Is there anything else worthy of obsession?

  199. …the obsession of imperfection and a beat-up ego…

  200. I suffer from anxiety attacks. Major ones. So, I can become obsessed with such minor things, I can take simple bumps in the road and blow them up into these creatures that consume me. That overwhelming feeling tends to make me do knee-jerk decisions about situations. I have learned I must step back and breathe and then look at things again. I try very hard never to go with that initial reaction.

  201. Obsession is awful, it can consume every waking moment, making normal every day things seem impossible. It can be life-destroying and lead to serious depression.