What does your faith mean to you? How has it shaped your life?


  1. My faith is in karma. And being a relatively uneducated man, I don’t even know if it belongs to any religion. But I do know I try to do what I consider the right thing. So far it’s worked for me. Either that or I’m just the luckiest man in the world. I have three kids, all of which have suffered potentially life ending accidents and all survived relatively unscathed , barring a few scars. Now I have four wonderful grandkids with another on the way. I’ll continue my faith in karma in the hope it will rub off on them.

  2. We all need to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth,and when all have heard,he will come

  3. Riding for the first time in an airplane, I looked out of the window at clouds I once believed were the foundations of Heaven and thought, “There is no God.” For a couple of years I had been through enough emotional upheaval to break most people and that plane ride was the result of the last straw. I had one of two choices, either God was a cruel, uncaring entity who encouraged us to have faith in Him so He could break our hearts or He simply didn’t exist. I chose He simply didn’t exist. I lost my faith. It was akin to losing my right leg — I had no balance, no equilibrium in the world. With God I had heartache, unbearable heartache. Without Him I had nothing. The pain was still there, but I felt like I wasn’t. There was nothing to catch me when I fell.
    I have since regained my faith and it is stronger than it ever was before. I did nothing to retrieve it, God gave it back to me and strengthened it — maybe He even let everything happen that caused me to lose it, I don’t know. But I do know this, the pain in my life is still there, the heartache mounts and recedes daily, each hour is as much as a struggle as the last one, but I have a God and that makes it all easier. He has not taken away the sorrow in my life, but He is here with me and I feel His love daily and somehow, that is enough for me to overcome.

  4. Growing up, I only went to church a handful of times. My parents never told me to read a bible, and I was not baptized. The things I know about religion are historical and second-hand, from people that were catholics, methodists, everything in between. I never had an interest in religion. If I were to pick something I found interesting about it, it would be artistic.


    I have faith in my goals, which I will achieve. I don’t care where I go when I die. I don’t think faith and death have much to do with each other.

  5. To me faith in people is just learning to trust their behaviors good or bad. As far as Faith in a deity I believe there is a energy which runs through all things. I don’t believe in organized religion because I have seen to often the hatred that exists between them. Also the inability of those religions to accept others and their beliefs.
    Faith in myself was a long time coming.

  6. My faith in humanity teeters and totters. But concerning faith in a deity, in a Supreme Being, something I choose to call God, on this I have to say the following: I was born into faith, of a family whose business is faith. Then I lost faith after seeing the corruption in the church, in the so-called men and women of God. And then, as the years kept on, I’ll unabashedly admit that I have slowly come round full circle back into faith. I realized that faith is between you and God. It’s not between you and four walls, then God. Or you and someone else, then God. It’s simply between you and God. A direct line. And that humans are human and will do human things. No matter how despicable, appalling, horrid, or absurd. And that I am definitely human. No matter how much we test my own faith in humanity, I refuse to let us test my faith in God. But my refusal means nothing when it comes against the violence we commit… It still tests… still whispers softly of doubt and unkempt sins… And when these violent times come, and it gets excruciatingly difficult, and I cannot shout, I whisper, I believe in God, God. God, I believe in God.

  7. I have faith that no matter how bad things get, there will always be enough happiness scattered throughout life to get me through.
    It seems to work for me.

  8. Author (and former nun) Karen Armstrong observes that faith is the need for transcendence. I think that says it all. After that there’s just the form it takes and what is done with it.

  9. Faith is a lifelong journey. It is developed in many ways, often tested by adversity and strengthened by trials. Faith can be lost and found many times in the course of a life. My faith has been a life preserver, something to cling to in the roiling sea of life. My faith has been a beacon, leading me through troubled waters to the firm ground at my Savior’s side. My faith has been a bright shining sun, warming and enlightening me. My faith has ebbed and flowed like the tide, sometimes strong and true, washing over me and filling all the hidden spaces in m heart. Sometimes it is low, leaving my rough edges exposed to the elements. But He in which I have faith is constant, never changing, always forgiving of my weakness, always drawing me near again with His grace and mercy. The rushing tide of my faith has always come back again, gently washing away fears and doubts, covering me with hope.

  10. My faith has cause a lot of guilt in my early life. Listening to all those sermons when I was younger I learned to fear God. I’ve since reconstructed my faith to believe in more loving and forgiving God.

  11. My faith is what keeps me going. It does get weak though. When it does I tend to lose sight of my purpose. Not long after I pray my mind finds more peace and the situation slowly but surely settles itself. It I’d rarely a solution that I would have thought of on my own. It usually works out for the best even when it is not what I consider my definition of best.

  12. Why is it that when the word “faith” is mentioned, it is automatically assumed that it refers to a belief in God Or Gods? Have we forgotten what the word actually means?

    — a strong belief or reliance, on or in, something or someone, despite no evidence or reason for it

    The religious reference is now in the dictionary definition of Faith due to this automatic association in people’s minds. But what about our faith in each other? What about faith in Nature?(ie: that seeds will grow, the sun will rise) What about your faith in yourself? All too often we forget that having faith in someone, something, or some process has nothing at all to do with your Spirituality but everything to do with your own experiences in life. I strongly believe ( not have faith in ) that faith is about what we do and what we want to do in the here and now. It has absolutely nothing to do with what may or may not happen to you in the afterlife. Who cares? You won’t know anyway, you’ll be dead.
    If more people put their faith in each other and in humankind we would have a much nicer world to live in here and now! How many people have died in the name of “Faith” or because of their “Faith” since the beginning of humankind?
    Let’s try putting our faith where it will make a difference and stop arguing about who’s Faith is right or wrong. Why not use the word properly and live like there’s no tomorrow because there may not be a tomorrow. Have the kind of Faith that is required to do as they say: “sing like there’s one listening, dance like there’s no one watching…”, and live like it’s the biggest and best gift we could have ever received, not worrying about who gave it to us. Live in the now and have faith in the now.
    Trust…now there’s something to be careful with!

  13. My faith is what gets me up in the morning and keeps me going when things don’t go right. I have the deepest faith in God the Father,Son and Holy Spirit and they have not let me down yet. He always makes a way for me some how even though I think I don’t deserve it. I am so sorry for the people who don’t feel this way.

  14. Faith is the clay that changes the shape of the hand that molds it, for better or for worse. The form that begins to emerge leads to a fork in the road where one continues, either molding or remoulding or abandons it all together.

  15. I don’t believe in Faith. Faith is impossible.

  16. Heb 11:1 (KJV) “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” This is what I was taught as a child. Faith is my evidence of things not seen [God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit]. Faith is my hope of heaven, my hope of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Faith is the foundation of my belief in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. This is what I was taught as a child by my father who was a preacher in a Protestant Christian church in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition.

    I came awake to the fact that faith, as taught to me by my father, meant blind obedience. In reality, the dogma of my father’s faith meant living without critical thought or questioning. In other words, the faith taught to me by my father was a pile of shit. My father’s faith shaped my life in untold ways. As I approach middle-age, I am still un-doing the negative effects of my father’s blind faith. I struggle every day to find any positive in my father’s faith. I have yet to do so. Since about 2000, I realized that I had no faith in God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit and that I was happier than I had ever been.

  17. Faith to me means knowing that things will always work themselves out. Tradgedy, death of a loved one, happiness, fulfillment and other life expeiences will eventually make you what you are.

  18. Faith is the ability to put things into perspective as well as knowing that things will work out.

  19. Faith to me is a belief in something higher that you know works. It can be hard to explain but to me anyway, Faith is the ability to believe that everything happens for a reason and also knowin that things will work out for the better.

  20. FAITH is the single most destructive element our species will have to overcome if we are to survive short term existence on this planet, not to mention our possible long term existence. Our journey to the stars will never happen if we cannot evolve beyond these destructive superstitions we seem to hold so dear. Our fabulous species has so much potential that is waiting to be realized. If not for FAITH, we would have already visited the stars and beyond. We must not let FAITH destroy all the great accomplishments that this incredible species of ours has yet to make happen. Just Say No 2 FAITH!

  21. I have always been a deeply spiritual person. Over the years have had experiences with different types of religions (ways to practice spirituality). The religion I practice now, Eastern Catholic rite, has deepened my spiritual experience & my faith.

  22. My faith in God is very important to me. It has upheld me in the tragedies in our family (death of 2 siblings). I have also seen the goodness of God in my life, and in the life of my family. I don’t think I could be the same without faith, or without God in my life. The bottom line is faith in anything is a choice, whether it’s getting on a plane and having faith in the pilot’s ability, or believing in God and a life after this. I think when one says he doesn’t have faith, that is also a choice.

  23. Faith is being sure of that which we only hope for. Faith is knowing that there is a Loving God Who is always with you and Who will welcome you Home when you end your sojourn here.

  24. Faith is believing that God works in our lives all the time and that if we seek Him in all we do, we will have a better understanding of our purpose in this life and will experience a peace that we can’t find from earthly things

  25. I know Gods grace first hand. God has always been there for me, so my faith has grew over the years. I will not try to tell you all of my encounters with God just one or two that has caused my faith to grow. In 1994, I hit rock bottom. I was so sad I couldn’t function. At that time I was in my early 30s married and had 3 children. I thought I was chronically ill, but I was severely depressed. My depression was environmental. I won’t go into details. I stopped functioning as a mother and wife. I thought about dying all the time. I believed I was worthless and didn’t deserve to live. I started planning my death. Thank God for my religious up-bringing. I decided to ask God for help. If God didn’t respond to my prayers, then I would end it all. At the time, I was a full time student in college. When I started to pray, I couldn’t find the words. I just called on Jesus’ name. That’s all I could do was call on him and cry. For me, a miracle happened. In the twinkling of an eye, God delivered me out of my depression. The most perfect peace, joy and love consumed me and radiated out of me. I knew at that very moment that God was real. His word was real. In His word, it said all I had to do was ask and I would receive. When I went back to college, people would run up to me asking what had happened. I looked different, I smiled, they didn’t recognize me at first. I gladly told all God had done for me. I lost some friends that day. I was delivered and I haven’t looked back until now. I haven’t been depressed since then. That was a major turning point in my life.

  26. faith to me is believing that if I try to do the right thing in every situation that comes my way ,then maybe I can have the right thing come my way more often than not

  27. I have seen the power of God firsthand in my own life.I pray regularly,for simple and complexed things God wants us to pray over everything.First you do all you can for yourself but then you reach a point where you can do no more this is where the power of God comes to bear on the problem. I’ve seen great things happen.I also believe in the other side of life the spirit world or the unseen world.There is power there, anchient power both good and evil. Jesus is the doorway between this world and the spirit world.I believe in the existence of angels and demons. My faith is in God being in control of all of this.He answered my prayer when I lost my keys and when I prayed for my mother to get help for her addiction to alcohol and drugs. Faith helps us be strong,the strength comes directly from God.

  28. I consider myself an agnostic. How, when or why that came about, I do not know, but, I am. I have also had two near death experiences and one involved a death. Seconds before each event, I remember saying aloud, “Please God don’t let me die.” And, I’m still here. I was raised in church every Sunday but drifted away somewhere along the line. My sons and their families are religious. Perhaps I should find my way back to the church.

  29. Faith. Belief in something without supporting evidence, and despite evidence to the contrary

  30. Faith keeps me going when that black cloud rolls in. Faith gives me hope that everythings going to be ok.

  31. It’s like invisible arms which hold me close and let me cry when I feel like I can’t keep going.

  32. My faith is the very foundation of my being. My faith in God and his Beloved Son provide hope, peace, understanding and purpose. It answers the deepest yearnings of my soul and provides me with an eternal perspective without which I would be utterly lost. I can’t say that I fully understand why horrible things happen to people, why there is so much suffering, but a deep, abiding trust in God allows me to cope with the things I don’t understand. And even embroiled in the midst of overwhelming tribulations, my conviction to the gospel of Jesus Christ allows me to stand always at the ready to give the world a reason for the hope that is in me.

  33. As a child I was made to go to church, I watched the members talk about their relationship with god. I tried as a child to get with the program for me it just does not add up. I respect peoples beliefs but I have never felt anything setting in church on Sunday. It is mental comfort food.

  34. I have lost my Grandmother who took me in at birth. I loved her dearly. I will see her again in Heaven

  35. I believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Sprit. I was raised in the church and I attend each and every week. I was an orphan and though the grace of God and my Aunt, I was given a chance to make it in this world. I was placed in an Orphanage and I was given a home. God was there for me. I graduated school, served in the Air Force and received my education through the GI Bill. I have a good family, two daughters and a loving wife. A good job that I have worked at and made a good living.

  36. I believe in GOD! I believe that Jesus died for our sins! Thank goodness, because I, like many humans, have many faults and have made many mistakes. Almost 17 years ago, my husband (the love of my life) did the unthinkable and cheated on me. I was 7 months pregnant at the time. We had been married for 10 years at that point, and had just had our vows renewed earlier in that year. I thought life was perfect. I can’t explain it, but one day I came home and I felt just sick, like something truly terrible was going to happen. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe, I was terrified. Not sure what spurred it… call it premonition, call it whatever, but a few months after that is when my husband not only cheated on me, but with 2 different women and ran off with one. I was devastated and suicidal. If I had not been pregnant at the time, I probably would not be here right now. I was angry at not only my husband but also at God. It truly tested my faith. You see my husband and I had gotten more in the church, he even went on a men’s retreat. I believe that the Devil saw a weakness in my husband and capitalized on it. “How long can you leave a child in a candy store and not expect them to eat a piece of candy?” Eventually they will break. My husband kept being presented with an opportunity and he also finally broke. I challenged God at that point and said “If you exist, truly if you are there, then fix this!” Let me be clear, I didn’t pray… I shouted. Again, I was angry. I’m happy to say that my husband and I are back together and are 28 years strong. There was counseling obviously and some repair work… but God showed up, just as the Devil did. In short, I believe in both… and so should everyone. Look how beautiful and complex life is…how can anyone say that there is not a God when seeing that…. and when you see all the evil in the world, how can you deny the Devil? Unfortunately, Christianity isn’t cool and appears to be judgmental – it is not. Jesus loved everyone… he did not judge them. We should judge no one either.. that is not a very Christian thing to do. It’s easy to sell something to people that are buying – right? How about selling to someone who wasn’t even in the market for it? Faith is the same… if you are a Christian that simply associates with those that you believe to be “Christian” and you overlook the broken…. then are you truly Christian… no you are judgmental. Christianity is not a set of rules to follow… it is acceptance of others and their faults while trying to open their eyes to the truth. Be a good example…. not a judge… God is the judge so we don’t have to be. YES, I believe I know the Truth and I also read Stephen King. How can you know what light is, if you never see the dark?

  37. My faith has gotten me through difficult times in my life.

  38. There is no God.

  39. I believe in God, I believe Jesus was the son of God, no matter how unpopular this has become in the American culture. I know God has helped me through a lifetime of stressful events and continues to help me. I believe in the power of prayer, as I have had the joy of having prayers answered, not only for myself, for friends and even for people I’ve prayed for but did not know. These are not coincidences. I am not a “holier than thou” Christian. Obviously not, I read your books. I know many people that profess to be Christian that would not. Those people have closed minds, in my opinion. I don’t think from studying the bible that, that’s what God wants from us. I’ve had some bad things happen in my life, but unlike a lot of people, I don’t blame God for them. I depend on Him to get me through the bad times and because I truly believe in Him and read the book He wants us to use as a recipe for getting through our time on earth, I use it and it helps. That’s not magical thinking, that’s not using religion as a crutch, that is something I have learned from my life experience and I am so grateful that God is alive and well and working in our lives, whether we chose to believe it or not. He is still there, just watching and waiting for us to become enlightened.

  40. Faith to me is simply believing in the moment, in the actions that you are taking right now. It has shaped my life in that I enjoy the now. It does not involve any outside or higher powers.

  41. I once rejected God because of the return of my epilepsy months ago. I totally rejected him but eventually accepted him again. There are just things in life that are metaphysical and can’t be explained so I believe in GOD and the DEVIL.

  42. I have always had faith in God. My grandmother took me to church when i was young. As i have gotten older , i am 48 now, my faith in God is still pretty strong. I was recently in a very bad accident where I work. I came very close to dying. I guess it just was not my time. Physically I am getting better. Its the mental part that worries me. I guess it will just take time. For the first time in a while I have been praying occasionally. My grandmother used to say praying to God does not hurt a thing. If it gives you a little bit of peace and comfort then just do it. I have not been to church in a while. I really do not know if going would make me feel any better or not. If you have the love of God in your heart , and lets face it , God is all about love, then I do not think it matters if you pray in your home or in a church.

  43. Finding faith has been a turning point, away from anger, pain and the feeling of helplessness that I lived with previously.
    I believe in God. Against all the odds. My father didn’t allow such things, but I grew and I believe in the higher power, but I don’t have faith in church and religion.
    My faith that things happen for a reason, and that all will be revealed eventually keeps me sane when things go wrong. My faith that I will find the right road keeps me going, and my faith in love has helped me to survive and not become bitter.

  44. First, I have to comment on the roller coaster of emotions that I felt as I read the comments from other readers. It always amazes me that human beings in general want someone to blame for their struggles, as if “God” should make this life nothing but roses and easy sailing. Creator gives us free will, and with that, choices of what path or decisions we make in our life. My faith is between me and Creator- a belief that He is here for me and I get to choose my path. I can learn from my trials and be a stronger person-or I can whine about how unfair life is and how God doesn’t love me. I choose not to be a victim and blame others, I choose to put love and positive energy out to the Universe…which is what the Universe will give me in return. I have faith in myself, and Creator. Does this mean I won’t face challenges? NO It’s how I handle those challenges and if I continue to learn that makes me who I am.

  45. Faith in god is religion’s propaganda to control the population and to create willing slaves.

  46. I believe in God! I believe in Jesus Christ and that he died for us. There have been way too many things in the Bible that have proven fact and many more that cannot be disproved for it not to be factual. Unfortunately as with anything in life it can be corrupted and made evil by the corrupt of mankind. There will always be a dark side to everything and if exploited that darkness can make even the most hopeful of things seem dismal.

  47. “What Does Your Faith Mean To You? How Has It Shaped Your Life?”
    I would like to simply say “it hasn’t” but that’s not the truth. I went to church for the first ten years of my life. I can’t describe how miserable those years were for me. Not only because of church or my increasingly adamant demands for reason and truth as a child, but because I was being physically abused daily. Church and faith were kind of a way to deal with what was happening, for awhile. I read my first SK novel when I was eight years old. I read the entire bible by ten. I lost my faith after seeing how ineffectual believing in things based on such hateful inhuman craziness actually is. I learned this over and over during my childhood and I see it in modern society everyday! I believe in what I can see and sense and intuit from the world around me. Lets just say faith fucking failed me big time! No SK novel has ever frightened me as badly as the bible.

  48. Thank you.


    It isn’t what the real false prophets claim it to be. A force. A substance. A tangible object. Filled with creative power.

    This is a false teaching that corrupts the faith God’s word teaches.

    We are a lost people. We have to come to a place of faith and and receive God’s gift of grace, through Jesus Christ, by acknowledging we are depraved wretched sinners. That we are nothing. That Christ is everything.


    A loving God sent his only Begotten son as a propitiation (substitute payment; sufficient payment in place of) of our sins. He took on our sins so that we could upon regenerative faith and repentance receive the gift of eternal life. A work of the Holy Spirit.

    Faith is dying to myself, and living for Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit, anticipating the day I die and become fully righteous before God.

    Christ is my Lord and savior. That is my faith.

    Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone by Jesus alone.

    Grace is the gift. By faith we receive it. Because of what Jesus alone did on the cross, by rising from the dead, and ascending to heaven.

    Romans 3:23 23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 being justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus;
    Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
    Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

    That is my faith. It’s not about me. It’s about Christ. I live for Him.

  49. Born Catholic, attending both catholic school and church I was taught the fear of God. As I have grown I have come to believe that everything has a purpose. I believe the bible is a story, God gave us His laws “The Ten Commandments ” and the rest is all man made. I don’t believe you need to go to confession to tell God what He already knows. I do believe He knows who you are and the contents of your heart. I have learned to let go and allow what is to be, be.

  50. I have moved from belief to wondering over the years and have come to the conclusion that there probably is a supreme being. There have been wise and influential men worshiped by the masses in most cultures, each claiming to be the one and only to be worshiped to the exclusion of all others. I believe they are all good men with the only fault being that they exclude belief in the other great wise men. If they would all get together and join all peoples into a great new understanding of a supreme being who is obviously not looking out for each of us, we might be able to bring a lot more peace and love into this world. I don’t care for social gatherings but allow myself the comfort of knowing I can believe the way I do now without criticism by keeping it to myself in my heart where I find the comfort of knowing there is a life after this one…it may even be better, who knows?

  51. I believe in God and Jesus. For me, if there is no God than our time on this earth is meaningless. Our ability to love, have empathy, give of ourselves is what makes us human and is the essence of God on earth. My faith has enabled me to forgive others for hurting me and allowed me to believe in other people. It has also enabled me to care for and about others and has moved me to make this world a better place for my having been here

  52. Growing up we were not go to church on a regular basis. I was taught to pray and did so nightly because it made me feel that there was someone bigger and more powerful to protect us. As I got older the questions of how faiths outside of Christianity worked, the idea that only one religion was the correct religion, why bad things happened to good people etc. would plague me. They still do. I have adapted a faith in the higher power that for the most part works for me. Questions still linger and my Faith can still be shaken at times but for the most part my faith still makes me feel secure.

  53. My faith is entirely in the Word of God, nothing else will ever fill the void. God sent His Son to die on the cross for my sins that I can be with Him forever in heaven, I accept this by faith. John 3:16 Fro God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

  54. i lost my faith years ago on my knees in my bedroom as i was sobbing, begging for help from “god” (or anyone) to help me take care of my children. i could not remember how to feed my children, what to do to get them ready for bed, how to get ready for the next day. and so i begged. things – which were already bad – just got worse. a year later i learned i was sick, and that illness had led to depression, anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, and muscle weakness. in that year’s time, i had hoped and prayed for “god” to help me; not for me, but for my kids. there was no help. it’s one thing to not help me – “god” had done that all my life – but to punish my children, who’d done no wrong, by making their parent incapable of even picking them up to hug them? to make children hear a parent keening uncontrollably because she can’t even remember what comes next in the day? if there ever was a “god,” it was never a loving god. “god” didn’t make me healthy again. science did that. i prayed all my life for intervention, for salvation. no response. so there’s my answer, i guess: nothing. to keep praying in the face of evidence that nothing results from that action is the definition of insanity. i’m done being sick, and we are all so much better for it. keep your faith. i’ll keep my sanity.

  55. My faith has been the most important single aspect of my existence since I was a kid. My faith is in Jesus, who identified Himself as the Son of God before allowing ancient predictions about the Son of God to be fulfilled. Jesus has performed miracles, healings, and works of wonder and power in my life. He has proven Himself entirely trustworthy. Of course, I know that He is alive, which means that He was resurrected, which means that everything He claimed to be the truth, including every word He ever said about Himself, is.

  56. Faith is not just trust in god, but trust in others, and trust in yourself. I believe that it is important to take leaps of faith sometimes because it gives your life a sense of adventure. you can’t go through life without faith.

  57. The last five years have been a struggle for me. Well, struggle is an understatement. My husband and I worked for the same company and it closed. So we both lost our jobs and health insurance. My brother in law died in his sleep for no apparent reason. At least not a reason they given us, as nothing was discovered from the autopsy. He was relatively young too. My dad developed cancer and died one year later after a horrible year of sickness. My husband was sued by a business owner from the job that he lost. There was no wrong doing or lawbreaking involved, it was just about his signing a personal guarantee without reading the fine print. We had to settle and almost lost everything. I’m not sure how we’ll get back on our feet. We are not wealthy, far from it as we’ve always struggled paycheck to paycheck. There were times when I really didn’t care about living anymore. BUT I’m grateful for everything I do have. I have a wonderful close-knit family that I can count on. The thing I’m most grateful for in my life is being raised by Christian parents. I don’t think I could get up in the morning if I didn’t have Christ in my life. Lots of marriages wouldn’t have survived tragedies but we’ve become closer. We lean on each other and both have trust in The Lord. We will be fine. I feel surrounded by His love even in the darkest of times. God said this life would be hard because of sin. My sins are forgiven and this will not defeat me. I’ll be fine. God is everything to me.

  58. A double-edged sword, both the angel’s hymn and the devil’s whisper. Faith may ignite hope through the darkest of times, but it is often misused to back up confirmation and selective biases by uninformed masses, especially in a religious context.

  59. When I asked my mother how her faith could be so strong, she responded “In the end, that’s all we have”. When she passed away suddenly, I prayed that her faith was rewarded. Faith has shaped my life in the people I have experienced because of it.

  60. Faith the wisdom that gets me through the day.Believing things can happen.

  61. Every time we readers crack open a book we are participating in an act of faith.

  62. Based on my childhood’s Catholicism and how little help they offered my mother through her five year bout with cancer, I should not have any faith. I should be an atheist for what God would let my poor mother suffer for so long especially since she did have faith. Thus began my lifetime of spiritual seeking. I wanted answers. Instead of raging against God, I defied God by believing in God despite God’s absence of miracles. I have heard a voice in my head that says, God gives us life and that is enough. God shows up in the aftermath of tragedy through other people. I once asked a pastor about my doubts and he said that any theologian who does not have doubts is not worth his weight in salt. Something has kept me alive and has provided synchronicity when I most needed help or direction or strength. After reading your book on writing last night I had this thought: WHAT IF the entire new testament was just a story written by an early writer who had the thought “WHAT IF the messiah showed up. What would he do, what would he say, how would his arrival change the character of God, how would he change society. WHAT IF all creation stories were just that. Dramatic stories.” Why would there not have been writers all throughout the history of man and woman? There is something out there. Whether it be the God man has created or the God who created man or perhaps the energy of Chaos and Order or even the vision of energy as presented in the Golden Compass. I like to think of my God as an androgynous God/dess. I have faith and I do pray but I am not convinced that any one religion has all the answers. I think of God as a jigsaw puzzle of all the religions. What kind of god would separate people and judge them based on values no human can attain. I look at the violent history of religion and wonder, is there one out there whose hands are clean. All religions seem to have a history of violence. Many bad things have been done in the name of religion but the flip side is that many good things have been done as well. I believe as humans we make many mistakes and that personal repentance and true redemption is needed. Many of the mistakes we make was born out of life itself. Then the next question becomes do we get set up to get knocked down? Why would a God allow this? Is it the gift of free will? Why would we be given free will if we end up falling short of the Grace of God. How can I, a peaceful person, support any system with such a bad track record? I arrive back to Jesus as his hands were clean. It is too bad Mary Magdalene has been omitted from the books. I could follow them very easily if they were worshipped as a Holy Pair who experienced the Heiros Gamos. Maybe it is time for this new story to gain traction.

  63. I find it exciting that more and more people are coming out and saying “God is a myth. Religion is cruel as are many of it’s followers.” Too much of our world is being and has been run my this man-created lie and its time for those of us who do not buy in to stand up and say NO MORE!.

  64. Faith in the religious concept I don’t have. Never did. Raised Catholic, a religion I do not identify with in any way, helped me realize I do not believe in god. I have faith in myself, friends, family. You create the life you want. You don’t pray for it. Most “Christians” are filled with hate in some way. Homosexuality is a sin, sex before marriage, etc. But if you believe in god, and follow the so called word of god, doesn’t he NOT judge? Yet as the human race we judge everyone and everything. I find most that say they are Christian are huge hypocrites.

  65. I love God, and believe he is just, and that he loves me. My walk seems more difficult as I get older and my relationships are mostly strained. Who knows why though? When there is a lull and a very flat place, all I can do is wait for the next thing that will justify my existence. I have passions, and skills, and love for people, but struggling with my own weaknesses.
    My faith has shaped my whole life. I believe because I am.

  66. Since my days in the military I have been aware of strategies to disarm and defeat the enemy. One of the best uses of this is that almost always, when a person is talking about God in a negative way, they are really talking about a church. The church judged me, or rejected me, or avoided me, or excluded me. The church did not help me when I was in need. Once a person is done with the churches then a closer look at the God who made us is possible. I was relieved to find out that I am not the Judge, or able to control what the world does. I can control what I do to some extent. I have grown to have absolute faith in the God who made me. I now feel understood and accepted and loved by Him.

  67. First of all I was a lapsed Catholic, then I had an experience of the supernatural, an experience so profound that it was no longer possible for me to say there was no God.

    The most arrogant and delusional view we have is that with our minds apparatus we can out see God.

    How has it shaped my life? The entire pathway of my life (hugely sceptical) – that whole stack of cards came down. I understood the blindness of the human condition, but also that there was a powerful intermediary
    on behalf of my soul. I cal that intermediary God, an Angel, Jesus. The mystery of God, and the profound nature of Divine love.

  68. It hasn’t, except to scare the ever-livin hell out of me. Faith in a nice little fella watching us and letting everything go to hell in a hand basket…absolutely not. Most of the people on earth have no power and don’t want it. The others are just pure evil and hopefully, they will just exterminate each other.

  69. Interesting subject. I was born into a family where religious faith was everything. I had 100% faith in God and no doubt at all. I remember not being worried about anything because I KNEW God would take care of everything. This pure faith gradually eroded as the reality of life rushed in. I lost both of my parents and my sister by the time I was 11 years old. I was completely shocked and disillusioned and never the same again. Ironically, I still find myself hanging on to the hangnail of faith left. I don’t know if this makes me optimistic or pathetic….

  70. Without my faith, I could never have been able to cope with the loss of our youngest daughter. Her faith in God and Christ was so strong that she colored the views of everyone around her. She was 24 when she was killed and she was a missionary serving in the middle east and north Africa. Because of her strong faith and love for the Lord, she made us know that faith is the one thing that will help you adapt to any situation. Not accept the bad things, but to adapt to them. As she used to say, ‘we are living to leave’.

  71. I want to believe but can’t. I struggle with organized religion and yet also see the positives that being able to believe in something with a group of others has. We need to believe in something.

  72. My faith is in GOD. Without Him my life would be dull and boring. I’ve seen what my God has done and is still doing for people. I won’t stop believing in faith or GOD. He is my protector.

  73. Not sure what I have faith in, having realized that organized religions do no speak to me, as an individual. I’d like to think that I have faith in the belief that people are generally good by nature and that the whole ideal of “do unto others” tends to work more often than not.

  74. an evil god saved my life so I experience even greater torment and pain in the future

  75. My FAITH or as I call it my spirituality has saved my life. My life before faith – I was doing my best to rush into death. Now I do all I can to live every moment as best I can in the comfort of my spiritualitys arms. I used to be where the buck stopped, the be all end all of my world. Today I am not. I choose to beleive we don’t just push forward back to the primordial ooze but rather there is something greater than all of us. Sometimes my faith is in a so called God sometimes I’m not so sure. I hope/believe once we leave this existence we move onto our next. I lean on my spirituality not knowing exactly what it is as I learn more everyday. Faith has healed me in ways I never thought possible.

  76. Fate is something useless to me, something that (almost) equals stupid and narrow minded. Sometimes I still cannot believe that adults are so childlish to believe in it.

    It shaped my life, though. The more I know about people’s absurd faith the more I appreciate evidence based science.

  77. I believe that the only faith of any consequence in our lives is that which we have in ourselves and a select few others. Faith in yourself to create a destiny of your own choosing, faith in romantic and platonic partners, remaining faithful to your own beliefs and values. This has shaped my life in the following ways:
    -faithful relationships giving you support and confidence in your actions
    -faith in myself to choose the correct life path has led to me accepting responsibility for events that happen, whether positive or negative, rather than choosing to shirk this and blame a faceless scapegoat (obligatory swipe at religion)
    Could rant some more but I shall leave it at that.

  78. I was raised Catholic but the exclusionary nature of Christianity troubles me. To say that anyone who doesn’t accept Jesus as their personal savior isn’t going to heaven reeks of people trying to feel superior to their fellow human beings. We just need to look around us at the wars that are being fought in the name of religious idealism to know that if there is a god, be it Jesus, Allah, Jehovah or whatever you believe, you would think that god would be pretty displeased with how we treat one another. Treat people as you would like be treated. Love people who are different and who you likely don’t understand. I believe in Karma. Whatever you put out into the world comes back to you, good and bad.

  79. I truly did not understand the value of faith in my life until the last 2 years. I am 43 and have always believed that the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible was real, but in the last 2 years, I have put more FAITH in the fact that He is concerned and involved in my life and the last 2 years have been the most rewarding of my life!

  80. My faith is all about my hope that there is more to life than we can see. My brain tells me that this is a fairy tale, but my heart holds on to hope that it’s possible. While I do not believe that unexplained phenomena are evidence of something beyond our regular, material existence, the existence of the good in the world, i.e. love, beauty, wonder, etc., continues to allow me to have hope. Faith is a choice for me, and a difficult one, that I must make every day. Admittedly, I do not make the decision to have faith every day, but enough days to make it worth holding on to.

  81. Faith for me is all about following your heart and staying true to it. No matter how much that hurts some times or how much the cost. In a world were everyone wants to break you from your self. There are people who seem to live lives with their main purpose to try hard as they can to get as many people they come in contact with to abandon their hearts. Then people who try like mad to help these people find their way back. Faith is standing up for your heart even when you don’t fully understand, the way you’ed stand up for someone you love. Faith is also looking out across the ocean you have placed between you and your heart and deciding to make the swim back and embrace the center of who you are instead of staying out there on the edge. Faith is living and dying true. Yes, it will hurt and yes, it will cost you. The cost if you don’t will hurt even more. When you find your self feeling crazy that’s when they tell you to stop caring so much what everyone thinks and only then do you listen to those words and their meaning. Before that you care to much because it feels right and you let everything get in and sink you. If you’re lucky you will come to understand you can still care and feel bad while you follow your heart anyways. The purest faith is the faith in your self.

  82. I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness, until the age of 15. I rebelled and became a goth until I hit 17 when I became a born-again Christian. For 25 years I served the church faithfully, spending every spare moment either counselling people, giving them food, or just being ‘Jesus with skin on’ for them.

    7 years ago I decided to head back to school, (I’d dropped out of high school in my goth stage). I finished my high school diploma and went into University study. One of my first classes was a Sociology class, the first lecture the Professor systematically broke down Christianity as ridiculous. He proved how the stories were written as archetypal memes that held no truth. That lecture changed my entire life.

    My Christian friends now think my ‘unbelief’ is just a phase and assure me that I’ll ‘come back to God’. I find it hard to believe that I’ll come back to something that may well be a fictional character.

    I can’t call myself an out & out atheist as yet tho. There’s a slither of fear that heaven may be a place I’ll be locked out of. So I’m at the 99.99% that God isn’t real. Altho…I’ll say a little prayer if things aren’t good…or if I’m scared for my children.

  83. Faith, I have, I would suppose, a somewhat unique perspective on the subject of faith. I have had it and have given it up. Hebrews 11:1 of the New Testament says that “faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”. There’s a lot packed into that little verse.

    As a child I was brought up it a “hell fire and brimstone” church called the “Church of Christ”. I had no doubt about God and heaven and hell as a child. I was sure and certain about God but I cannot say that I in any way hoped for him.
    Due to the teaching of the church being impressed upon my unquestioning childhood mind my childhood faith centered upon a huge “Judge God” that quite possibly might sentence me to eternal torture in the fires of hell! No, I had no hope to meet the god that I was certain of but could not see.

    As I grew into a rebellious teenager I began to hate the “God of hell” and at about the age of 16 when my parents could no longer force me to go I left the church and darkened no churches doors for the next 30 years. Was my faith gone? My faith during that time was in the fog of the past. I hadn’t yet given up my faith but I had set it aside. Faith is something that must be constantly nurtured from external sources in order to be maintained or even grow. With no church, no bible and no fellow followers of my faith it grew stagnant and unneeded.
    About 14 years ago I ended up in a mega church that seated 9000 people. I had been given a ticket to a very professionally done musical on the life of Jesus that this church did every Easter season. I was captivated by the Jesus that sang and even danced with his disciples. I began to imagine that possibly my childhood god of hell had been all wrong, maybe this was what God was really like! Could God be about the happiness that the Jesus in the musical portrayed? I had to find out more about this Jesus! I began attending the mega church the next Sunday morning and eventually gave my life to the joyful Jesus that I had found there!
    My life over the next few years was all about nurturing my new faith in God which was all about joy and love. I read and re-read the bible. I attended church twice a week. I surrounded myself with new Christian friends. I even took a course that the church offered and became a bible teacher. I took on the job as a substitute bible teacher for some bible classes the church had. As I fed my faith my faith grew.

    So, how do I get from there to the here and now of having no faith? Hell! The hell from my childhood church eventually came back. I began to question God. How could a good God, a holy God, sentence people to eternal torture in hell? I had learned from my new church and more importantly, I had learned from my own personal study of the bible that only “true” Christians went to heaven and avoided being tortured forever in hell. All non-Christians went to hell! This just could not be! I put myself in God’s place. Would I, if I had God’s power and authority sentence anyone to eternal torture for anything? What crime committed in one’s short life here on earth possibly warrant being sentenced to eternal torture in the fires of hell? Hitler as bad as he was would not deserve to be tortured forever! And the bible taught that all non-Christians went to hell! This could not be!

    Faith, “faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”. The sureness and the certainty began to wane because I could no longer hope for the “God of Hell”. I gave up my faith. The “God of hell” from my childhood faith had returned. As a middle aged adult with a lot of life experiences under my belt I came to the conclusion that God was all about faith. I controlled my own faith therefore I controlled God. I could give up my faith in God just as I had given up my faith in Santa Claus as a young child. God was my choice. I made a deliberate decision to give up my faith in god, who then became god with a small g.
    Faith is internal. Faith is within the mind of the individual believer. Faith is nowhere else.

  84. I I know God is there. The fact that there is so much evil, and God has complete power to stop it all, and chooses not to do anything about it makes it all so much worse.Very much like a parent that really does not give a shit about their children.
    It’s shaped me into a very cynical person.

  85. Faith in God and Jesus Christ used to mean everything to me and has gotten me through a lot of difficult times. Until I was 13, my sister and I went to a Pentacostal Baptist church. My parents never went. They just sent us there because it was the closest church in town to our home. It was just way out there, more like a cult than a real church. Women and girls were only allowed to wear skirts or dresses below the knee. Member were allowed only to associate with, date or marry other members. No other books except the Bible. No tv, no movies, no dancing and no carnivals and no fun! My parents noticed me changing. I gave away all my rock and roll records, stopped hanging out with school friends, and started wearing dresses all of the time. They went one Sunday with us and told us we never had to go back there again. I went to a Catholic mass for the first time when I was 13 and I just loved it! It was the Saturday before Easter, and it was the blessing of the Easter baskets. It was so beautiful, mysterious and deeply-touching. My sister and I started attending this church and the adjoining school. For the first time, I felt the presence of God in my life, that He was a loving God, not a monster looking for ways He could damn you to Hell. To make this long story short, I stayed with this church for many years. The church and the Bible saw me through an abusive relationship, a son that tore my heart out, a bad marriage, family with addictions, job loss, illness, deaths, and a terrible divorce. I prayed daily and most of my prayers were answered. I had an epiphany once while praying. I felt the presence of God and His hand upon me. The most awesome and comforting feeling ever, that everything was going to be just fine. And it was. For awhile. After my divorce, I was excommunicated by the Catholic Church, which hurt me deeply. I could no longer support my 2 sons on my salary alone, so I moved to the Deep South from Chicago. I tried many churches here, but always felt like an outsider or a temporary visitor. Methodist, Baptist, Nondenominational. It didn’t matter. Everyone was hypocritical, fake and cold. I eventually joined the Church of Christ, because I like everything they stand for. They follow the Bible only, there’s not any man-made doctrine. They also teach that there is no faith without works, and they do A LOT for the community, the state, and other parts of the world. There are so many opportunities for members to do good works, no one is excluded. I was baptized about 2 years ago and I was faithful for awhile. I went every Sunday and Wednesday, prayed daily, studied the Bible every day and volunteered for good works. But something bad has happened to me. I’m no longer able to work because my hips and back are shot to hell. I’ve become addicted to opiates and I’ve lied to everyone to keep them from knowing. I’ve also stolen money and did the doctor- shopping thing. I quit going to church, reading the Bible and praying. Have you ever heard the saying that when you try so hard to be good, live for God, and help others that the Devil will come back at you hard, bringing 7 of his demons with him to tempt you and lead you astray? So that he can have your soul? I believe this to be true. I am totally and completely lost at this point in my life. I feel dead inside and alone. I know that the first step back to faith is to confess your sins, but I’m scared to do it. The community would be shocked if they knew. I just want my faith, happiness and love of God back and the desire to live for Him and only Him. Life like this is just hopeless and meaningless.

  86. To me it would take far more “faith” to believe in coincidence on the level required to make human beings and the universe than to believe in its all being intentional. I believe in God. What I question, and always have, is God’s identity, personality, essence. I don’t find I can have faith in most of what I was taught or have read and heard. If God isn’t the highest of all things, God isn’t at all. What I put my faith in is that God is the highest of all things, and that regardless of my experiences, feelings, thoughts, or anyone else’s, we will eventually discover this, and that God is Love, which is a constant affirmation of life and love and growth and creativity. What we have here is only a shadow, wrapped in more shadows. It’s hard not to believe in it but it is an illusion. There is too much for it not to be from somewhere and going somewhere. In reality, there is what is, which is always constant and always growing and moving forward, upward, and there is what I think of as not-is ~ all that is not growing and moving upward. Like a black hole. All that is not-is will consume itself and be gone. All that is will keep becoming more. Only our beauty lives forever. The rest will drop away, so in that sense it isn’t real at all. I don’t believe Life wastes, so anything useless will be gone and all that is good will become more.

  87. Well let’s see I’ve been through catholic school and was raised catholic but I don’t really follow it. I don’t think in order to have faith you should have to follow a strict set of rules. And as far as faith goes I have faith in myself but really not much else. I know it sounds sad but I feel it’s true. I don’t really know what happens when you die but I think the impression you leave on the world and people around you is key.

  88. I’m a cafeteria-Catholic only because my parents said I’m catholic. I don’t agree with the Catholic faith when it comes to things like birth control, abortion, confessing your sins. Why do I have to tell a Priest to gain forgiveness? Why should a woman who is raped be forced to bear that child? I like the idea of church and going on Sundays but it never happens. When I do make it there, it releases so many emotions. I cry, I think about all the really bad things I did as a kid and it all makes me wonder what could have been, what could have happened, had it not been for my parents smacking me straight. I’ve never felt guided by a higher power but I have a strong belief that life has a certain path for you whether you like it or not and that everything will always work out.
    Just recently I’ve experienced the death of some close family and it has really made me wonder if there is any heaven, do we really go somewhere else. Or if when you die, your just dead, gone. I guess I’ll find out one day.

  89. To me faith is still believing in something when all seems lost. I’ve spent many years believing & not believing in a higher power or God per se, studying world religions & spiritual practices. Sometimes my faith in good & what I believe is right is very strong-sometimes faith feels far away & there are times I have faith in nothing at all except that I will wake up tomorrow still breathing. I think about my Grandmother who had very strong faith in God & how to do right in the world but sometimes that type of thinking seems simplistic & not real. I feel like when I have faith in something higher than myself I feel like a better person & during those periods I want to do what feels right-but right now I’m going through a period where it seems we are no different from any other living creature-we are born, we live, we die. When my faith feels strong I feel like my life has purpose & means something & I strive to be a better person & make my little corner of the world a better place. Faith seems to be something I turn to when things are particularly bleak & all the news is bad & the world seems a corrupt & evil place. However when I look at things in a harsher 21st century way it seems like faith has no other purpose than to cause strife & war & horrible things. I feel I am a better person when I feel I have faith in a higher power but it is getting harder to suspend my disbelief as I get older. The early part of my life was shaped by growing up with basic rules to live my life & believe & have faith in God & it made me feel grounded & on a clear path. RIght now that path is overgrown, rocky & uneven & that is how my life feels. I wish I could have faith in the goodness of human beings & that things will turn out all right in the end but my faith in many things is at a very low ebb. Perhaps I need to have faith that the tide will eventually come in as it has in the past & I will feel renewed & uplifted.

  90. Faith is an idea. I don’t believe in any diety or dieties. I think we just are. You don’t need to have a reason for us being here. We are born, we live and we die. It’s the circle of life, but there isn’t someone up in the sky dictating what happens. It just is. I help people as much as I’m able. I’m nice to people, I can’t lie to make money or be mean to people for no reason. My morals are not born out of of faith and anyone that says “if you don’t believe in god, you have no morals” is thoroughly brainwashed. That’s unfortunate.

  91. My faith means spreading and sharing love with others regardless of their walk of life. Not juding anyone and accepting one another. My faith has made me a better person and I turn to my faith for comfort and guidence. I have seen God work clearly in my life and others which inspires me to lead a path peace, love and tranquility to the best of my ability in this life.

  92. I believe in God, kindness, taking care of others – with all that I am, that is what I believe. If Im wrong, it’s none of your business.

  93. Faith and love both elude a proper definition since they are in many ways synonymous. If you really love someone, and I am talking about true love here not fanatical idolism, then you must necessarily have faith that that someone is worthy of it, even if that someone is not appreciative or does not love you back. I believe that faith and love are human-exclusive phenomenons which have shaped our evolution.

  94. Faith is hope that is believed. The hope of a better tomorrow. The hope for humanity. The hope for myself. While many tie faith to religion, any hope has some element of faith and without hope, what do we have? Despair. Fear. Hate.

  95. Faith gets me out of bed…sometimes, finally…..every day. Ah, but faith without works is dead. It is those works that keep me going. Prayer and meditation used to be work. They are lifelines to me now. Wanting to help others, and I’ve never been very fond of people, is wonderful work. These things give me faith in myself.

  96. Faith to me has a religious overtone and since I don’t believe in god I feel an envy for people with faith. The ability to believe in something without proof can also mean other things and I take that to be the love for your family friends, etc. is also a type of faith. That is what keeps me hopeful.

  97. I’ve tried having Faith in many things, it’s never helped I don’t think I even have it in myself anymore

  98. Faith? I don’t have faith in anything or anyone anymore. I have no reason to.

  99. Faith – it’s a tough concept. At times I feel like it’s a copout. At other times it’s been the only thing to get me through bad times.

    I have faith in my loved ones. I have faith in people in general. I’m ambivalent about faith in God. If there is a God then I truly believe that God helps those who help themselves.

  100. never really knew how to voice how i feel about faith. When i read this i said ahh yes that is it exactly :)

  101. I was raised a catholic but I no longer believe in organized religion.I do however still believe in a higher power.When I talk about God I don’t mean a man with a white beard looking down upon us.God ,I think is a collective of all the positive energy in all universes. A force so good and so strong that it is and always will be there.People always want to blame God when something bad happens but I don’t think that’s the way it works.We are human beings and sometimes we make bad choices,sometimes shitty things happen but I think that’s just the way life is sometimes,A balance of good and bad.The higher power is the light and goodness in our lives that helps us deal with all the negative things.

  102. Faith is a crock its something that people use to delude themselves from the realization that we’re born we live we die, there is no higher purpose, no reward at the end for being good, just an ending.

  103. I can honestly say I have no faith well not in the religious sense anyway. I’m Irish and raised a catholic by God fearing parents but as far back as I can remember I didn’t believe in God. None of it ever made sense to me and at the age of 13 after making my confirmation I told my parents I was an atheist and would no longer be attending mass. I’m now 42 with 3 catholic children[only because they cant marry in a church here if you haven’t gone through all the rites and I wanted to let them make up their own minds on it all] and I just don’t believe that your life is a test to see if you’re good enough to get into heaven! I’m a good person and try to do what’s right but only because that’s the way to be and not because I’m looking for some deity’s approval!

  104. Faith means believing in things I cannot see or prove. My faith has always been in God, and even though things may look bleak, I have a sense of peace that tells me that it will all happen according to God’s plan. I feel like I already know the ending to my story, so I can sit back and go along for the ride. Like any good ride, there will be highs and lows, times of excitement, and times where I’m coasting. I have faith that I’ll eventually get to my destination.

  105. I always have faith – faith that things, no matter how bad they seem, will turn out to be some sort of life-lessons that make you a stronger person in the end. With this thought in mind I cannot be broken.

  106. I have faith in God because it helps me through the hard times in life. It gives me hope. The thought that there is no God and people are just biology is too depressing for me to handle.

  107. Faith in the religious sense means nothing to me. It’s believing in something without any evidence, like God, souls, afterlife, angels, heaven etc. My Spock-like brain just won’t allow me to do that.

  108. I consider faith an essential part of being and I try to live up to the maxim: ‘Be faithful to yourself.’ I was raised catholic, I accepted the catholic concept of God, I believed in it. I used to pray for God but today my prayers are rather entitled to myself, because I am the one responsible for my acts. Fortunately I’ve never been through huge tragedies, I’ve seen the cruelty and injustice of our world, I’ve lost relatives, friends, but the reason why I turned away from the catholic God is rather in connection with my maturity, my studies and experiences. I learnt that if I want to change things around me, I have to work for it. I can still think that God is supporting my efforts, but if I don’t make any, God won’t make them instead of me. I don’t think that the Bible is the best guide for us, but it’s definitely a useful reading because it teaches us the basics of morality.
    We cannot expect help from above all our lives. We are the creators of our future, and if we remain in control despite of any tragedies and unpleasant things that may occur, we can influence far greater processes than our own life. We are all gods in a sense. Some say, all men are stupid. I agree with that too. We can be experts and idiots at the same time in different aspects of life. We are stupid gods with the gift of creativity and it’s up to us what we are going to use our gift for.

  109. I believe that Faith is an important part of life. Having faith in a higher power, or something greater than us or unknown, gives us something to believe in. We are a civilization that is driven to understand a world we don’t know and part of what gives us strength while doing that is our Faith.

  110. If faith is the same as religion then I am confused a lot. I hear God talking to me but he’s mean and yells a lot. I see things in my dreams but I am not ready to talk about that. The Devil talks to me too and promises me things. God doesn’t seem to care.

  111. I have faith in nothing but I wish I could. I used to believe in God when I was younger. But then I kept asking myself, if he is the loving father religion teaches us , why doesn’t he act like a loving father? Why is all this mess happening? My conclusion was that either he doesn’t exist, either he just doesn’t care at all! Believing in God would make life easier, you’ll have something to expect from life and afterlife. But once you stopped believing, there is no coming back. When a child understands that Santas’s gifts are bought from his parents, you could never trick him again into believing Santa Claus exists.
    I haven’t faith in humanity either. I think we’re gonna destroy ourselves because of this “inner evil” we have in ourselves. Call it stress, anxiety, jealousy, egoism, cupidity, sadism, will for murder… The heart of a man wants to destroy whatever his brain creates. Human is a destructive animal. We are like Midas. We can make gold from what we touch but we also kill it at the same time.

  112. Faith serves as the balance to my human nature. It is not logical, but perception is reality. Faith is a goal, an ideal.

  113. I have no faith. The universe exists in chaos. We exist only because of all the incredible coincidences that created a world where human life could exist. No god would use such an illogical process to create the world. It is simply the chaos in the universe.

  114. I view GOD as an all knowing eternal being who loves HIS children. Life will continue in perfect form on an earthly paradise after resurrection.It’s a promise from our Creator and fills me with comfort.

  115. I seem to have a different take on faith that others, I’ve been threatened harass and called so many things but I still believe as I did when I was a child. There is nothing we can do to earn salvation it’s a gift from a benevolent all knowing GOD. HE loves us and knows we’re made of dirt as HE the Creator. Afterlife I believe in sleep and resurrection in a perfect body in a new world without crimes, hospitals, police . It’s seems that my hope and if I’m wrong then it doesn’t matter to anyone but me.

  116. My faith helps me to feel that I am never truly alone.

  117. Something is driving us all, this entire universe dancing at the tip of the fingers of some unknown force. Maybe it is as human as we are, possessor of some prophetic image that we come across in fantasies or it is just as formless as air, a creation of an esoteric and exotic kind, one above all emotions and cycles of life, death and decay.
    Faith is hope, an expectation to delve further into the mystery of existence. I think of it as the linkage that binds together all stories of life. Faith-in oneself, in the forces guiding your soul, in the stark possibility of a world beyond death. And in the possible existence of the Omnipotent Puppet Master, who holds the strings to our life.

  118. Your God Is Dead
    And No One Cares
    If There Is A Hell
    I’ll See You There

    T. Reznor

  119. It means I can accept that everything happens for the good. No regrets. If I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t know this, and I wouldn’t be me. I was not a good person before, but now I am. And I know the difference.

  120. It means that I can live without fear (or so my brain tells me) of what comes “after”. It has shaped my last 11 years in a most profound way, I just live… I will worry about all the little crap later…

  121. My faith in God is renewed each day. So far (I am 69), it has allowed me to deal with all the various trials which my life has experienced. When things are going my way, my reliance on faith is pretty easy. The tests have come when events over which I have no control (loss of a child, tornado destroying our house, serious illness of a child, suicide attempt by a child, temptations, etc.). Prayer and faith have worked for all these and others. For me it works best when renewed daily.

  122. God found me in several occasions when I was at emotional and spiritual bottoms. I’m sustained by faith and overwhelmed by God’s reach, bringing hope and solace whenever sought …

  123. I had a lesson in faith aged 28, 16 years ago. I had a lymphoma. Chemo helped; God helped more. I’m fine. God was at my side. I needed to show humility and ask for help. That gave God an opportunity to show His power to me. I still doubt and then I remember the dark reaches of a night when I reached for God and He reached back.

  124. I grew up in an Anglican household. We went to church each Sunday, said our prayers before bed and grace before supper. We went to church camp. Those who died had gone to heaven. I was an active part of the church youth group and played the part of the good Christian girl. I got a lot of positive attention from the adults I knew because of it. But when I grew from a teenager into an adult, I started to realize that I didn’t really believe any of it. That the only reason I was “Anglican”, was because my parents were. It had less to do with what I believed and more to do with what I was taught to believe. When I explored my beliefs on my own, I finally realized (took me until I was over 30!) that my beliefs had a name. It was atheism. It never dawned on me before because an atheist, according to what I had been lead to believe, was a horrible, evil person who disrespected any belief in God and wanted nothing less than immorality and chaos. Well, I wasn’t a bad person so how could I be an atheist? I’ve come to realize that atheists aren’t anarchists or worshippers of evil. We are everyday people who have simply chosen to be good – without God. Yet I still have very devout Christian friends and relatives because we can respect our differences and agree to disagree. I am looking forward to reading Revival! From what I hear, it is a priest’s journey to reclaim his lost faith as well as a commentary on what can happen when religion is taken too far. Should be interesting!

  125. When I was at school the Christian Brothers that run the school targeted me as a potential priest. The gave me extra bible lessons and wanted me to become part of the Roman Catholic machine. At. One of the lessons the priest, I’ll call him Father O’ said ” all non-Roman Catholics were going to hell”. My Dad was Church of England . I asked was he going to hell. father O’ said yes. I replied at the tender age of 13 “Any God that can be so petty does not deserve to have people follow him and a Preist that tells a child his father is going to hell for the sin of not going to the right church has sinned himself and should be damned to hell for even thinking that”. Father O’ went to hit me . At 13 I has 6ft tall and extremely strong and had several years of karate training. I caught his hand an twisted it and made him fall to the floor. He never raised a hand to me after that and I never became a Preist. I have faith in my fellow man and I have a belief there is something more than this. I also know I will never be a member of any religious institution that is myopic and bigoted. They did not destroy my Faith they just showed me how to get off a bad path so I thank them for that.

  126. Early life I was raised as a Christian; in the 50’s everyone we knew in Cali was White, Republican and Christian, unless they were Catholics (there was one family in the neighborhood), or Jews! – (we didn’t know any Jews then). Christianity taught me The Golden Rule, and I still love Jesus to this day. However, as an adult, I found the male-centric influence of Christianity to be lacking, and around 1970 I started searching alternative choices. The balance of Goddess/God found in Paganism spoke to me, and I left behind Christianity and began practicing Wicca, an Earth-based faith. Believing in something bigger than me, some divine power, some creatively intelligent Creator, makes sense to me, and gives me some kind of order to steer by. Now that I am 62, and facing the prospect of my not-so-distant-anymore demise, I think about this a lot, trying to understand the Plan, and wondering why my loved ones are regularly taken from me, through death. What is the point? I don’t know. I am sort of pissed about it and have not yet found a good reason for it. I miss them, I love them, and I don’t know why they can’t be here with me. I do believe the concept of “as above, so below”. We see the Moon grow big and then small and then big again. We see flowers growing, blooming, dying, leaving seeds and sprouting again. I do believe we are made of energy, and I do understand energy can not be destroyed. So I expect to exist in some form after death, and that’s good, but will I retain my consciousness as myself? Or do I get absorbed into some ether energy ball that all souls return to? I seek faith because I seek answers. Faith is the belief in what we cannot see. The older I get, the more I know that I don’t know anything at all! Faith is wonderful, and it can keep us from the darkest, hopeless state of despair, but I am now wondering if we are not just all a great big science experiment in some other universe, and I actually wonder what Reality really is. No answers, just questions. Faith takes a lot of faith. I’m tired. <3 <3 <3 PS The Golden Rule appears in every religion I studied. "Do unto others as you would have done to you", appears in Wicca as "Do as you will and harm none." Faith or otherwise, this much I am sure of: this is a good rule to live by.

  127. My faith is very important to me! No matter what happens, I know that I don’t have to go thrue it alone. God is always there to catch me if I fall and to comfort me when I am sad or hurt. I have experienced this several times, my life has not always bin easy. For me there is no doubt that He excists! Faith is no garanty for an easy life, but it makes you stronger so you can handle things that may cross your path!!!

  128. I have faith that God makes everything happen for a reason. If you figure it out you’re twice blessed. That you were part of it to begin with is the first blessing.

  129. Light and dark, protection and terror. Lack of confidence in self and others…tangible and spiritual. Haunted and desparate for protection and security.

  130. Currently, I have only faith in me. And it’s not always easy, believe me :-)

  131. I experienced God before I learned about religion. Faith for me is more like being always aware of that Divine force…not turning away from it. This awareness has helped me simply face life as it is. Learning and accepting that pain is a part of life has been the hardest lesson. Truth is beautiful. It heals me and gives me peace.

  132. Faith is believing what you can not see- I know that something exists that is bigger than me – a guiding source that has helped me overcome obstacles. When I ask for help I receive help. When I start to think I can do this alone, that is when I am humbled. Is it something inside of me? Or is it outside, in the universe, or is the universe that which is inside of me, am I just a piece of everything, or is everything just a piece of me. I don’t how it works. Faith works. Believe and you can achieve.

  133. I was raised Catholic in the 60’s and 70’s. I left the Church in the early 80’s after the treatment I received from my Catholic school and to a lesser degree, by the Church, when I became pregnant my senior year of high school. I subsequently professed to be agnostic.

    Like everyone else, I have had my ups and downs, too many my own doing. But I have always survived and when I have made the biggest mistakes I have felt there was a guardian angel with me, helping me to the other side.

    In spring 2013, I made a particularly harmful blunder that cost me my career at the age of 50. I was humiliated and as a consequence became despondent and depressed, hiding progressively stronger thoughts of suicide.

    My Husband starting going to Church for the first time since I met him 26 years ago in the fall of 2013. I started going with him. The despondency started lifting and the thoughts of suicide began to recede, and now are gone.

    I listen closely to the readings and sermons during mass, and have decided that Faith is knowing I won’t understand most of what the Church teaches, but I can still believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. My prayers always start the same, “thank you, thank you, thank you.” I am blessed in so many ways, from a Husband who loves me, stands by me and defends me, to my sons and parents and my health. There is nothing more I need.

  134. I have faith in the goodness of most people. I believe in doing good for the sake of goodness. I believe in being kind for the sake of kindness. We all have our internal demons. Sometimes faith is the only thing that quiets those demons, letting one truly forgive another – or continue living to see another day. To me, faith is about idealistic potential, but in a good way. I have faith that I will be a better person, better today than yesterday; better tomorrow than today. I may not ever be that idealistic person I see myself as, but faith allows me to keep going on that path, hoping I am making a positive difference in someone’s life.

  135. I fully believe in a “higher power”, be that Jesus, Mother Earth, or someone else. I also believe in Karma. Karma tends to rule my life. I see no reason to be nasty when nice is so much easier. Sounds cliche, but I try to live by the Golden Rule. I also try to give back to the Earth and honor what has been given to us.

  136. My faith is in Mother Nature, she controls our existance

  137. Faith has become my focal point at age 50. I have been hurt and down and God has shown Himself to me, and through others and without doubt. I trust in His plan. His timing somewhat scares me…..but always I trust.

  138. Faith. I have no organized Faith. I am no longer a member or participant of any established religion. I have Faith in kindness and gentleness. There is no religion in Faith. There are good people in this world but they are rarely those that attend church every Sunday and profess to be “good Christians”. These people are usually frauds. Faith, as believing without really knowing, is a difficult concept at best. So, when people refer to Faith as in their religious affiliation I reject that. If you are not living the basics of love, peace, and giving then you are not living the tenets of being human. So I have Faith in Nature — the plants, the animals, and the elements. I seek to live in harmony with others in the family of Nature and treat people with respect no abuse.

  139. Faith is the ability to believe in something that we can not see or understand. It is not necessarily limited to a belief in God. It is a belief in the unknown.

  140. Having Faith saved my life.

  141. Faith to me is knowing that during my lifetime the Cubs will win the World Series!

  142. Faith is believing in a higher power, whatever you may call him/her and knowing that they can do for you what you cannot. Faith has been an integral part of my life and miracles are there everyday!

  143. Really, nothing. I see faith as an answer to questions that the early peoples had about existence.

    And religion as a way to take advantage of those who believe to get them to follow their own rules and keep them in line.

    We are born with an understanding of right and wrong. We don’t need a threat of hell to guide us.

  144. Faith is the core of existence. Faith can be considered like the skeleton is to the body. There are many kinds of faith. You don’t need to have faith in everyone, or everything, but if you don’t have faith in anything you have nothing to draw strength from. Loss of faith is like the death of your spirit.

  145. My faith is that I believe in God, I used to believe in the heavens and the hell and now I believe that heaven we go to if we live our life right, I believe that there is so much ugly on earth that this is our hell. My faith has shaped my life to be a good person and giving to those in need.

  146. I have religious family members, but consider myself agnostic with atheist tendencies.

  147. I started this experiment in death (which is so much easier to quantify). Faith is much more difficult for me. Because of being raised within Catholicism, I often feel like I am failing to make the grade. Most of the choices that I make in my life feel like they will be such a let down when I stand in front of my Savior to be judged. But I still hold fast to the belief in my Savior and consider myself Christian. I believe that there is a God. I believe that both good and evil forces are working within this world and that those forces are absolutely in a constant battle with each other. I believe that God empowered man with free will so that when we choose to give ourselves over to Him we are doing so freely. And though I believe that I am already saved through my faith that Jesus is my Savior, I also believe that that is not enough. His physical death in place of my spiritual one does not absolve me from all sin while I am here in this life. If it did, why would I need to worry about judgement in the next realm? So…back to free will. Not only do I choose to treat others as I would like to be treated because it is morally right, but because I know what it is to feel lonely, isolated, rejected, scared, despondent, etc. I certainly do not enjoy any of those feelings and believe it would be wrong for me to subject others to experience such darkness at my hand. My faith is not placed within the men of this world or the houses of worship that they have built. They are not all evil; I happen to really like the new Pope. But I believe that over the centuries, man has twisted/corrupted God’s word to fit men’s will. And that doesn’t always match with what God has intended for us. Which is where I think the disconnect is for so many people….the hypocrisy that is seen between the gospels and the behaviors of those that are supposed to be the modern disciples.
    My faith… in God himself. In the parables that Jesus passed down that hold us all accountable to each other while we are here. To reject evil in all of its forms to the best of our abilities. To be compassionate and to do our best to make the world around us positive. Everything else? I leave that to others to debate.

  148. Faith is believing without truly knowing or having a defining piece of evidence for reference. It’s a personal decision or stance that only you can understand, sometimes without being able to adequately explain or defend to another, yet all the while it remains a comforting constant in your life.

  149. I have faith that if there is a God it is intelligent and good, understanding of doubt, and secure enough to need no worship. I have no desire to worship a simplistic petty child-tyrant creator as depicted in the bible.

  150. I have faith that if there is a God it is not the jealous, petty, vengeful, child-thing so insecure it needs worship as depicted in the bible. I have faith it is a thinking being understanding of doubt and caring more for the goodness of it’s creations.

  151. My faith resides within me as I relate to the world around me. My faith is in the goodness of others–in the ultimate kindness and mercy of our creator.

  152. Faith is a complete and total personal experience and is not a “religious” experience. My personal faith is unwavering and I depend on it daily to give me strength. I do believe in God and with that belief comes great comfort and strength.

  153. My faith has given me a different out look on life than others who pursue the almighty dollar via materialism. I have also found that faith has absolutely nothing to do with religion. In short, faith has made me see the world through wiser and more compassionate eyes. I can only hope it can do the same for you. :-)

  154. There is my religion, and also then my faith. I cannot and do not expect other people to abide by the teachings of my religion. My religion can only set rules for me and others of the same religion, whereas my faith is different. Faith is my baseline, it is unwavering, and I choose to apply it to different people and different situations as the moment deems appropriate.

  155. My faith in God is something that has grown and evolved over my 55 years. I have seen the power of God manifest itself in my life and in those of others. My faith is neither a crutch, nor a delusion–it is, and continues to be, a force which guides me and pushes me to act in as many positive ways that I can, toward the betterment of my fellow humans and this planet we live on. It may not always have been constant and strong, but it was there nevertheless. It has taught me that there is both great good and great evil in the world, but that it is not worth forsaking the belief and hope in the former at the expense of the latter.My faith in God is something that has grown and evolved over my 55 years. I have seen the power of God manifest itself in my life and in those of others. My faith is neither a crutch, nor a delusion–it is, and continues to be, a force which guides me and pushes me to act in as many positive ways that I can, toward the betterment of my fellow humans and this planet we live on. It may not always have been constant and strong, but it was there nevertheless. It has taught me that there is both great good and great evil in the world, and that it is not worth forsaking the belief and hope in the former at the expense of the latter.

  156. I only have faith with constants in life.

  157. My faith is more what I call spirituality. I see it almost like karma. I do believe that there is a higher power that exists, and I believe that one’s works of a genuine, positive, contributive, nature will be positively returned to you, even if it is not until far into the future. Likewise, I believe that those who often or always choose the path of least resistance, depending on others efforts for their own survival and well-being will fail to experience this positive response. Also, I believe that choosing the difficult right over the easy wrong is always the best course of action, and that there are times that doing the wrong thing for the right reason is not only the correct choice, but even admirable. I also believe that a person truly can learn from their past mistakes and selfish behaviors, and from those mistakes, lead a better and more contributory life.

    I try to live each day knowing that I will always have my failings, and will continue to make mistakes, but will always strive to improve, and be a positive force for those around me.

  158. the human body will pass away in time but the soul the spirit is a never ending journey remember there are more worlds than these

  159. Faith? Depends on faith in what? Assuming we are talking about faith in a Supreme Being. Not sure. I find it amazing mankind even exists. I think I believe we had help…from what or who…? Not sure. I imagine we had to have help. But an unwavering faith in God? Not so much anymore. Two much ugly going on in the world. Guess to summarize…faith in myself to do my best, yes. Faith in some sort of a Supreme Being…hmmmm.

  160. I have faith that I have a future. Logically I know that I could have a massive stroke in the next minute. Or choke to death on a Pop-tart tomorrow. Or get crushed between a garbage truck and a brick wall. Yet, even with that rational understanding of the randomness of life, I have faith in a future. Faith in a god? Fuck no. I really can’t recall a time in my life that I ever had the urge to believe in an all-seeing, all-caring omnipresent dude. Who the hell would want a cosmic peeper eyeballing them while they took a shit?

  161. I was raised in a faith that says after death we are remembered in the hearts and minds of our loved ones by the life we have lived. Those who are not good are destined not to be remembered. Except, of course if they are actually infamous, and not remembered in a positive way. I am 67 now, and believe in the Rainbow Bridge as far as pets are concerned. I find it difficult to believe that I will simply cease to exist and never see my loved ones or good friends again, along with all the pets I have had over the years. I’m not sure what lies ahead, but it seems a much happier end to me to be together again. I pray every night for help and guidance in my life, but do not believe that I can simply give everything over to God to do. My life and my decisions are mine alone. Good outcomes or not, it’s all on me. So far, I’m OK with that!

  162. I do not think I ever really had any religious faith despite being raised a Catholic. I have lost faith that things will turn out well for me. After years of keeping positive thoughts while experiencing one loss after the other I feel like my faith is gone. I recently met an amazing man after being out of an abusive relationship and on my own for 3 years. I am trying to believe that we will be together and live a happy life but my lack of faith in positive outcomes is making that very difficult.

  163. Faith to me is nothing at all to do with ‘God’. Or indeed ‘the Devil’. The ONLY faith that matters to me is the faith I have within myself, FOR myself. Without that inner faith I have nothing.

  164. My faith is in my family..we have had many trials and tribulations but in the end we have each other and the faith that keeps us going…sometimes the faith is in God, to keep us going…but mostly the faith that we will be there for each other no matter what…

  165. My faith begins and ends with my family..we have had our trials and tribulations but in the end we have each other. Faith in God is a part of my life, I believe in him and have faith that he will take care of us as we take care of each other in my family.

  166. I have seen heaven and hell they’re different then we’ve been taught. I spend time every night reflecting on what I did and said and focus on being a better person because of what I know.

  167. In order to maintain sanity in this evil cruel world, I live through my faith that it is not all in vain and that someday I will be reunited with my loved ones in a better world.

  168. To me, faith is belief without proof, confidence and trust in my God, knowing He will not forsake me and loves me.

  169. Despite the fact that some say there are many paths to heaven, there is only one path. That is through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Matthew 22:14 says many are called but few are chosen. One Lord, one path.

  170. When I hear people say “we have no proof, or show me proof” I want to scream! Or at least shake my head in wonder. They don’t know what the word faith means. If we had proof there would be no need for faith. Even if you don’t believe in God at least learn what the word faith means.

  171. Faith, is something I try to keep in my mind and believe in a greater good. There are many “Gods” out there, so as long as your faith is for the greater good and does not harm anyone or anything, then it is good. I always say if there is no faith, there is no Hope. If people have no hope then life is a loss with nothing to look forward to. Also, where there is good, there is also evil. The universe is funny that way to keep a balance. Without my faith, I would not be in this world today. I believe there is something out there for all of us in the end.

  172. Sometimes my faith in God is tested. It’s not those times when I’m at the bottom, either, it’s those times when I’m at the top. For me, it’s easier to rely on a higher power when I’m at my weakest, after all, it was me who got me into the trouble in the first place, how can I rely on myself to get me out?

    It’s when everything is in order that I question my faith and I begin to wonder if I’m believing in only words on a page; believing that I’m simply following an idea developed centuries ago to ease the minds of subjects while extorting money from the poor.

    But those moments are brief, I remember the words, the feeling, the Holy Spirit, and I’m grateful to God for all that I have … or am I?

  173. When thinking of Faith my mind automatically turns to faith in a god. I know there is something after death, but what it is I have no idea. I do not participate in organized religion. I think my Faith is based more on faith in the universe than an singular god. Out of all the bad luck that has happened to me and those I care about I have to have faith that it will all lead to something better. If I don’t at least hope that the universe does shitty things to good people for some sort of higher purpose, then it makes all of life seem pretty pointless.

  174. I believe in God and Jesus Christ as my savior; however, I do not shove my beliefs down people’s throats. Sounds stupid, but I have seen things in my career and in my personal life that hands down has made me at least believe in an after life of unknown origin. I’m a believer in the “Prime Mover” theory in which something has to come from something and that a God like source has “shoved” it to get it moving. If human beings came from apes, then where did apes come from? Where did nothing come from? ect. ect. ect.

  175. I just don’t know that I believe in a god or all the Jesus stuff. I was “born again” at age 47 after strong influence from a 2nd husband and a new church experience. I bought into all of it. After a achingly painful divorce and relocating from the west back to PA, my faith was tested over and over via so-called “Christians”. So many tragic experiences, personally and learned from the media have convinced me that if there is a god, he’s not someone who’s on my side. No one is safe and no one here gets out alive. Tragedy turns on a penny. I cannot believe that once we die, there isn’t more, but it ain’t a heaven, I’m sure.

  176. I believe in god. I believe that in my times of need he has always been there. I do not believe in organized religion. Every religion has their own interpretation of the bible.

  177. I was raised Christian but always questioned the faith I was taught. I remember as a child asking God that if he was there to please appear to me. He never did. As an adult I have been a spiritual seeker looking to each religion for the evidence I never found as a child. I still have no evidence and God has never appeared to me, however, I find myself now as I am growing older more accepting of the fact that some things are not meant to be seen. Some things are meant to be a mystery. Faith for me is not seeing and still believing.

  178. I am an atheist. We are all the same, humans, fish, trees etc. We are “born”, we live, we die. End of.

  179. I’m an atheist, and have been somewhat agnostic for most of my life. I never saw any evidence supporting a god’s existence, and if one existed, it looked like he just left us to it and had little influence in our day to day lives–unless he enjoyed causing misery. My doubt always made me very curious about religion, though, and I’ve learnt a lot about it and involved religious themes in my work. I do feel religion can go too far and become a bad force, though for the majority it’s not–at the moment, it can encourage prejudice and sticking stubbornly to a past that’s long gone, hurting good people who are alive now. I don’t think religion is necessary to be a good person and find people who think it is are narrow-minded. My decisions are mine, not those of a greater being.

  180. I believe in God; however, I choose to avoid organized religion. It seems that the churches are running as businesses and interested in making money as their primary goal; saving souls is secondary!

  181. I believe thatvone day Jesus Christ will come to judge the living and the dead. The dead will be resurerected and their renewed human bodies with once again house their heavenly souls. Those living with faith with divinely ascend to Heaven ever after. True soul mates will continue on their journeys together forever.

  182. In an infinite cosmos full of the unknown, how can I presume any of its myriad characteristics? I can only permit myself to believe-in sentiment-that there is a greater force which mold our lives, which watches us every second-till the very end of “Time and Eternity”.

  183. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. My eternity is sealed. I know where I am going, without a doubt, when I die.

  184. i have no faith. i am completely good without god

  185. You need to have faith in yourself. Each of us is in-charge of our own destiny; it’s our decisions and life lessons that shape who we are, what we become, and what we ultimately believe in.

  186. Faith sees me through every second of my day. Without faith in Jesus life would have no meaning and why would I continue ?

  187. I believe a higher being watches over me and helps me through tough times. I don’t like churches, they seem to be about having the biggest and most beautiful buildings, not the troubled people who need encouragement, understanding and a sense of well being or just need to feel loved.

  188. Faith in a religious sense has done more harm than good to this world. I found that having faith in myself to make rational, logical and reasonable choices has improved my sense of well-being and how I move through this world.
    I take comfort in the fact that I do not rely on any mythical, mystical or magical elements to live my life. Any positive or negative occurrences that happen in my life are due to actions or reactions I did or did not do. I choose to take responsibility for my life and not use a mythical being as a scapegoat for what does or does not happen.

  189. My faith is my foundation. I was raised going to church every Sunday, but “outgrew” those beliefs for awhile after marrying an alcoholic and giving birth to my firstborn, a son. At that point I vehemently rejected any God figure who would knowingly let his son be hurt. After 21 years of marriage and a lot of growing up, I ventured out on my own, my youngest, a daughter, in tow. After feeling a great void in my life and not really knowing how to fill it, I began drifting back to God. I have since had many experiences that were so completely in direct and immediate answer to prayer, that I know God has watched over me, even when I had my back turned on God, and what I have gone through to get to this point has made me who I am today. Today I am a lay leader in our church and our association, and I attend Lay Academy, which is giving me new perspective on old ideas. I don’t believe that God cares how you worship or who you call your spiritual power, I believe God is too vast to be contained in one belief system, and I believe we will all ultimately meet the loving God someday. The idea that God would rule out any of creation for simply believing what their region or religion teaches them goes against everything I believe in. The thought that God is spiteful or vengeful goes against everything I believe in. The thought that God would condemn a gay person, who is also created in God’s image, goes against everything I believe in.

  190. Faith , Is whatever we believe in , everybody has one with varying degrees of thought put into it . Some people inherit the beliefs they profess from their families , others put great thought into it . Some peoples are shallow and carry less weight regarding their behavior than others and some give it far more gravity than common sense allows . Even people that reject religious ideology are subscribing a faith that their beliefs are truth .

  191. I wish I had faith. I was raised as a roman catholic and, frankly, was terrified into believing. for a while, going to church on sunday seemed to be the only place/thing where I knew what to expect. I’ve slowly lost faith. I guess I need scientific proof. AND the fact that so much crap has come to surface about all the improprieties in the catholic church (and all others!), it’s hard, near impossible, for me to believe. however, I think this new pope makes a lot of sense.
    I see myself as a kind, generous, thoughtful person. this may or may not have been due to my early catholic years. i allow everyone to believe what they want. i resent those who try to force their beliefs on other.
    I love the expression- sitting in church doesn’t make you holy, just as sitting in the garage doesn’t make you a cadillac. as my bumper sticker says “coexist”.

  192. Faith to me is as individual as each human being. It means something different to everyone. Faith has kept me going in times of darkness, knowing that this too shall pass, or that I will learn to live with it an become a stronger, and hopefully better person, by holding on to faith not holding on to what has happened.

  193. My faith is what keeps me going day by day. Being a Christian (yes, Christians read Stephen King!), I have faith in a God who loves everyone without exception. Not a God of vengeance. Unlike any other religious leader, my God chose to die for me and came back to life. He still lives today. That’s why I am who I am.

  194. True faith to me is a very personal thing, not an institutional thing. I was raised in the South, thankfully as a Methodist by intelligent parents. A basic tenet of Methodism is acceptance of faiths other than one’s own, unlike many of the fundamentalist doctrines in the South. We read and discussed the Bible in my home when I was a child, discussed it. Our parents didn’t ram their ideologies down our throats. In 6th grade, I joined an outreach club from local fundamentalist Baptist church where the women all wore dresses, etc. It was fun. We learned a lot about the Bible, and I was even awarded “Most Improved Christian Girl.” I had the quite visceral experience of being saved. It was rewarding and thought-provoking. In college, I took a world religions class, and this is when I came across the realization that it didn’t make sense to have so many beautiful approaches to faith, for only one of them to be “the right one.” Over the years, my affiliation with religion has softened greatly, and organized religion is no longer part of my life. I do believe in a higher power, but I do not have the arrogance to assume that I have any clue what it is. I pray regularly, most prayers of thanksgiving, but also requests for help, usually when bombarded by them from people on Facebook. I don’t need to understand it all. I am calm, happy, and kind to others, who generally return the kindness. That’s all I need.

  195. If life is a story, which is seems to be, and we are the characters, which we definitely are, I believe that there is an audience, watching the story unfold. The audience seems to be connected to everything. Maybe there’s a writer who makes changes and maybe there’s reader, cheering us on, but not necessarily interfering.

    I feel that God is our audience, to some degree watching us and he hopes we are the good guys– the heroes of the story, and that we take care of each other and that we try not to be the villains. And although the story comes to an end on the last page, in the last frame, I hope there’s another one. It’s probably in a book that’s impossible for a character in this book to imagine. But that story might even be a little better. I’d love to think that maybe some of the characters can reunite in a different format.

    Faith for me is hoping that the best is not behind us, but that the best is yet to come.

  196. I have faith that there is a God and have believed in Him all my life, well at least as long as I can remember. My faith has gotten me through a lot in my life and without it I would be nothing but another lost soul in this place we call earth.

  197. I was born into a Roman Catholic family. I grew up and was a self-proclaimed ‘recovering Catholic’. I questioned, and the Church didn’t always answer. I prayed, and God always answered (even if sometimes the answer was ‘no’ or ‘wait’). I never stopped questioning. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to the realization that the Church was made by man to try to bring those who believe in God and Jesus together and give a common core (through Constantine and the Council of Nicea). However, that doesn’t mean that they were correct in all their unity and compromises. I believe that there is a higher power which we call God, and that power loves us and would do anything to help us fulfill our purpose on earth. I also believe that we have free will and can break that promise if we choose to. I believe God knows what will happen when I make a choice, and if the choice is the wrong one, I still am able to make that choice. Grace and happiness is when I fulfill my purpose here on earth and keep my promise. Everyone of us has a job to do.

  198. I’ve always found it interesting that we tend to equate faith with something intangible or which cannot be proven. My faith is earned. I have faith that my loved ones will be good to me, that my employer will continue to pay me, and that my community will continue to be a good place to live. I have faith in these things because they have proven to be trustworthy. Most important, though, is my faith in myself that if my loved ones or my employer or my community lose that faith, I will take whatever action I can to make the situation better.

  199. I am in a constant struggle with the concept of faith. I am torn between know God exists and Feelin he doesn’t.

  200. Faith for me is a door into the reality that I cannot see, but I know it is there. I know it is there, not through faith alone, but through the unseen effects that reality has had on my life. This leads me to trust in the Something I cannot see and through this faith I gain more and more access into the Unseen.

  201. FAITH: is something you can not yet see, know or prove. My faith is in GOD AND HIS SON JESUS. They have got me through a love gone bad, the death of loved ones (my dad and best friend), drugs and alcohol addiction, (clean and sober 17 years November 13, 2014) depression, loved ones terminally ill that lived for years before they passed, and so many other difficult situations. I also believe that along with FAITH COMES TRUST. I believe in a HIGHER POWER than myself, who I choose to call GOD!

  202. I have been “saved.” I have felt God touch me. My grandmother is the embodiment of faith, and, now, worn down by the very evils she worked so hard against, hurt with words and false accusations worse than knives, she has not lost it. But she has lost something – perhaps her innocence? She has a backbone of steel and is still capable of unconditional love, she can find joy, and she can do what is right. Maybe not what is always best, but what is RIGHT. I am blessed to know her.

    I have faith that there is a being that is connected in all of us, and in everything. I have faith in strength. I have faith in circularity (not to be confused with coincidences). I have faith in karma. I have faith that time is not linear. I have faith in my family’s recipe for chicken gumbo (I have some Cajun blood, and when we migrated to the Midwest, you just couldn’t get good seafood). I have faith that there is another world, dimension, whatever you want to call it, that maybe only a very, very few of us can see during our lifetimes. I have faith that this, too, shall pass.

    I have never truly felt close to this image of the cross. Strangely, I have faith (and comfort) in the turtle figurine in my pocket. It doesn’t have a cracked beak or a question mark on it’s shell, but it does say, “Be Strong.”

  203. I believe there is a higher nature but I don’t believe it has any name or a form known to us.
    Everything has been bumped somehow been able to we learn what in any way, by an impulse.

    But something must give it this stands still and “initiates” only other things: this is a higher nature which is unknown to us. (These thoughts are by some philosophists and I think it’s logical.

  204. My faith is very important to my life because without faith, hope is just a word. Faith and hope go hand in hand. I have faith so I can hope for the strength needed to get through life.

  205. The only animal on Earth that is aware of his own death is Man. Much of man’s existence is shaped by instincts biologically programmed deep within the oldest regions of his brain. Man’s instinct to survive is his strongest. It is so strong that it has escaped the confines of his primitive brain and permeated the part of the brain that thinks. To reconcile the knowledge of his eminent death with his powerful instinct to survive, man used the thinking, reasoning part of his brain to devise a comfortable bridge between the two extremes: Religion, the belief in beings greater than themselves (immortal gods), and faith in the reward of a hereafter. Faith in the non-existent seems folly. But I would never argue the existence of God or Faith with a Believer. Religion has survived the centuries because it brings man comfort. Who am I to try to take that away from him?

  206. I use to have faith but lost it when my mother died. I admire people who can have faith through adversity in their lives because I figure what is going to happen is going to happen anyway. It doesn’t matter if you pray ahead of time.

  207. I am a Catholic Christian male that has a very strong faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. I depend on my faith daily to help guide my thoughts and actions. As a husband and father, I feel very blessed to have such a strong guide in my Catholic faith.

  208. My Faith is in God. And the greatest of these is Love. Everyone knows the Golden Rule. We strive to be better than our humanity Faith in my life has allowed me to continue when all seems lost.

  209. I have spent my life seeking the path that feels right for me. This has led me to some strange places over the years. As a practicing witch my faith is in myself and my own abilities.

  210. I don’t cling to faith in any religious sense (lapsed catholic here), instead, my faith resides in the idea that in spite of ourselves humans are adaptable and able to carry on with more forbearance than we usually think we are capable of. Do I believe there is good in everyone? Not anymore, I don’t: too many examples have proved that not to be the truth, but by an large, I’d say many humans share a core of goodness. That’s were my faith lives.

  211. Faith means that everything will work out the way it should. Holding on to hope that an individual will be taken care and they will be helped through tough times. Faith has shaped and is still shaping my life to this day. I believe that being a good person, things will work out and they have. I have been able to raise my girls by myself and provide for them through my faith. Now, I am holding on to my faith that I will be taken care of soon.

  212. I believe in having faith in myself, and the people I love and who love me. Let’s have faith in ourselves, in our ability to change the world and make it a better place. Let’s have faith in our love for our fellow man, how about that? Let’s stop passing on the myth of all the invisible gods and start taking personal responsibility for our lives and how we treat others.

  213. My faith means staying true to my beliefs and live my life my way and not in the way of others. It has meant throughout my life I have not pleased others because I have refused to live my life by a set of rules outlined by man.

  214. I find it hilarious and exasperating how people consider their religion or faith like the absolute truth.
    To those people I ask: how can you be so sure of any of it, if you don’t have ANY concrete proof of it?
    I live by this rule: I am only sure about things I have seen with my own eyes and that have physical proof.
    And please, spare me the speech of religion and faith being beyond the physical world and so on, because it is only empty words.
    It always comes down to the same thing. We can make a thousand theories and ideas, but we will only know the truth after we die.

  215. I’m glad I have my faith to comfort me when I feel alone. I know that God is always with me.

  216. I have faith that things work themselves out and find balance. This doesn’t mean the good guys win and the bad guys go to jail. It means I accept that unfairness and justice regularly occur and fail to occur in everyday life. I have faith that there is a signal, and it’s usually drowned out by noise, but it’s worth finding and following.

  217. Khalil Gibran said ‘Faith is the oasis in the heart that will never be reached by the caravan of the mind’. Faith is essentially not asking why something is, just accepting that it is and that it has a reason to be. Maybe that’s why it’s so difficult for modern man to have faith – it requires giving up the reins, letting the horse do as it damn well pleases.

    And that’s not what we’ve “progressed” for, now is it? We invented the reins so the horse couldn’t do as it damn well pleased.

    We invented medicine because we couldn’t let nature take its course on us. We invented the net because we couldn’t let the world have its secret corners. We invented electricity because we couldn’t let the dark have its way with us. We didn’t lose our faith, we systematically and deliberately gave it up.

    I don’t mean faith in God; religion does not have the monopoly on faith. I don’t believe in the existence of ‘God’ – not in the sense of a sometimes benevolent, sometimes vengeful being looking down on us. That doesn’t mean I don’t have faith. I have faith in people, in knowledge, in imagination, in the universe, in the force of nature, in my instincts. I don’t have to know why someone loves me, why finding out something new enriches my spirit, why 10 people can see 1 thing in a 100 ways, why the planets align, why a new species evolves, why something inside me screams to turn left, even when the sign says right. I can simply accept that they are.

    And it’s better that way. Because while you’re scouring and scraping and digging for the reasons, you’re losing out on the simple, raw elation of something just being. Insist on taking control of the reins and you’ll get exactly where you wanted to go – but you’ll never find that lost valley that only the horse knows.

  218. It amazes me how many people speak of faith and simply make up their own rules and reasons for it. If only they’d “choose” a religion, then there’d at least be a basis for their understanding. But hey, willy-nilly is good enough for many — and then they get angry when God doesn’t respond to their desires. Don’t you think this speaks to how wrong of a God you chose to create?

    God is real. He’s the God of the Bible. Sounds arrogant when stated so plainly, but my reasons run deep with much study. This isn’t the place to drive that deep, I guess. But just to say that this is my basis for what I ultimately believe.

    Faith. Biblically faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen (Hebrews 11:1). We also know that faith comes by the hearing of the Word (Romans 10:17). Faith is not some emotion that you feel and use to hope for things. Hope is your hope. Faith, when given to you, is the substance that what you hope for is there. It is the evidence that what you hope for but don’t have yet is achievable. Faith is God’s way of saying: “You’re on the right track.”

    It also amazes me how many people gave up on faith because the world “hurt” them in some way. It is as if God put “the bad stuff” on them. But that’s not the God of the Bible under the New Covenant — hmm, perhaps too deep. God is good. God created us with a free will. What went wrong in the earth is man’s fault for choosing selfish and self-serving ways. The dominion to correct it is also man’s. Although we are feeble and likely won’t or can’t correct it to anyone’s satisfaction.

    What God wants of us is for us to seek Him. He wants that we should get under His protection. Too many of us walk away from that protection into selfish desires (yes, it’s called sin). Too many of us what to do things our own way. And it is out on our own that we run into the curse of this world. It is in the curse of this world that all the bad stuff lies. And there is a very real devil who is out to damage or to destroy your relationship with God.

    God says that Blessing and the Curse, Life and Death, are before you (Deuteronomy 30:19). He offers a suggestion: “Choose Life!” He has given you faith enough to believe. Take heart to His suggestion. He’s not there to correct all our mistakes. He simply will forgive them — if we will seek Him and accept Him as our God. If we will use the faith that He has given us to make the right choice.

  219. 61 years of life on this earth has given me some insight to what faith is and what it isn’t. My personal journey has involved many paths before arriving at what I believe at this moment.

    I have been baptized 2 times in 2 different Christian religions, Seventh Day Adventist as a youth, and as a mormon as a young adult.
    Neither stuck.

    I have taken University courses in histories of varied religions. Through these studies, and my own experience, I learned one thing. Everything is a spin on the same themes, moral behavior, and hope. Faith we will in some form after death.

    No one really knows, but being an alcoholic (10 years sobriety) made me see I needed that hope to get me through the hardest time in my life. So I talked to who I like to call my friends, using a Christian model that I knew. I could have used Buddha, Allah, or whatever but I picked a male and female higher powers and their helpers.

    I believe our souls live many lifetimes, we chart our own course for each, giving us choices along the way. The choices involve all aspects of life, and the decisions we make result in learning through those experiences. We have achieved What we want to experience in reach life our souls should grow or eventually into we want.

    Hope can be gained using religion, Quantum physics, or other paths. I try to keep an open mind as mine was closed for many years. I are benefits and problems with picking one particular faith practice and rejecting others.

    But I do believe….

  220. Assuming faith is the belief in the unproven, I have faith in very few things. Faith in god has effected me only as an outsider seeing the actions of believers being influenced by the irrational; both what they do for God’s approval and how they treat what they’ve been taught to hate. Faith in other more concrete things… well, it’s a mixed bag and tends to lead to a lot of disappointment.

  221. Being curious, I don’t know what faith means. Neither religion, nor quantum physics has convinced me one way or another about a superior intelligence, afterlife, or a soul. Given that, I can only assume there is justice (karma) in the universe; otherwise existence seems pointless.

  222. Ones thoughts on a higher being or greater purpose in life. Often used as a weapon by the closed minded but if used introspectively can bring peace of mind in troubled times.

  223. My journey into faith began with my maternal grandparents. Converted Catholics that chose to follow the born again path through becoming Baptists. I lived in a big old home that my Gramps had added to and added to until it was big enough to house my Parents and brother and I , my maternal Nana, my maternal Grand Aunt and Maternal Grand uncle. My Nana never came to church with us, staying behind to cook the multi course Italian dinner that were imbibed after church services. Everyone else went to Sunday School as well as attending the following service. For awhile my parents moved my family down to Delaware as my mother felt the need to disconnect herself from her parents. While there we attended southern Baptist services as well as Evangelical. There I experienced what felt to me like group hysteria compared to the Baptists from the north. People would be yelling AMEN!!! top of their lungs. Swooning in the pews. Jumping up and speaking in tongues with another parishioner popping to their feet to interpret. All this led to me as a child of 10, being corralled down the center aisle in hysterical tears being “born again”. A couple of years later when we all returned to my maternal grandparents home and church I was of the age when Baptists accept their faith by actual baptism by water. I declined. Every adult in the house were beside themselves. All but my Nana. She took me in her arms and told me you will know when you have found where your faith lies. I was 13. Thru my adolescence I read and read about all theologies. Nothing tugged at my heart. It wasn’t until I was in my mid twenties that I began reading and learning about the nature based religions. Here, finally, the seed blossomed in my heart. Since I am of Italian heritage I feel drawn to La Vecchia Religione. Unlike any modern religions, where their way is the ONLY way, the old religions ENCOURAGE individuals to follow the path of one’s individual belief’s. There is no distinction between what is right and what is wrong. There is what does and does not work. There is the knowledge that all is One and One is all. “And it harm none, my will be done. So mote it be” I believe this is the knowledge that Jesus was trying to impart to us when he spoke the parable of the mustard seed. I see an apple and call it red. My spanish speaking friends see an apple and call it rojo. After many years of probing into many established/accepted religions I believe this same principle applies. What difference does it make the names WE give to Gods/Goddesses/saints or prophets? We are only calling One by many different names. When it comes down to it aside from atheists, we all place our faith in ONE creator. The difference is the interpretations of how and who that One works THROUGH. For me….I believe it is through me. And that is what my faith means to me, and how it IS my life.

  224. zero equals two

    atheism, monotheism, and polytheism are the true holy trinity

    i don’t know what faith is but,
    if faith the size of a mustard seed were enough to move mountains,
    the faith of the whole mustard should be enough to switch the earth and the sea

  225. Although my parents didn’t go to church I grew up with a home grown hell-fire and brimstone brand of religion, primarily focusing on the terrifying wrath of God. My parents were drunks who neglected my siblings and me. One of my older brothers died when I was a teenager. I began to read the bible and I prayed to God to help my family. Some times the prayers were simply for food. Of course, no help came from that quarter so I dropped out of high school, got a job and began supporting my family. As I matured and evaluated the nature of my life and the nature of God I came to see Faith as a fallacy, a crutch of the weak minded who couldn’t face the realities of life or death. I am now late middle aged and have experienced many difficult events in my life including my oldest son’s heroin addiction, incarceration, and eventual death from an overdose. I become angry at people who try to comfort me using trite phrases such as “he’s with Jesus now…”. No, I tell them. He is scattered in a rose garden in Mesa, AZ. Religion offers false hope, makes false promises and is the greatest betrayal of trust- the biggest hoax ever perpetuated on the human race.

  226. We are all born atheists. If you are not indoctrinated into a religious belief as a child, it is nearly impossible to buy into the idea as an adult. One’s particular brand of religion is determined, for the most part, by geography. A person born and raised in the US will almost certainly be Christian. That exact same person born and raised in one of the Arabic countries is likely going to be Muslim, and just as fervent a Muslim as they would have been as a Christian in the US.

    As an atheist, I try my best to stay firmly in the closet. I’ve experienced my fair share of discrimination, hatred and fear from ignorant people who make outlandish presumptions about my willingness to commit atrocities. I worry about those people. If the only thing keeping you from stealing, raping, murdering, etc are possible repercussions in a mythical “afterlife,” then something is seriously wrong with you! I don’t tell people about my lack of faith until they’ve had a chance to get to know me; a person who is friendly, kind, empathetic and generous. Just like them. Except I don’t need the threat of a vengeful Sky Daddy to keep me in line. ;)

  227. I think most people rely on what they call faith without ever really thinking it through. We are programed from an early age to believe what we are told without giving it a second thought. We take in the lessons when we are small and think them fact without question, but when we are old and wise enough to question what we have been told, we don’t.
    What aggravates me the most about highly religious people is that they only act on their religious beliefs when they feel they are being watched. On the holy day of their faith they are high and mighty, but the rest of the days of the week you would never believe how pious they claim to be.
    I act on my beliefs every day, without letting others influence how I act on them. If people are going to claim to be something, they should act the part.

  228. Faith
    As for Christianity, I must ask….
    Why would an omnipotent god devise such insane rules as would require him to give his son as a sacrifice for the awful things that awful humans do? That’s just crazy on the face of it. We humans need so badly to be loved in spite of what we know is our awfulness, that we need a Christ to fulfill that ever loving role. We couldn’t possibly trust any mere other human to love us like that. And even if we could, there’s the mortality problem. You find someone who loves you like that, then they die, and then what? Eh, then you’re screwed, is what. So your Christ needs to be immortal, so the love will never stop. Christ the son of god is a human solution to a human problem. Which is comforting, in a way. At least it eases that notion of an absolutely Batshit Looney Almighty with a penchant for making crazy dangerous rules.

    As for faith in and of itself,
    Funny, perhaps, for me to find the best definition of the idea in the bible, where it says that faith is belief in things not seen. So, I guess I would say that I do have faith, of a sort. I don’t see my dead husband (though I wouldn’t mind if I did) but I feel he’s with me at times. Many times. I don’t see gravity, either, but I have no doubt that it (or something very much like it) exists. I won’t say I have any overabundance of faith. There’s not really a lot that I believe without seeing. I would LOVE to say that I have faith in the goodness of humanity, but I don’t. Humanity is good, and terrible. And frighteningly unpredictable.

  229. Faith is the belief that there is a power larger than all of us that wants what is best for us. In my family we call this The Powers of the Universe. I believe there are many paths and the POU’s give us clues and hints about which ones we should take. They probably get very frustrated when we choose the wrong one. As in, “Hey you big dummy don’t you see the flashing sign that says ‘Take this path?'” Sometimes bad things happen even when we are on a path that is the correct one. The acceptance that we may have to take a hit to serve the larger plan is faith.

  230. Faith has helped a lot of people through their bad times. A word of warning for those Holier Than Thou, however, if you dare Fate to test your faith, Fate will answer you and accept your challenge.

  231. I was raised as a Christian and had faith when I was young because I believed what my parents told me, but around age 14 I started realizing that none of it made any sense. I began seeking the truth, discovered science, and that is when I became an atheist.

  232. Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen, it give us assurance about things we cannot see. I have faith in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, without my faith and Jesus by my side I am not sure how I would have handled the death of my ONLY child 5 years ago. I praise God every day for my faith

  233. FAITH is a blindness. At a particularly low point in my life I was forced to examine whether FAITH was something I still possessed. This was not a religious conundrum, it was much more basic. I discovered the best I could do at that point was to admit that I had HOPE in FAITH. That HOPE led me through the blindness of FAITH until I was able to accept there were forces at work beyond my control and power.

  234. I was brought up in the Lutheran church. I went through all of the ceremonies necessary to be “saved”. But, I started realizing that regardless of how much faith I had or didn’t have, depending on the situation, there was/is something far greater at work than what I was taught in formal religious settings. I have learned throughout the years my main source of faith has to come from within me. When things are going to hell in a hand basket, I know I can rely on myself and the power bestowed within me by the far greater thing of unknown origins to make it though.

  235. I was not raised in a religious home(and I’m glad I wasn’t). I’ve read the bible, studied a great deal about religions(mostly christianity), and attended church regularly for a few years. All of these things have solidified that I am an atheist. Faith to me is believing in the goodness in people; kindness towards others; love; compassion.

  236. I have faith in the fact that I believe you can find goodness in everyone .I am a catholic but not regularly practicing but I do believe in God and the after life . I’ve always tried to find the good in all people . I have faith in my fellow brothers and sisters and have faith in family and God .

  237. Without faith there is no hope for mankind

  238. I have Faith in Jesus Christ. It’s difficult in a world that consistently disrespects my beliefs. I understand that as a Christian their is a stigma surrounding us because of our current/past bigotry, and some is rightfully earned but I treat everyone with respect despite their beliefs. I wish people would see me as a human and give me the same respect.

  239. Faith is something that should only be placed in other people. They can earn it, or you can give it freely. It can be misplaced or rewarded, it be something that is hoped for all of humanity, or crushed by a single person. Also, it is a lovely name for a girl.

  240. My faith is in Jesus Christ. I believe he deliberately left his throne in heaven, to become flesh, and sacrificially take the punishment for all sinners, and on a personal note, my sin, because he loves me. I do struggle with Christians sometimes. I believe some (not all) do not represent who Christ was and is. He hung out with sinners. He loves them. Some Christians just show a lot of hate, and I believe that breaks God’s heart. Live and let live, and let those without sin cast the first stone.

  241. I used to think that religion was faith. I was raised in the Methodist church; did the whole Youth Fellowship thing. As I began to be confronted with other religions and other ways of thinking, I no longer believe in the religion of my childhood, or any religion. Faith no longer means church. I am still trying to figure out what that Faith means for me now: faith in my talents, faith in my children, faith that if I just keep trying, it will happen.

  242. I only really think about it when someone is sick or dying. Then I will run for the Rosary Beads. Then pray again at the funeral.

    Then feel guilty for praying only in need.

    Grew up Catholic. I don’t have any faith any longer.

  243. Faith, for me, is about religion. I grew up in an Italian/Roman Catholic house and while there was a statue of the Virgin Mary when you walked in the front door and various religious statues on the window sill above the sink in our kitchen, we were brought up with the concept that God is everywhere so you don’t have to be in church to pray. I can remember hearing my mom’s rosary beads clicking on her night table at night when she was done saying the rosary. My faith was truly tested when my mom got sick 6 years ago and in six weeks I lost the best friend I have ever had. It destroyed my father and it was difficult to watch him go on without her. They were married for 59 years and she was the love of his life. He would ask why God would take one without the other after all that time…it was wrong, and I have to say I agreed with him. He died a year and half later and I do believe they are together and watching my siblings and I and our families. I do have faith that there is an eternity and that there are angels who watch over us and guide us. I don’t go to church all the time but when I do I find a sense of calm and peace comes over me. For me church is a quiet place to reflect on and renew ones self and I truly do feel a spiritual presence there. I do believe in the power of prayer and that everything happens for a reason. I went to a Catholic University for undergrad and I remember my time there as, yes of course stressful as college days can be, but also a time I was at peace with myself because religion and faith were a part of daily life. Religion has definitely made me a more peaceful person and I believe when your faith is tested it also makes you a stronger person.

  244. I am an agnostic. I have faith in my friends & some of my family. I wish I had some type of faith. My Mom died in 2010 & it hurts me deeply to this day not knowing if I will ever see her again.

  245. Faith helps a lot of people get through difficult times that they would otherwise not be able to handle.

  246. My faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation for every choice I make. My faith gives me purpose and peace. My faith helps me see my purpose in history and helps me see the precious value of my fellow humans and the earth we are called to care for.

  247. Faith in God gives my life a purpose without this faith i would believe in anarchy because this life would be all i had. Life needs purpose through faith in God and the man Jesus say thankya…im able to smile in a fallen world

  248. I’ve been an atheist, but recently I’ve been enlightened. I’m a believer, a deeply involved one. Flying Spaghetti Monster is real! He’s there, looking over us and making sure we never lack the sauce… and common sense.

  249. If faith is about religion, it scares the crap outta me. Being brought up a catholic & being taught by nuns in school, I was told from a very early age that God is all around us, he is everywhere & he sees & knows everything. This caused the usual Catholic guilt that every Catholic girl gets later in life about masturbation etc. scary stuff but you just can’t shake it off.
    The nuns told us that God had a big book & he wrote down everything naughty that you ever did. That image is still with me today. Even though I do not believe in God & I don’t go to church etc, I now have an updated version of Him with that big book. I’m kinda scared that when I die, if I go to a place called heaven & God will be there with a kind of CCTV of all the bad stuff I’ve ever done in my life. I will be forced to watch it. I won’t be getting into heaven! I’ll be sent straight back onto the escalator all the way to the basement.
    Don’t get me wrong Ive never murdered anyone or anything like that, but those nuns scared me so good that I think to get into heaven, you have to be like 100% good ALL OF YOUR WHOLE LIFE.
    So even though I dont beleive in God I still have that fear of that modern day bad book!

  250. I’ve seen faith lead too many “sheeples” away from common sense morality and into hypocrisy, bigotry and downright hatred. These people are proud of their blind faith and follow their chosen leader without any thought to what they say they believe in.

  251. Faith is your connection with God. Not the connection you are told to have, or try to duplicate by watching others and what they do. It is your inner personal connection with God. When the world goes to absolute shit, you have faith. What that means is you know you have someone watching out for you, to catch you when you fall, to hold your hand when you are scared to face the darkness, and to help you pick up the pieces when you’ve been torpedoed. It’s not physical, its spiritual….but for me, I need it to keep moving forward.

  252. Faith is personal. You don’t have to be a “subscriber” to a particular religion; that doesn’t matter. Just be the best person you can be.Believe in yourself.

  253. It’s what keeps us going! God. Family. Yourself. Your hero. It’s a hard life and you have to use your faith to get through it.

  254. I have no faith. I only believe in facts. Numbers and death are the only things that dont change.

  255. My faith changes every day. When good things happen, I believe Karma or God or whatever helped them to happen. I feel like everything happens for a reason. And the reason is to help you create happiness in your life and the lives of others. I also believe some bad things happen as a direct result of people. Humans are generally good, or I hope we are. Some of us, are without. Without conscience, morals, strength, humility, EMPATHY. Maybe even without a sense of humor. Certainly without a sense of community. I tend to have faith in one person at a time.

  256. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. – Hebrews Chapter 11:1

  257. My faith has suffered as I’ve grown older and learned the truth of life. I still believe in a higher power, but I no longer choose to believe in all-controlling god who determines the fate of everyone – that would show a level of cruelness that is virtually incomprehensible. No, I prefer to have a calmer faith. Also, I no longer have any respect at all for organized religion as I see more harm done within its walls than good. Teaching the faith of kindness and generosity is best done in the safety of home, where values can be demonstrated in safety and with love.

  258. To me, faith is the knowledge that one is and that all are one. By knowledge, I mean deep understanding to the core of oneself. As I know the sky is blue or that the earth supports all of humanity. To me, faith is not about belief, but knowing through personal experience with the universe, all that God created. All people, all things, both animate and inanimate. By God, I mean the creator of all that is, was, will-be and might-be. I pray to Jesus, God incarnated on earth, redeemer of all. I pray, “…your heavenly, wonder name, Jesus Christ, my Lord God, amen.” My faith has driven me to strive to project and reflect LOVE in all that I do, all that I experience and every choice I make. I understand my will and hope to reflect God’s will, which is unconditional love in all. My faith has driven me to do good while I am here. My time here is a gift and I am grateful for the experience.

  259. To me, the word faith should only be used in the context of the afterlife/God. The basic definition is belief in something that can’t be proven. Saying you have “faith in yourself” makes no sense because you are real and you know yourself with at least some accuracy. You know if you have weak willpower, can bench 300 pounds, or can change TV channels with your mind. You can be confident in yourself based on previous thoughts and outcomes but faith is the wrong word. You also can’t have “faith in your friends and family” because they are real and you know them. If you think your friends and family will be there for you when you need them, that is based on your life experience and how they’ve acted in the past. The same can be said for a “faith in humanity”. That isn’t faith, that’s choosing to focus on the positive aspects of humans that have been demonstrated throughout time. There is historical evidence or precedence for almost everything in this physical world that consciously and unconsciously shapes your opinion. Saying you have faith in something worldly is, to me, a misuse of the word. What you actually have is an outlook or decision based on years of observations and experiences. And as with anything, you can be wrong or surprised but that shouldn’t cause a crisis of faith because you shouldn’t have been viewing it as faith in the first place.

  260. IF I were a supporter of organized religion, Pagan would be my choice. Although Order of Jane is admirable, it is a bit too extreme for my taste. I am NOT a proponent of organized religion; therefore, I cannot grasp the concept of murder or suicide in the name of any deity.

  261. “Came To believe that a power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity.”

  262. I am a recovering Catholic. I used to believe in everything the church said was right and wrong. I went as far as attending church every day as a child. As I grew up, I became more aware of the hypocrisy between what is taught, and what is practiced. Then I discovered that a belief in nature and the interconnectedness of the Universe made more sense. I live my life trying to make my part better. I treat others with compassion and kindness – unless/until they wrong me. Then, all bets are off and my dark side shows through. Don’t mess with me or my family. Karma will bite you in the ass. You see, putting it out in the Universe will cause the Universe to take corrective actions. Many see this as a return to my Catholic roots. I do not. I know that I am on a positive path. Those that are not will not have the benefit of a long and happy life.

  263. I have faith in God. I have excepted Jesus as my personal savior and have a personal relationship with him. Faith helps me in every day life. I lost my best friend at 21 from cancer. This did not m make me bitter it could of she has not been replace in my life and I am now 36 I still miss her. But I have faith that I will see her one day in Heaven again. When my family or when I go through a hard situation I have Faith that God will work it out and use it for his glory. I am not always strong in my faith and I am frequently faulty with it. But I continue with it.

  264. I have learned that the only faith worth having is in one’s own self. And the darkness. The darkness does not disappoint…it is always there.

  265. “Winter never fails to turn into spring” Nichiren Daishonin
    Faith is life manifest, you cant have one with out the other.

  266. My faith carries me through the hard times and has taught me to be unselfish. Faith has shown me that there is a life after this life. Loved ones come back to visit me in my dreams. They play music boxes that were theirs. My grandma Coventry used to use my son’s body while he slept and would play the upright piano that I inherited from her. While awake, our son could not play any songs.

  267. Faith? I learned quite a bit about religious faith at a young age and I did not like what I learned. At a very young age, my parents divorced. Before that we attended church every Sunday. I hated it but never knew why until a few years later. The friends of my parents from church would have us into their homes. We were warmly received and had a false feeling of belonging. Soon after the divorce, none of these friends were there for any of us. We were shunned. We no longer existed. These were what we might call, God fearing people, or so they would have us believe. These followers of Jesus refused to practice His love. His acceptance. His forgiveness. In their eyes, we were already damned, as if they were The Man Himself to judge us. We were no longer welcome at church or in their homes. The more I learn of the religions of the world, most of the faithful are fast to judge others and to skew their teachings of The Good Word. Today, I have no real religion that I follow. I believe in my own way and try to forgive people’s trespasses. I try to follow the morals taught. I try to love everybody. Many times I fail miserably and do not feel worthy of Jesus or of God. I feel I am damned and deserve to be. After all, somebody has to fall. Thank you for reading my rambling thoughts.

  268. Faith is the ability to believe in things that no one has proof of. It is what gets many people through each day. That faith is not necessarily in God or some higher being. That faith is in the love of a family and the faith as bad as it may be you have faith that it will get better. But maybe that is hope are they the same. But sadly misplaced faith can get the world in a lot of trouble. The misplaced faith in a leader who does not follow through can lead to loads of problems for a society.

  269. All my life I had faith that
    God would take care of me, God would give me the strength to get through whatever happened, I believed it. Through abuse growing up, through poverty and hunger, through divorce and raising 3 kids alone, through the lose of my grandma, my mother, my father, my sister, I still kept believing. June 22, 2014 my 34 year old perfectly healthy wonderful son died in his sleep. My faith is GONE.

  270. Faith, to me, is an unmovable belief in something or someone of which you have no proof. I have struggled with faith for much of my life. My difficulty to believe in a God that I cannot see has driven a wedge between my family and I at times.

  271. I have faith in myself, that I have the strength and will to persevere. I was never raised in any type of faith or attended religious institutions. My Father was an Atheist who believed in the power of himself. My Mother was baptized as a baby, but I have no idea what faith she was baptized in. I would like to believe in something like reincarnation with the knowledge that I have tried to do good things in this world and maybe my lot in life will be better in the next.

  272. Faith is best defined as certitude without evidence…a very sloppy way to proceed and make decisions. “Suspicion” might be a more useful word for folks to use. It suggests one outcome over another but also states that there’s wiggle room for different outcomes.

  273. Faith is that unseen, untouchable thing at our core, that keeps us tethered to our faculties. Faith is that commodity that prevents us from running amok.

  274. I am so conflicted about my supposed faith. I was born a Christian but never attended church growing up and never really thought about God stuff. However, I do feel that there cannot possibly be a God. I cannot believe in a God who makes no attempt to intervene in the terrible events that happen in the world and I am bored with people who respond to this with the get out clause of it’s all to do with our freedom of choice. Plus, where’s the science? I want proof of the existence of God.

  275. FAITH: is something you can not yet see, know or prove. My faith is in GOD AND HIS SON JESUS. They have got me through a love gone bad, the death of loved ones (my dad and best friend), drugs and alcohol addiction, (clean and sober 17 years November 13, 2014) depression, loved ones terminally ill that lived for years before they passed, and so many other difficult situations. I also believe that along with FAITH COMES TRUST. I believe in a HIGHER POWER than myself, who I choose to call GOD!

  276. Faith, to me, is acting on a belief. It’s more than merely believing in/on something or someone, it is acting. One can believe that one can safely cross a street without being killed forever and never try to cross it. Faith is like stepping off the curb. If one’s faith is in someone, then it is synonymous with trust. Again, one can believe someone and never actually entrust them with anything that will put that belief to the test.

    Faith/trust is not easy, and it is not consistent due to our tendency to want proof; to see and feel something before trying it ourselves. We’re all “Doubting Thomases” much of the time.

    I think when most religious people have a crisis of faith, it’s due to them having put their faith in people running that religious organization. People, whether through dishonesty or frailty, will always let you down, so any faith placed in them will ultimately prove disappointing.

  277. Faith, to me, is believing that whenever my times comes, I will be ready. It frees me from worrying about whether there is something more or a whole lot less, when we die.

  278. Faith? Faith in what? What should I have faith in? Where is God? Everyone I know has let me down in one way or another. The only thing I have faith in is my dog.

  279. Faith. Until I found clarity in the belief that we are all interconnected in something beyond the tangible…beyond the definitions and boundaries of my traditional faith growing up-it gave me nearly nothing. Once I wandered into the divine idea that we are all one being and parts of a whole-call it God if you want, we are all God and God is us….once I wandered into that-everything became ease and love. Of course things can really suck and have in spades at times-even in those dark days-the ease of that faith, that oneness-Well, it saved my heart…which means everything. So faith, it’s everything.

  280. Got sober 13 years ago just by being willing to believe in a power greater than me. I wish I knew the origin of this passage as it defines FAITH for me. “When you come to the edge of all the light you have known and are about to step out into the darkness, FAITH is knowing one of two things will happen. There will be something to stand on or you will be taught how to fly.”

  281. To me, faith is considering that things may exist that I cannot know for certain. It is being open and letting go of the insistence that there must be hard evidence of something. I think belief in a higher power or denial of its existence both require faith, since you cannot know either for certain. Accepting that I cannot know some things, and yet being open to the possibility of unknowable things, is the most enlightened approach for me. Faith is not proof, but not everything must be proved to be important to a person.

  282. To me, having faith means believing that everything will one day turn out the way it is supposed to. That is basically it.

  283. I don’t know what faith is. I was raised in a house where there was no belief in a higher power. I wish I had faith and had beliefs because my friends find such comfort in theirs.

  284. After living through molestation by one’s own father, a narcissistic sister who tried to destroy me my definition of faith and what it means to me lies in a person’s inner strength…nothing else. You have to have faith that you can cope and survive anything that happens to you.

  285. Faith is something that is intangible but very real to me. When I asked that God pull my newborn preemie son through such scary roadblocks as an initial weight of 3 lbs 7 oz, a brain bleed, an open PDA, jaundice, and a month and a half in the NICU, God came through. My now seven-year-old son is as healthy and smart as any of the other kids in his class and actually taller than most of them. He has been as healthy as can be at least since he was two or three. He’s a miracle.

  286. Faith is believing without seeing. Bringing me out of the darkness and into his glorious light!

  287. I have faith in myself. That’s about it.

  288. To believe, in absence of proof. Often despite proof to the contrary.

  289. FAITH: something you believe in but can not yet see or prove. GOD is my faith along with his SON JESUS. They have both got me through a love gone bad, an unexpected death (my dad and my best friend). drugs and alcohol addiction, (17 years clean and sober November 13, 2014), depression, (no longer taking anti-depressants), and countless other tragedies. Along with faith, for me, comes trust in a HIGHER POWER than myself, who I call GOD.

  290. Is to believe in somthing higher, but sometimes drive us to pain, dissillution and adictions

  291. Faith to me is my belief in a higher power, not necessarily one that always answers your prayers as a yes, but is always there to listen to you. There is also faith in family and friends who are always there for you, in good and bad.

  292. Faith is the crutch weak people use to stand against the crushing bleakness of death, and the reality that gods are the invention of men seeking a simple explanation for troubling, complex, and often unanswerable questions. Faith implies the existence of a God, which therefore gives meaning and importance to a person. What ego, to believe that there’s a God that listens to you, and cares about you.

  293. Faith in a progression beyond my current existense, keeps me from killing every person I interact with that aggravates me, forcing my self physically on anyone that turns me on sexually, and stealing anything that I see that appeals to me.
    Faith that leaving this life after generating a somewhat positive energy flow, will allow me to try again or go on to something better, helps set my moral compass.

  294. Faith takes many forms. If you choose to have faith in a higher power, you believe it will help you with your daily trials when you may need support to carry on. If you have faith in people, you believe your family and friends will be there when you need them and that those chosen to lead us will act in our best interest. When you have faith in yourself, you believe that anything you put your mind to is possible. Faith is a belief that when times are tough, they will get better and when times are good, you deserve them.

  295. Faith is the only human trait that we have to ensure we make it into tomorrow. Without faith, faith that tomorrow will be better, faith that the bills will get paid, faith that your team will win next year we are all filled with hopelessness. Have faith

  296. My faith has gotten and kept me clean and sober for over 14 yrs. one of the most important things, for me, was my grandmother telling me as a little girl that I don’t have to go to church to prove I believe in God. Not much into organized religion but I have plenty enough faith.

  297. At age 39 and a new member of a 12 step group, I had to find a “higher power’ and a faith that would work for me. It was odd at first. The God of my childhood never grew up so He was inadequate. I had to find a new one. Setting aside the parts of the bible that hadn’t made sense since I was 12 years old, I looked for a strong yet loving God. When I did a 180 in my thinking (quit being self sufficient), He was right there and had been all along — patiently waiting for me to ask for His help. He has been giving it every day since.

  298. Hail Satan

  299. My faith means occasionally deviating from the rationalism and logic that I usually rely on, and to trust in this almost unconscious pull that I occasionally feel, I use my faith as an instrument of inquiry and discovery.

  300. Faith isn’t an intellectual exercise. It isn’t a dogma or creed. It is simply an instinct, an understanding that things tend to turn out as they should. Reality is self correcting.

  301. faith is belief in something without evidence of it existing. I agree with the following:

    “Faith is the surrender of the mind, its the surrender of reason, its the surrender of the only thing that makes us different from other animals. It’s our need to believe and to surrender our skepticism and our reason, our yearning to discard that and put all our trust or faith in someone or something, that is the sinister thing to me. … Out of all the virtues, all the supposed virtues, faith must be the most overrated”
    C. Hitchens

  302. I grew up in a Southern Baptist church but became Catholic before marrying an idiot. The idiot is long gone-too many men, too little time-but the best thing he ever gave me (not counting our sons) is my deep and abiding love of the Church. There is so much comfort and love in every part of the mass. I would offer it to anyone who is in need of the love that only God can give. I have never had an experience with a creepy minister or Priest, thankfully.

  303. I have faith in myself, and that is all I need. I do not believe in God nor Satan; with all the good and bad in the world, I see no reason to worship and fear myth.

  304. Nothing at all. I don’t believe in god or in satan.

  305. I was raised Catholic and taught in a Catholic school. Some of the priests who taught at the school I attended turned out to be pedophiles. The school I twilight in seemed more concerned anout collecting tuition money than spreading faith. I was paid $229.35 a week in 1992. I was expected to use that money to pay for things for my classroom. There was no charity toward families who sent their kids to school and were late with tuition payments. Gradually, I became disillusioned. I never believed I would go to hell if I ate meat on Fridays or if I missed Mass as the Church wanted me to believe. I still believe in God and the saints and an afterlife, but I can’t go to Church. I also mistrust so called born again EvangelicalChristians who think thry have cornered the market in faith. How can a God who is all loving and all forgiving only love certain people? The God I believe in loves us all.

  306. Organized religion is worthless, faith in Christ is priceless- a life of unending grace and enduring hope in the face of all things. Some may call me a fool or a sheep and that’s fine. A shepherd recognizes His sheep…

    1 Peter 1:8~

    Though you have not seen him, you love him. Though you do not now see him, you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory,

  307. I grew up going to Church with my entire family (9 of us) so it was something I believed in from childhood. As I grew and became a teenager, I took a class called “confirmation.” No, I am not Catholic, but this class gave me much much more insight into religion and how I felt about it. Faith has shaped my life, I believe, once I was a teenager and faith/belief became a standard part of my ethics and morals throughout my life. I feel I’ve been blessed.

  308. My faith is why I am the person that I am. I see God as a parent who wants only good things for his children but wants them to be able to chose their own lives. He teaches through the miracles of nature on how he wants us to be and than gives us the freedom to choose. My faith prepares me for the next step in my life and the joy of being reunited with all my friends and family in the after life and more importantly spending eternity with God.

  309. Faith is not governed by someone or something that we are accountable to. We are all stars and divinity is within each and every one of us.

  310. A life without faith seems a lonely experience. Forget religion, religion is a hopeless morass. I believe in following the teachings of Jesus Christ. He taught love for one another, turning the other cheek, peace and tranquility. What a better place the world would be if humans just followed His simple precepts.

  311. I have no faith in god. There is no god. I only have faith in love.

  312. I lived with my grandparents. My mother left to “find work” when I was 8 days old.
    My great grandfather was excomunicated from the Cathlic church and had to move his family out of their Welsh village. They came to the U.S. My grandmother was 9 years old when they got to the US. She never went back to school, so had but a third grade education.
    Fast forward to my childhood. My grandmother went to church every Sunday, and to every church event that included food. I was dragged along.
    The minister was creepy. I didn’t actually notice that until I was about 13. He tried to touch me, inapproprately. It happened in front of his wife. When she saw what was about to happen, she just left the room. I pushe his hand away and left. I never went to their house alone again. I’m guessing other girls had the same or worse experiences. I never told a soul.
    The experience turned me away from religion from then on. I was still dragged to church every Sunday, but I’d often sneek out at the beginning then sneek back in at the close.
    That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in a omnipotent presence. I just don’t believe in religion.
    The bible and other religious writings are, in my opinion, fantasy fiction. I’ve read the bible cover to cover. Many “Born-agains” can’t say that. It was interesting in parts, but it was much like reading Shakespeare, a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.

  313. Faith tried to shape my life, but spirituality took it over. As a fatalist I believe there is inherent energy around us and while we cannot change the energy we can shape it using various forces: Cognitive, metaphysical, and presence.

  314. A lot in life is mystery and wonder and I like that very much. There are 2 beliefs I would stake my life on: that God is love, and that love wins. That colors everything I do, think, am. I don’t have to have a lot of definitive answers to be happy. There is too much to marvel at in nature, space, our bodies and brains for there not to be a Being behind it all.

  315. Faith is the ability to refrain from intellectual evaluation and have a belief with no evidence of reality. It answers the unanswerable questions. Despite 12 years of Catholic education, I have never been able to pull it off. It must be very comforting.

  316. Faith has to come from a belief in something that is personal. Religion, Love, Courage and Friendship. However, if you believe in nothing can faith exist? An Atheist has faith that there is no god, while others design their life around a deity that cannot be proven.
    Faith has killed millions. Not just through religious persecution, but through systems of belief that their way is just and right.

  317. I have not ever thought too deeply about my faith in God. I know that if someone is bad to me I just sit back and wait and shortly something very bad will happen to them. I know I don’t believe you can buy God by donating to the local preachers new house. I think it is much more subtle. Like a parent child relationship. You know the basic rules for being a good human being, follow those rules and life will be good. If not you find hell on earth and chaos in your life. Pretty simple really. The good book? Written by men edited by men for one purpose and that is to control the masses. Religion and faith should be more personal and not for sale.

  318. Faith to me means trusting that there is good in people no matter how dark and troubled they may appear.

  319. Faith is the ability to KNOW with out the benefit of seeing, hearing, touching, that which you know. Whether it be faith in a person or a greater being. Faith will bring you through tough times and carry you when you are too tired to carry on alone. Without faith all you have is nothingness.

  320. I was brought up Church of England and went 3 times every Sunday with my family I enjoyed it and in the 60’s was quite normal and Sunday school had many classes of different age groups.
    I still like to think there is a greater something out there and even though I no longer go to church I think it does play a part in my life still.

  321. I see faith as a virus that infects people and opens them up to pernicious influences they would not otherwise entertain. It can be faith in a religion, faith in an icon, or any other number of object of faith, but the one thread running through them all is -UNEARNED, ABSOLUTE TRUST-.

  322. I do have faith, although it’s not the religious kind. My faith has shaped me to always try and look at the positive side of things rather than the negative.

  323. Faith, to me, is believing with absolute certainty in something that is scientifically impossible to prove. I have faith in God (not religion, oh my, let’s not confuse the two), and my “proof” is that humans are capable of love and beauty. Not exactly the stuff of science. Love and beauty are not necessary to survival, but they give meaning to life (I’m bastardizing a C.S. Lewis quote here). Again, not an evolutionary imperative, but they certainly make the days more lovely.

  324. Faith is the groundless belief in something for which there is no evidence. “Faithful” is another word for gullible.

  325. Faith for many is an explanation for the unexplainable. Faith inspires a sense of hope in times of hopelessness. Faith can be held onto so long in some cases it causes you to sink when you should have let go. Faith can also be that needed boost to get you around the next corner.

    Faith is best mixed with a sense of responsibility to others. It is great to have Faith in something, but don’t let Faith contradict what it means to be a good parent and a good human being. Faith should be a sense of belonging, not a sense of entitlement.

  326. faith to me is only the belief that there is a supreme architect. God doesn’t care what PATH you take in pursuit of enlightenment when he is at it’s end. Faith is that God and the Devil are different aspects of the same thing and each of us has the CHOICE which hand we serve first.

  327. I have faith in me because I’m the only one who has ever been there for me. During parental and family gang rapes, while Bible passages were quoted as justification for what was happening to me, the faith I had been taught by the same person and uncles who were raping me fled the scene. When my mother auctioned me off for $500.00 per half hour to church members to do anything they wanted to me, and justified it with her faith and Bible beliefs, there was no faith to help me, just my faith that I would get through it and be a stronger person who learned that if I were blessed with children I would never degrade them this way. So faith to me, is a belief in myself that no matter what happens to me, I can and will get through it, I will not allow them to win. So far, I’m right.

  328. I have faith in nothing. Faith, to me, is 100%, absolutely, with no doubt believeing that something is truely real or truely possible. I do not hold anything or anyone to that esteem. Yet.

  329. I greatly envy those with faith. Through troubled times it faith must be a great comfort, without it others like myself can feel very alone in a dark hostile world.

  330. For years and years I have been questioning the existence of God or any super natural power. Now, at the age of 42, I am not so sure. I mean there’s got to be something out there. I don’t know if it’s looking after us, but I know that arrogance is punished. There’s got to be something out there judging and punishing, right?

  331. Faith means that I believe that a power greater than myself (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit) is the supreme being of the universe. Faith is trusting in something greater than myself. I have had many experiences that have led me to believe. I do not always get what I am asking for but I believe that life is a patchwork and that in the end it all works out.

  332. I’ve got faith. In something, not a him or a her, it’s bigger than that…the universe? If I didn’t believe there was some kind of order in the chaos, something that looks out for me, I’d go crazy.

  333. Faith is what gets me through the storms in my life, whether they be physical or mental storms. Faith is the ability to believe in something even if you can’t see it or touch it and without it our lives would be much poorer.

  334. I don’t think I would be a good person with out.

  335. My faith reminds me that there is good in the world. That there is more good than bad and to be the good that I want to see. It keeps me from falling into the trap of thinking that everyone is negative and everyone lies and everyone is doing horrible things to everyone else. It keeps me from quitting my job and giving up hope that there can ever be something better than what currently is. It has gotten me through the dark and keeps me from slipping under. It ain’t easy, but it’s there, and sometimes that’s all you have and in the end it might be the only thing you need. There’s no such thing as rock bottom (because you can always pick up a shovel and dig deeper) but faith reminds you that all you have to do is look up and there’s a way out. Always.

  336. The only thing life has taught me to have faith in is that it can always get worse & usually will.

  337. The one thing in my life that has remained constant, never failing, never changing, has been my faith that no matter what was coming next was coming next. Not my business, not my job to direct my lifes journey, but only to be aware of the ride and enjoy the scenery along the way.

  338. Faith is a problem, because certainty cuts for and against hopelessness. My faith is a guttering candle, inferior and yet in a dark room it can be enough.

  339. Faith is a crutch for some, an excuse for others, a kindness for many and often misplaced by most.

  340. When I was 10 years old, I asked God to do something for me, promising I would always believe in Him/Her/It if my wish/prayer were fulfilled. The next day I received a seemingly impossible reply. I am now over 70 years old. I made an agreement and I have no choice but to believe.

  341. It has had no influence at all on my life

  342. Faith is things hoped for, things unseen.

  343. I have faith that everything shakes out in the end. Because no matter how many times the man in black fled across the desert, the gunslinger followed. Until he got it right.

  344. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. No one comes to the Father but by Him….

  345. I grew up in the Methodist religion, going to church every sunday and it was an important part of my youth and helped shape me into the person I am today. However, the older I’ve gotten (in my 40’s), the more I question religion. Every major religion seems to have lost the true message of faith along they way, as evidenced by them all saying their particular religion is the “one true religion”, and anyone who doesn’t believe in that particular religion is going to hell. I find it very discouraging. Hence why I am now a non-practicing Methodist. I also have a hard time understanding how the Catholic church can justify and tolerate the presence of priests that have abused/assaulted/mistreated children.

  346. I think to me, faith is more like trust. It is the belief in something you cannot see or touch, but still know inside yourself that it is true. Throughout my life I have been told by some people to “have faith” in God, but have seen these same people act in what I would call “ungodly” ways. It is hard for me to believe in a deity that is written up as a tyrant, bully, terrorist. I do have faith in a few people, just a handful. I have faith that in some way, I’ll manage to make it through whatever is thrown at me by just keeping on. I think we need to have faith in ourselves, as we are the only thing in this life we have any control over.

  347. I trust in people. Trust is earned. Faith as a religious concept is not earned.

  348. Faith is a desire to believe in something that will help you and/or guide you through life…the good, bad and the ugly

  349. As someone called George said “You gotta have faith.” Have faith in yourself, its all the faith you need.

  350. Faith is a trust where no guarantee exists.

  351. My faith is a big part of my life. It has helped me through some bad times.

  352. Faith is just that. Your inner beliefs. What you feel is true in your heart. You cannot prove these inner truths although you belief they are real. Faith is not quantifiable nor can it be measured scientifically. It is what it is and throughout history man has been more than willing to kill and die in defense of his faith. Perhaps that is as true today as any time in history.

  353. I have no religious faith and am not spiritual in any way. I require empirical evidence. x

  354. Faith is the belief in something that cannot be proved. So when I say I have faith in my ability I mean that my ability is not apparent. So if I feel like that do I not have faith?

  355. Faith is a crutch for the ignorant populations of the world.

  356. My faith lies with other humans. I have faith that for the most part, people will do the right thing. In an effort to keep it as a self-fulfilling prophecy, I strive to do the right things myself. Not for any reward in an afterlife, but because it’s the right thing to do here and now.

    What is ‘the right thing’? For me, it boils down to treating others the way I’d want to be treated if I were in their position.

  357. I have a deep faith in God. To me, faith is about trusting in what the Bible tells me concerning who God is, who Jesus Christ is, and what Jesus has done for me through his death and resurrection. My faith is what keeps me secure in difficult times and it defines who I am because of who my faith is in. Faith is challenging at times because it forces a person to not “walk by sight”, which in our world is seen as insufficient or even silly. I guess in my darkest times, my faith enables me to not need all the answers and to trust in quietness and stillness. Thanks for letting me share.

  358. I don’t understand people that have faith without proof. I’m more scientific. I need proof. It bothers me when people put all their eggs in the “faith” basket. I just don’t get it. I can have faith in my loved ones, but not in an unknown, just because someone said so.

  359. I don’t understand why people need faith in an all powerful benevolent (?) being. Why do they have the need to be connected to something that they cannot see or prove? It is a mystery to me. Maybe my brain is just wired differently.

  360. My faith means everything to me. I do not attend church because when I was about 13 I was talking to my pastor about my dog, whom I considered my brother, and the pastor said Smokey could not go to heaven because he didn’t have a soul! I knew he did have a soul as pure as God’s and told my pastor that. He brought all these other ” men of God” and they started badgering me and said the only way to heaven was to accept Jesus as our savior and Smokey couldn’t do that. I told them they would end up in hell because they thought that way. They called my parents to pick me up from camp for I had sinned. I never went back to church. But when Smokey died I was far away and he came to me to say goodbye and I felt his soul go right through me. I knew then that I’d been right all along. My faith is that all people can go to heaven if they live a good life and that every being has a soul.

  361. Faith is belief without evidence. In the context of religion and other myths, this is utterly foolish. However I believe having Faith in some people can be a good thing.

  362. I’ve read so much about how some people think they’re good so they must be going to heaven. Salvation isn’t about how good you are, it’s about faith through grace, a gift freely given by Christ for us. Yes, faith without works is dead but it’s not the good works that save you. Faith makes you want to do good works. Many people who do the right thing don’t have faith in Jesus at all. Sadly, they can’t be saved without faith.

  363. I guess I define my faith as not some supreme being that ultimately created everything, but rather the energy that lives inside my being or soul, if you want to call it that. I believe we all contain a little bit of the life force of creation, thus connecting with every living thing around us. When I was little, my grandmother, who was a lapsed Catholic, would have me say my prayers at night whenever we stayed for a visit. And I remember thinking the act felt like I was just talking to myself. Today, I realize the act just helped me to be more mindful of the people in my life. I think this type of belief system really helped me survive during some very traumatic events in my life.

  364. My faith has brought me through times of loss and temptation. I wholly believe that my faith will sustain me throughout my life.

  365. Growing up in a strict Catholic household I was taught Protestants didn’t believe in God and Jewish people were liars and crooks, and if I did anything bad I would go to hell. Growing up I realized how absurd this thinking was, i am now middle aged and I know that there are many bad people not just Protestants and Jewish people, we all have the ability to be mean thankfully many of us learn how to control it. I know I am not going to hell for skipping church or telling a lie, I don’t go to church anymore I stop going when i turned 18. I believe there is a higher power out there but it doesn’t control me. i believe all organized religion is corrupt to some extent and I know I am a good person without going to church.

  366. I guess at the end of the day it’s the ability to persevere through life’s darkest hours and keep moving forward no matter what in the hope that it’ll get better somehow. And if you do, and you’re lucky, it does and it makes you stronger. So I guess faith is the antidote for fear. Not the blind type that gets doled out by people who don’t know any better, but the kind that’s hard won through trial and error. That’s what gets you through life. As for what comes afterwards? Don’t sweat it. You’re going to find out whether you like it or not…

  367. I stopped believing in God sometime ago. I was brought up in a religious, but broad minded household – in the sense that no denomination was considered better than another- its a personal choice. I do believe in the power of good or love or whatever one might want to name it

  368. I was raised in the Episcopal church. I never missed going. I didn’t understand when other kids moaned about being dragged to services or mass. I was no bible thumper, just a normal kid who loved going to church each week. I loved the language in The Book of Common Prayer as well as the ritual. As a teenager, I was kneeling during the service when without warning my body and mind was filled with a sense that is difficult to describe. It was like someone poured a bucket of joy, peace, and love over me. This happened on two separate occasions.

    I quit going to church after being married and having children because we had very little money, and I couldn’t afford to pledge. Over the years our finances improved, but other than Christmas, I still stayed away. Why? I’m not really certain.

    I’m a life long reader, have my masters in English, and writing to college freshmen. I think the combination of reading widely, education, and teaching experience has made me question Christianity and its teaching that Jesus is the Son of God. Even though the Episcopal church doesn’t condemn other faiths or denominations, I am no longer certain that Jesus died to save humanity. I believe He was a real person. I believe he was an exceptionally good, kind, and loving person. I just don’t know if He is one with the Father and Holy Ghost. Maybe I don’t go to church because going would make me a hypocrite.

    I am 62 and have seen and read about unforgivable evil that humans have done and still do in the name of God. Yet I still hang on to the belief that God forgives all. I don’t believe in Hell. I pray there is a Heaven because without Heaven, there is no reason for life.

    As I try to come to terms with mortality, I am afraid that there is no Heaven. When I experience these fears, I look around my own back yard and think every tree, flower, and rabbit has a purpose. Earth is symbiotic and nothing will convince me it all came together through chance. Everything has a cause and effect. Therefore, there must be a first cause. It wasn’t bunch of chemicals and a big bang because something had to cause the m. That something must be God.

    It’s ironic though that Earth would get on just fine without humans. So why are we here? The answer must be that God wants us here. Why? Again I don’t know. Perhaps God isn’t all knowing. Perhaps He hopes that over the centuries and millenniums we will learn to coexist and ensure that all people on Earth aren’t hungry or in need.

  369. I am a sinner. I am a forgiven sinner. I can’t do anything without Christ. He is my personal savior and my redemption. I know these things in my heart, and I pray daily for help to guide me. So many people say “I’ll believe when you show me proof of God’s existence”, but I wonder if they know what faith means at all. No one can show the kind of proof they’re looking for, that’s why it’s called faith. I believe. That’s enough.

  370. I have faith in my fellow humans and in our innate goodness. I also have faith that we are made up of the same elements as the rest of the universe; therefore we can not be destroyed by death, only changed from one form of energy to another.

  371. I have no faith in religion. I’m not sure about a creator. I like to think that death is like a doorway. I hope the good in humanity will win out.

  372. Faith is the other side of knowledge.

  373. Faith is the ability to let go of what you think should happen and accept what occurs, knowing that The One knows what the hell is going on. God, Jesus, The Omnipotent Wizard Of All – faith takes away guilt and sets us free.

  374. I was raised Catholic — 12 years of Catholic school, active in the church, good little altar boy, all that jazz. From an early age, I knew I was different though. And in my early teens, I realized that there was a word for what I was: “GAY.” And nearly everyone around me — my family, my classmates, the Catholic Church, society in general — made it clear that “gay” was synonymous with “wrong.” But how, I asked myself, could something that felt so right, down to my very core, be wrong? It was right about this same time that I started to ask questions about God and the Bible, and what few answers I got basically amounted to “because that’s the way it is.” I equated God as a grown-up’s version of Santa Claus — a mythical figure who would punish you if you didn’t do the right thing, follow the rules, and do as you were told. As I grew older, I began to resent organized religion in general; it felt to me that many of the seemingly most devout people were acting like a bunch of hypocrites. I’d like to think there is a higher power watching over us, but logic and reason suggest otherwise. It just seems to me that if there was a God, He’d really be disgusted with most of the people who claim to be following His will.

  375. I was raised a Fundamental Baptist. I was expected to have faith in God. I doubted as a teenager. I turned away as a young adult. As a thinking, reasoning adult, the whole religion thing is so obviously (to me) a fairy tale that I am astonished at the people who continue to fight wars over it. Really? I refer to myself as a heathen, with a smile, when asked about my religion. My faith is in myself and my ability to take care of myself.

  376. I was forced into faith in the former of catholicism as a child, I grew to find many flaws with organized religion and now choose to tune into the universe and the signs that are all around us. I do not place faith in other people, it has always disappointed and hurt me.

  377. Faith is an armour, not a weapon. Faith protects yourself, not harms others. Faith is a sanctuary, not a siege. When you start thinking that your faith is right and everyone else’s is wrong, then we as a species is well and truly fucked.

  378. Faith isn’t about giving up personal responsibility. It has nothing to do with blame. Faith isn’t about magic or or some magic guy living in the clouds. It isn’t like believing in the tooth fairy or Santa Claus. Those who describe it as such are just bitter and cruel and empty inside much like any other bully. If they don’t understand something, they just ridicule and belittle it until they have made everyone around them feel too afraid to contradict them. Faith is not about getting what you want all the time. Faith is the belief that there is more, that you’re not alone. Faith is knowing that God is more than just a story. The gifted. The hated. The loved. The beggars. The wealthy. We were all put here to teach, to learn. Butterfly, ripple, snowball, karma, cause and effect. Jesus Christ allowed himself to be ridiculed, tortured and crucified while his mother watched. He forgave those who persecuted him so that we may know how to forgive and be forgiven. Faith is knowing, believing without proof. It’s a gut feeling, a state of mind, a way of life. If you don’t have it you won’t get it and nothing I can say will change that and nothing you say can make me stop believing. I haven’t led an easy life. Things have never been easy for me. I have no money. I lose my temper. I’m not perfect. I have many flaws and have made many mistakes. Faith is being able to see passed that and appreciate the fact that I’ve been blessed with a life in the first place. Tiny little spec of the universe that I am, just a one of who knows how many organisms that exhist among us…ON us! And yet God saw fit to bless US with the capacity to question our own existence and place in the world! And He loves us all, even if we don’t think we deserve it. How mind blowing is that? Faith for me is knowing I am here for a reason. I matter. You matter. Our paths crossing, right here, right now, IT MATTERS!

  379. Faith isn’t about giving up personal responsibility. It has nothing to do with blame. Faith isn’t about magic or or some magic guy living in the clouds. It isn’t like believing in the tooth fairy or Santa Claus. Those who describe it as such are just bitter and cruel and empty inside much like any other bully. If they don’t understand something, they just ridicule and belittle it until they have made everyone around them feel too afraid to contradict them. Faith is not about getting what you want all the time. Faith is the belief that there is more, that you’re not alone. Faith is knowing that God is more than just a story. The gifted. The hated. The loved. The beggars. The wealthy. We were all put here to teach, to learn. Butterfly, ripple, snowball, karma, cause and effect. Jesus Christ allowed himself to be ridiculed, tortured and crucified while his mother watched. He forgave those who persecuted him so that we may know how to forgive and be forgiven. Faith is knowing, believing without proof. It’s a gut feeling, a state of mind, a way of life. If you don’t have it you won’t get it and nothing I can say will change that and nothing you say can make me stop believing. I haven’t led an easy life. Things have never been easy for me. I have no money. I lose my temper. I’m not perfect. I have many flaws and have made many mistakes. Faith is being able to see passed that and appreciate the fact that I’ve been blessed with a life in the first place. Tiny little spec of the universe that I am, just a one of who knows how many organisms that exhist among us…ON us! And yet God saw fit to bless US with the capacity to question our own existence and place in the world! And He loves us all, even if we don’t think we deserve it. How mind blowing is that? Faith for me is knowing I am here for a reason. I matter. You matter. Our paths crossing, right here, right now, IT MATTERS!

  380. My faith isn’t about religion or spirituality.

    It’s about knowing in my gut that my best friend is The One.

    I can’t wait until we make it official.

  381. I have faith in myself.

  382. I’m fairly uncomfortable with the word faith. When someone tells me they have faith in a higher power that will right a wrong or make something bad all better, I smile and nod, and think, “Poor deluded bugger. You don’t stand a chance.” Giving up personal responsibility to a deity or a set of strictures seems like a childish way for an adult to live. To be fair, I have introduced myself to “god” on the few occasions when my options were narrowing down to a pinpoint. The ensuing conversations seemed pretty one sided, with not a lot in the way of comfort or divine signage coming back at me. I always seem to find a reserve of inner strength to get me through the storms. I’m grateful for that but I can’t tell if that strength comes from my genetic makeup, my tough upbringing or a higher power? I’m not sure it really matters.

  383. Faith is only present in the absence of comfort. Faith is more than just a pithy word; it is us walking the difficult roads of life that are our troubles manifest; our fears made real, and difficult people sharing their pain, anguish, frustration, and anger upon our lives. Our faith becomes real to us as we are thrown onto the hard-as-nails surface of the frying pan of life. Our faith tested makes us stronger as we stumble and tumble into the fires of life. Without our faith tested, retested, and us failing and falling and getting back to our feet just one more time than the number of times we fell, faith is nonexistent.

  384. Faith is strong in me, at least I have faith that it is…haha. I truly believe in God and in his son Jesus. To me there is no doubt that they are real. Am I a godly man, whatever that is? I’d like to think so. But I’m not in the traditional sense. The Bible to me is not to be taken 100% literally, but is to be more of a history and a guide. Some of it, I have no doubt, is 100% true, or at least has 100% truth behind it. The truth is there, the truth is also in most everything else. It is under the surface. Not all truth is good, and yet it is. My faith is part of who I am, and it keeps me going. To I ever have doubts? Of course I do, I am human. But my faith always wins out, no mater how bad things get. And my faith is mine. I hope you understand what I mean.

  385. Faith is believing without seeing. If you have faith, you believe that whatever life throws at you, you can overcome it. Faith is strength that comes from within. It is knowing that there is a higher being working behind the scenes that will carry you on life’s journey if you only believe without seeing. Faith is beauty in the world around us–nature, a baby, a new puppy, family–where else could all of this beauty come from than from someone who loves us and wants only the best for us. Yes there are hardships along the way- but we “are gold that is tested in fire” and faith will bring us through to the other side.

  386. To be honest my faith has always been rocky. Doubt wins nine times out of ten. I grew up in a household of little faith both religious and otherwise. As a child I wanted desperately to believe in a god. Something I could have faith in. Even through childhood life was harsh and it was difficult to find an immovable good force to cling to. Things constantly change and nothing is as good as it appears. Despite that I had hope that things would get better. And maybe hope was the one thing I placed and still place my faith in, even when I don’t really want to. Many times hope was the one thing that forced me to move forward.

  387. CommenT

    Faith was explained to me in school as a religious belief. However I now believe it to be an inner confidence or strength of believe in my ability or the ability of someone or something else.

  388. I have no faith.

  389. faith is a belief in something that has no concrete proof. Faith has helped me develop a moral base that allows me to believe in the good of people and the world. My morals and values are the basis for most important decisions. Decisions that have made me the person I am today.

  390. First: if by “faith” you mean “religion” – I think religion is an abomination! In truth, it has served a purpose in that it gives people a sense of security, peace (sometimes), belonging, hope, etc. But historically, and currently, “religion” is the reason people go out and slaughter other people! I was raised a Catholic and spent much of my life going to church (protestant and Catholic). I know the Bible. Scripture says that we should discern what is “good” or “evil” by the fruit produced. So far, the fruits of religion have mostly been hate, intolerance, greed, pride, death and destruction. I admit to once being part of it. For a long time I believed that “we” had the right answers and “they” were all doomed. I did drink the cool aid! So, so, so evil!!!!

    That said…”Faith” is accepting something when there is no supportive evidence. So, second: I’m boringly sane and ordinary. But, for some reason, throughout my life I have had unbidden and unexpected “experiences” – in a way, similar to Haven’s “thinnies” :-D More like glimpses into something beyond this world. Definitely spiritual. Definitely positive. A bit shocking, but definitely gifts! So most of my life I didn’t technically have “faith” – it is more like “belief”. Inside I feel like “I know there is more because I’ve actually been there”. I do have a fairly creative brain. But these events do not come from me. I have no explanation. I just accept and am grateful!

  391. If by faith you mean religion, then I have no “faith”. But if we are talking about anything, then my faith means that I can judge people fairly well and I have faith that those I surround myself with will always be there for me.

  392. I envy people who have faith. It’s sad that I find it hard not just to believe in God, but also believe in others.

  393. I’m very happy that faith set’s many people’s mind at ease.This day in age I personally have a hard time trusting in faith. Have faith everyone says” why” is the question I always come back to. Social media, the government, and the church really answer that question for me!!

  394. Faith was demonstrated and taught to me from the time I can remember. Today as I find myself heading into the golden years, my faith is comforting and deep and I believe I reap the benefits on a daily basis.

  395. Faith is a cancer.

  396. My faith has taken a direct hit. Two years ago, I learned that one of my children was transgender. My question for the last two years has been “WHY?” to God. We were a church going family for many years. Now that is no longer in our lives and I agonize over it constantly. My child is a good, strong person but is torn inside at times with the fact that he/she does not really know who they are and seeing this tears me apart. At first, I prayed that God would help us understand and accept but he doesn’t really seem to care. I don’t know if I will ever really get my faith back as I once had. I accept that there is a God but one who is benevolent and caring, I’m not sure about.

  397. The faith of others has hampered my life since the beginning. My own lack of faith has not helped.

  398. It means staying strong, knowing that my God has never let me down, that even when things have been at their darkest, He has come through every time.

  399. Faith in the goodness of some humans can keep me going…however, religious faith, of the obsessive type has caused great heartache and distress in our family and across the world.

  400. I was born into a Christian family; my dad has been a pastor ever since before I was born at the same church. Eventhough many people say that those of us who grew up believing in a “higher being”, in my case the Christian God, are easily influenced and can’t think for ourselves. On the contrary, I believe that every person like me eventually comes to the point where faith becomes their own decision. I have come to the conclusion on my own that there is indeed a God, even if His presence isn’t always evident. Don’t get me wrong, I have had doubts in the past, but I always find myself coming back to God.

  401. Because this is a soap box I’ll get this out of the way first: the common type of “faith” people think of when they heard the word is religious faith. For me religious faith is a manipulative scheme invented to make someone “believe” an idea that no one can prove or disprove. People who have this faith are nearly always curiously born in a region where this religion or philosophy is the one which corresponds with their particular culture. I mistrust strongly this type of thinking and view such as the opposite of faith. Real faith, for me, is having a strong intuitive sensation that the motherfucking world isn’t going to break apart tomorrow just because of a decision, an empty bank account, or the loss of a loved one. That when you roll out of bend and put your feet on the floor, even if the ground disintegrates into a billion pieces, that you’ll find the one piece that leads to safety. On a more, for lack of a better word, ‘mystical’ level it’s knowing, or at least trusting, that humanity is good, great even. It’s knowing that we haven’t traversed thousands of years of human history and evolved to construct Rome, Paris, New York, or he Hubble Telescope just because we needed a place to live and wanted to see the stars a little closer. It’s knowing that love, solidarity, brotherhood, sisterhood, sensuality, beauty, and magic all exist, not as mere “enhancements of survival” but as essential elements of life from which the term life itself cannot be separated. It’s knowing the meaning of life because you’re watching it happen before you. In short it’s knowing that living is so much more different than surviving. That’s what I have faith in.

  402. I’ve always had a deep rooted faith. True, I went to church (Baptist) every Sunday morning and evening and every Wednesday night from 9 months before I was born until I was around 15 or so, but it’s always been more than just church. It started out as a conviction. Later, (I feel that) I’ve been given proof. Big and little things… so I guess not totally “faith” anymore. For example, when I was about 12, I was pretty happy when I laid down to say my prayers… so instead, I focused all my energy on wishing that everyone in the world would have a good night’s sleep. It took about 20 minutes (probably only 5, but I was being thorough… felt like a long time). Then next morning, my mom had made this elaborate breakfast, saying she hadn’t slept so well in years. The same thing happened repeatedly throughout the day. I did have Faith that what I asked for would work. and I thanked God for granting it at the end of the prayer. Coincidence? Maybe. :)

  403. I have faith, it has totally guided my life. I would not be living today if it were not for my faith in God. I do not have faith in my fellowman

  404. Im non religious but have faith in that the majority of humans will do the right thing in the end whatever the odds

  405. I don’t have faith in any supernatural beings or gods. I do however have faith that humans are inherently good to each other. It’s easy to allow the corrupt, the cruel, the greedy, those who lack empathy, global atrocities and the like to dampen our faith in humanity.

  406. Raised Christian, though never had affinity for that faith, I found my religion in the old gods, their stories and lore. Kind and cruel. I may not be sacrificing goats in the backyard ( I think it would scare the neighbors) but I lend myself To a more human and primal faith, were mistakes are lessons, not sins, and knowledge is earned, not given.

  407. faith in GOD keeps me going. knowing he holds my tomorrows and is always there. no matter what life throws at me GOD is the one constant who never changes.

  408. I was raised with the absence of faith, unless you count reverence for Mother Nature (mom was a hippie). Struggling through adolescence and wandering for about 10 years in search of self, I experimented with appropriating others’ faith (Catholicism, Buddhism) before realizing that faith, by definition, requires no proof and no convincing – in fact, it demands the opposite. If there’s proof of something, then believing it is an act of logic, not faith. It’s the act of choosing to believe without equivocation. Defining it gave me a foundation for exploring my own capacity for faith and a settling into the open palms of what had been there all along. I believe in an infinitely vast and infinitely mysterious universe of which we’ve penetrated and examined about as much as an ant on a narrow ant-path in the driveway has mapped a sprawling palatial estate. Within the context of infinite mystery and unknowable space, I choose to believe there is a guiding force — whether it’s a sky-god or the collective force of a thousand deities or the souls of natural forces I have no idea — but I do believe there is an intelligence out there that does see us, as insignificant as we are in this vast ocean of stars, dimensions and wavelengths.

    Since this is a Stephen King page, I do love and appreciate the wisdom Mr. King (and my other favorite writer, Flannery O’Connor) sublimates from his experience of Christianity. If the Bible is not a literal document but one long metaphor, it has been enriched immeasurably in the modern world by the writings of Mr. King and Ms. O’Connor, who brought the full range of its themes–from the gentle to the hateful–into the consciousness of this pagan.

  409. Faith is another name for hope; as in, I sure hope this isn’t all there is. Religion uses fear to gain followers and therefore money. Faith is a hoax.

  410. My Faith is encompassing, it has shaped me from a young age. Trials have tested this faith and strengthened my belief that there is indeed darkness and light. That on the path to the light, darkness must shadow us, to enable us to determine the presence of light. If we are open to understand the light we experience more darkness and the contrast is more complete. Because of this understanding I am a survivor, I am determined, I am industrious, I am loyal. I am in progress. I believe that each moment, each person and each trial, and each triumph is a piece of the puzzle that shapes who we are destined to become. Each Choice shaping that destiny. My Mother must have had a similar faith as she traveled with us to various churches it seems that she was searching for a truth she knew was there. I have always had an idea that someone was watching over me as various things happened in my life. My largest trial to my own faith was when a minister took advantage of me as a child. I still believed (felt) that someone was there for me. Of course I had issues but feeling love is something that cannot be explained and defines your faith within your heart. It is something you know and feel a deep understanding that cannot be explained. Recently I have come to a church that explains the Heavenly Father in terms of the love of a perfect parent. This I get. It is the love that I desire for my children although I do not give it as perfectly as I desire, he does. He is there when I do not believe in Him, He is there when I am angry, He is there when I am wrong. He wants me to behave and supports me when I do not. He rejoices when I do and provides trials to learn the things I need to know. He gives me strength and understanding of how imperfect we all are and that he loves even the ones who hurt us. Although he hurts with us and provides direction and love, he empathizes with the ones who hurt and tries his best to direct them to better choices. Faith is a feeling that you know undeniably. My Faith is that Heavenly Father loves me as the perfect Father would and loves each of us the same. My Mother was still searching for this when she died and I am sure that she knows that now. Faith shapes me by ensuring that I keep attempting to be better.

  411. When I was little, I went to church and Sunday School every week. During my teenage years, I went to church with friends to experience other religions. As a young adult, I married and went to church with my husband and his family. As our own family grew, we attended church until it was ruined by an older person who told me to my face that children should be seen and not heard in church! I was insulted and talked to the reverend, who told me to ignore the woman. I tried, but I would still get looks and snide remarks…I then decided to send my children to private schools where religion classes (teaching the history of religion) were taught, but religion was not forced. I believe in God, believe we are all here for a purpose in life, and there is a reason for every hardship, struggle, and blessing in our lives. People must have faith in themselves and others to get through life.

  412. I don’t have faith in any religious doctrine anymore. In fact, I am extremely distrustful of religion and religious people. It’s disappointing to me when otherwise rational people follow, believe or support a cause not because they have made an informed decision, but solely because they have faith. Not all people do this, but many do. At this point, I only have faith in myself.

  413. I grew up in a religious home – not too strict, but it was always there – but quickly came to believe that if there is a God, they can’t be like the one in the particular book I was told to read. I do, however, still have faith that Good can and does overcome Evil. Maybe not all the time, but it can. This is due in no small part to Mr. King’s outlook as laid out in his stories. All of my favorites, as hard as it is to group them apart from the entire canon, involve the common man, woman or group having to make a Stand against something bigger, seemingly insurmountable. As long as they hold true to each other and their own inner strengths, they usually prevail. Those that don’t stick to that fall, usually very hard. I believe more in this ka, ka-tet, karma, et al than I do in a God that a group of people claim to be able to interpret and understand.

  414. I keep trying to believe like others in my church, but I have to admit, I don’t believe most of it. I do believe in one God, but I’m not sure if he created us or we created him. I lean toward he created us. I have NEVER seen an answer to prayer for myself, though I still pray often. I have seen my, (and others), prayers for other people bring unexpected results. Maybe. Would that person have been cured without the prayer? Who knows? I definitely believe in an afterlife, because I have had so many experiences that just cannot be explained any other way. I wouldn’t say I have much faith, but I would say I have hope and curiosity.

  415. Faith is not synonymous with religion in my life. Faith is having trust or conviction in something that cannot be proven by science or hard facts. I have faith in my family and friends that I can know they will be there for me when I need it. I have faith in myself that while I am far from perfect that I try to do the “right” thing and continue to grow.

  416. Around me, people are always telling me to have faith or to pray to “God” when I know there is no God, at least, not a God I want to know. So faith has taken on a very negative, oppressive form in my life. But that does not mean I do not have faith. I have faith in myself that allows my self confidence to grow, I have faith that I’ll be able to keep going right up until the day that I’m not able to go on anymore but I will never have faith in this God everybody is talking about. If anything, their God has forced me to find faith elsewhere, in myself and at the end of the day, isn’t that all the faith I need?

  417. God believed in me long before I could really articulate my faith. I have faith that there is a Great Benevolent Something. Sometimes I call it God and sometimes just The Universe. I unknowingly beat a lot of odds as a teenager and a young woman. It was only once I worked my way out of those turbulent times that I was able to recognize how many times over I should have been dead. It had to have been The Universe the steered me away from meeting an untimely end on MANY occasions. I’m a firm follower of science and math and the data that represents my near misses just does not add up to reason or logic. It had to be something bigger. I have faith in that.

  418. Faith is being able to walk out my door into this evil world and knowing I have God walking beside me.

  419. Faith has taught me to care for others. Regardless of whether or not you believe in a higher power, faith is a good tool for learning how to be empathetic.

  420. When I think of “faith”, I think of my spirituality: how I see of myself in relation to the world around me. I believe in Nature and all things being connected. This shapes my life by helping me to have values and morals that I aspire to live up to in my life. Because of my spirituality, I have faith in myself and in the world around me to find a balance to live within.

  421. I actually had to look up the definition of faith. I have no religion at all. For the most part I have faith in myself (personal responsibility) and I also have faith in my personal philosophies of “tell the truth”, and “don’t be purposefully hurtful”.

  422. Faith to many has a religious meaning, but to me, it refers to a hopeful belief. I wish for certain things to be true, and so I have faith that it is. As a younger man, I had faith that I would one day marry. That day just came for me. I also used to have faith that I will become a famous musician. Well, my faith in that has somewhat dwindled.

  423. I am not even sure what Faith is ?

  424. Faith is hope. My faith has given me the strength to get through dark times which includes illness, loss of work, death of loved ones. Faith is knowing that each time something happens, it is for a reason: to give me strength, to teach me, to help me appreciate all the wonderful people and times and things I already have. It also teaches me humility and gives me the comfort of knowing that I am not alone, that I am part of something incredibly amazing. My faith has taken away the fear of darkness, whether it’s a dark room, a dark time or the darkness of death, I am not afraid.

  425. For me, faith is something that don’t ask for facts to be believed. If I have faith in something, or in someone, nothing can tell me that this is wrong. It doesn’t really shape my life, except when bad things happen, because is when I believe there is something bigger than the human law ruling this world.

  426. I believe there is something greater than us in the world. Call it God, Allah, Vishnu, whatever names mean little and human language is inadequate to describe it. But my faith that this presence exists keeps me grounded and certain that what needs to happen will. “Needs to happen” and “I want it to happen” are two different things

  427. Faith is the confidence in the unknown, the hope in things unseen/unfelt. It is the heart and soul of the belief in something greater or yet to be….

  428. Faith is what gets me through the rough spots and allows me to celebrate the blessings I’m given

  429. Faith is blind trust, even when all the evidence points otherwise , we still hold on to a belief.

  430. Faith, in the people around us… in a higher purpose- a God- the Angels …. Faith that when everything seems to go wrong, in time things will get beter!

  431. I don’t believe in the whole faith and religion thing. I don’t like to think that there is a guy in the sky running my life like a puppetmaster. I don’t bash people for their faith or beliefs and I expect the same back. If I have faith in something, I guess it’s myself getting something done.

  432. Faith is believing in something that you cannot see.
    Sometimes used as a crutch to blind yourself from reality, sometimes used as that power you need to go further in life.

  433. Faith is in all of us, most people just dont realize it though. Faith isnt just about believing in a higher power or a religion.

  434. Everyone has faith in them, most people just do not realize it. Faith isnt just about believing in a higher power.

  435. Faith is personal, a common error was sharing it too much,
    But it is an important variables in life.

  436. I have passed from Christian to Atheist to Agnostic and now am a firm believer in a higher power and also that the majority (if not all) organised religions are based on greed and control. If you take a step back from named religions and unpick the concepts, it all really comes down to the same thing – the majority of religions follow the same ideas; they just use different words. As I’ve aged, I’ve become more attuned to the power that surrounds us; I have been given opportunities to change my life when I’ve desperately needed to, been sent people to help me through tough times in life and strength when I’ve needed it. Whether – and what – you believe in is really up to you as an individual but I feel happier for finding my own faith.

  437. my faith that everything that happens happens for a reason. To have faith that everything will work out for the good or the bad is what keeps me balanced and grounded. It helps me to deal with the ups and downs The Good the Bad and all life has to offer.

  438. Faith was a ‘gimme’. I lived across from the church I attended as a child so the notion of faith and God and the link from one to the other just was. Age and the loss of innocence was what threw the belief I took for granted under the bus. After everything I’ve been through that led from doubt to acceptance I no longer believe in God. There’s only so much one person can stomach about ‘God’s Plan’ and ‘everything happens for a reason’ before they realize its just smokescreen against unanswerable questions.

  439. Faith… I believe in Love and in Light. Whatever it means…

  440. Faith is for suckers.

  441. Faith is the most important thing when it comes to decisions like: whether to trust someone or something or not.

  442. Faith in the religious sense is believing in a higher being that has humanity’s best interest in mind and cannot be proven to exist.

  443. my faith is something that i find peace in.whether its a stressful day,and i need to calm down.or if some life event scares me to death,or even death’s peaceful,reassuring,and hopeful.something to hold onto.and its something,or better someONE to hold me….

  444. I had faith in God and the teachings of the Catholic church when I was a kid. As I grew older, learning about other religions and exploring science, my faith changed. As an adult I see any religion as a way to hold onto hope, combating a feeling of helplessness in our lives, but also a way to manipulate and control (both individuals and the masses). I no longer subscribe to any religion. I don’t “believe” in anything without proof. I think religion does more harm than good, but can respect another’s need to believe and have faith in something “greater,” and have a set of rules by which to live. I don’t know what lies beyond this universe as we know it, or beyond death. I’m open to any possibility and think my human brain is just too limited to grasp it. I suspect we evolved into beings who believe we’re special – but most likely we are not. With this lack of faith in anything specific, I strive to do the right thing as much as I can, because the world works better when we do. I do what I wish others would do. And I teach my children to do the right thing because it’s the right thing – not because some omniscient being is watching over them and may punish or reward them.

  445. Faith is simple. It’s believing in something (anything) without proof!

  446. I believe in God
    My fear is that God doesn’t believe in me

  447. For 35 years I.never had faith, although I knew there was more than met the eye. My faith came to me thru announcements in dreams. My first calling was to Lilith, then Jesus knocked on my subconscious door. I answered to both.. I’ve been walking this new path of faith and it COMPLETELY changed my life inside. I know now that there is the creator up there and Jesus is the saviour. Yet I still many bones to pick with God… All in all, faith is not easy once you start realising darker aspects of yourself and working on them, but I assure you people, faith and the proof of its goodness are a battle worth fighting. Praise bro J.

  448. Faith, for me, is the simple Creed of Christianity, really. For me, the problem isn’t Faith, but rather a creeping “negative spirit” I’ve noticed in a lot of our cultural expression of Faith. It seems to be a part of our history as a nation, and I wonder and worry just how far it has seeped into our everyday language, thought, and discourse.

    If I had to point to a point of origin, it would have to be in the traditions, not of Christianity, or any of it’s sects, but of the Puritan settlers and ancestors of the early years of this nation. In many ways, modern life seems to live off their inheritance, not always in a good way. This is something that Nathaniel Hawthorne and E.A. Poe seemed to be aware of, and I my greatest fear is that this residual negativity is what we see on places like the 24 hour news channels, which contribute to a breakdown of dialogue in America.

  449. My faith is ever evolving. I lost my faith, or what I thought was faith when my son tragically died after returning from war. I found what I had invested in ALL my life of faith through religion was but a flimsy preserver- I was drowning in a way and it would not save me. To see a flower, frost covered yet still lovely and inspiring- well, that is all the faith I need these days. It tells me- life goes on even though…

  450. Faith IS a disillusionment. It’s a trap and a waste of time and it only allows its captors to keep giving all of their mental and emotional reserves to a cause that doesn’t exist. People who lay their “faith” in some sort of higher power are only tricking themselves. You waste all your energy on an idea that will show you nothing in return. If you think you believe that having Faith works, you are disillusioned.

  451. Faith is when we trust in something greater than ourselves, when we defer our fate to higher powers, we feel a depersonalization in life…I won’t say that faith is malicious in nature, but trust in the self has more value in life.

  452. faith to me is the acceptance of hope and goodness when youve lost all hope.perseverance in the things
    that are soul hope for and the belief in something that is not at that moment.i know from experience that hope can be restored.god restored me from a hopeless,helpless state of mind and once again i see beauty in me and in the world.i could not have done this myself, so thats where my faith comes in,god helped me.

  453. My faith lies in the elements not one supreme being.

  454. Faith is what you have, nobody can give it to you. When I was younger I felt it like a burden, always do the good thing, never be bad. Now it feels like a rock. I can always lean on it. Try to do the good thing, I can make mistakes, but I will be forgiven if I don’t make the mistakes on purpose.

  455. Faith is something that, at least in the context of religion, has eluded me all my life, though I have strived to acquire it. My mother was a truly spiritual person and her faith at times seemed limitless. I however, have questioned faith since I can remember. I have a hard time believing in anything that is not tangible. I have a good imagination and feel that I am open minded, but have a hard time believing in something that I can’t see. And it bothers me. I wish that I could feel comforted by a belief that after all of this there will be something else, some paradise. Or for that matter, some kind of hell. I have often heard that to believe in one is to believe in both, but they both seem like a hope, not a reality. Everything in my fifty four years of existence points to death as the end. I would love to be proven wrong, and I think that most doubters are the ones who want it to be true the most. I fervently wish that someone could prove to me beyond doubt the existence of God.

  456. I have very little faith. Wish my faith in God was greater. I believe in dogs they have never let me down.

  457. Faith means being sure of the things we hope for and knowing that something is real even if we do not see it. Hebrews 11:1 New Century Version (NCV)

    I think too many people get faith confused with religion. Sure, the two can be connected, but they aren’t exclusive partners. Religion is an organized set of beliefs and ideas, with doctrines and rules.
    Faith is simply believing that something is true or exists.

  458. Faith is a way to continue to believe something for which there is no or insufficient evidence. It is a defense mechanism. Trust is not the same as faith because there can be justification for trust, as in someone has proven themselves trustworthy or that the sun comes up everyday so far.
    Faith is just another name for gullibility stemming from a need and brain chemistry. I was raised as a Catholic, a faith which almost destroyed me and is destroying millions (eg. AIDS in Africa).

  459. Faith is work. It is not something about which, once accrued, one may forget and expect it to remain. It is earned every day one wakes to see that the night has once again passed. It is something with which I struggle. For I tend to analyze things to such a degree and depth that the questions can be overwhelming. I have never been fond of subscribing to labels and categorization, but for the purpose of communication, I have to say I am an agnostic. There are times when doubt slips in; there are times when I look around and think, This can’t all have come from happenstance. Which is to say that, for me, faith is a constant dance between me and a partner whom I cannot see, but sometimes think I can feel.

  460. Faith to me is believing in something you can’t always see, hear or feel because your heart tells you it’s right.

  461. I have faith in my own existence. But I like to test my faith. It’s like a giant ball of wool that you cant find the end to. Reality held together tightly. Faith is the hope that it wont unravel.

  462. For me faith is The blind and perhaps misguided acceptance that our destiny is in the hands of a higher power which is ultimately good.

  463. I use reason and experience to decide what and who I should have faith in. My parents have been good to me and very rarely done me wrong. So when they say they will do something or give me advice I put faith in that and will continue to do so until they prove untrustworthy. I do not believe in any god. I do not deny the possibility of an existence of some “higher power” but I think if it does exist mankind has no comprehension of what it is or it’s intentions. I will continue to live my life guided by my logic and my inherent sense of ‘right’ for what any of it amounts to as opposed to what some book written by man thousands of years ago tells me.

  464. To share your mental existence to somebody’s hands.

  465. Knowing there is a reason behind the stuff, not necessarily a religious faith just a certainty that there is a point to it all

  466. Faith. Ah yes. Faith is a double-edged sword; in essence, it is sticking to your guns as applied to Truths. It can both be a strength and a weakness. After all, not abandoning a belief right after the first hint of seemingly contrary evidence is a good thing. On the other hand, anchoring your heels in the sand in spite of overwhelming evidence contrary to your belief is the folly of a simpleton.

    Still, hordes of people do this every day. To protect theirselves, mostly, mayve because admitting a mistake is too much to bear, or maybe because the implications of embracing a contrary belief are just too overwhelming. Therein lies the weakness of man…

  467. I have always had faith in tangible things not fairytales like religion. Tangible things like my daughter , my son , my family.

  468. My Faith, I would completely dissociate it from religion.
    I haven’t been raised in a religious family whatsoever and I have never really been interested in learning about God. I do believe there are things science and pragmatism cannot explain though, and I also believe in chaos for I don’t think there is a reason why things happen. This is a scary thought, which is also comforting somehow, because it means we can fail. We are allowed to. Failing doesn’t make us the bad ones, and even though we do our best, we may not win.
    I used to have faith in my future, when I was a kid I mean.
    I used to think that things were going to get easier, that I would have control once I become an adult.
    Then I was a young adult and I didn’t have faith in anything: I had trouble fitting in, but I didn’t want to be a dropout. I was in deep need of something or someone to hold on to, something or someone that could show me a way, that could save me I guess.
    What did save me was myself. And books, and writing.
    Everytime I don’t feel like fitting in, there’s always a good story to read that will allow me to get out of the box. And sometimes I can also try to write some, and help people dream a little, or live a life that isn’t theirs.
    I have faith in imagination. Mine, and other people’s.

  469. no i don’t believe on it.

  470. I believe not in God, but that all living beings have a spirit. We have been placed here as the guardians of other animals and have somehow lost our way (factory farming for example). We are all interconnected by design but we have broken that connection. I have faith that with the Great Spirit’s help we can reconnect our spirits. We are a collective unconscious.

  471. Faith is believing in something without needing proof. So when it all turns to shit some part of you can believe it will get better even though most of your mind is convinced this is the end

  472. Largest LARP in live

  473. I stopped believing in faith when I realized I got nothing in return. The idea of faith is sacred and supid wrapped up in a basket of hope. In which I have not found anything of rational or logical use. I spend a lot of time wondering about where what who why and all in between but find it hurts my heart. I want to know if there is a god and a purpose to this and I want to know what death is and why it is so scary and yet so mesmerising. I want to know therefore I cannot have faith in anything but uncertainty.

  474. When I was a child, there was no faith, we were regularly physically abused by our parents, and then sent to the church where they house the hypocrites so you can find them all in one place with ease… and then I got my first Stephen King book….He was my church and He taught me that no matter how desperate the situation, how daunting the task or how big the monsters… God always wins… God is a vengeful God, a jealous God, demanding sacrifice without reason, pushing us to our limits without end and answering only with “Where were you when I created the world???” to our unending cries of despair and hopelessness… but night always comes… and in the midnight hours, churning through the pages of madness retold and feeling the skin crawl on your being, waiting for the monsters to chew through the pages and take you back with them… SK provided faith with a capital F… to ride with you, to feel the pain, the fright, the despair and then finally, succumb to the knowledge that in all things there is a thrum of certainty that God will always win, whether we have faith or not and for the most part… we will never understand why His methods and devices are so brutal and only through true Faith that He knows what He’s doing will lead us through any storm because happiness was not part of the deal when the world was formed….

  475. Faith is a blind hope that things will go ok. Some people use religions/Gods as ‘Faith’
    I believe it’s something inbuilt in us to make us feel our lives have a deeper meaning /reason than say animals etc.

  476. I have no faith – it is a waste of the human condition – used to psychologically prey on the weak and needy

  477. Faith to me means believing in each other. I have faith that the empathy and goodness in each of us will help us to overcome the bad things we may have to suffer through.

  478. I don’t really have any faith, in anything. Life is what it is. Stuff happens and you deal with it or you don’t. Expecting some higher power to help you or to sort things for you leaves you dependent on something that might not even be there. You just have to get on with things in whatever way you know how to and hope that things turn out alright. Having faith seems to me on a par with saluting magpies and skirting around ladders. Does it do you any good to salute the magpie? Did it really ward off any bad luck? If you hadn’t saluted it would something awful have happened? How would you ever know? You wouldn’t. Same with faith. Does having faith really make any difference to your life? Would you have had a better life if you had believed in something? There are people out there who believe in God or angels, or aliens or just some sort of higher force (something more than what they can see or measure) but bad things still happen to them. Having faith may lead those people to believe that one day the bad things will stop and that they will be rewarded for their faith and if that gets them through the day then fair enough, but faith is just hope. It is just a wish. Faith is a child’s wish all grown up. I wish for things. I hope for them but I have no real belief that what I wish and hope for will come true. There is too much hard evidence for me to believe otherwise.

  479. Faith is the interconnectedness of everything. What you do affects everything good or bad. No action is a singular point so always think before you act.

  480. Faith to me means believing, whether or not it be in yourself,someone or something. There are so many ways to interpret faith that you can not really put it in words.I guess it all depends on your views in life. That one word has made me think my whole life because everyone has a different view on what it means, as I grew faith came to mean just believing.

  481. Faith, for me, means knowing without asking a lot of stupid questions.

  482. I don’t believe in any form of god or gods.

  483. I think religion and faith are two different things. I am a christian but i am not relgious, reigion can be dangerous faith is trusting in things that are unseen it is a hope for the better an anchor that keeps us from despair

  484. I don’t believe in religion of any kind, but can understand how it might help some people get through hard times. That said, I can’t stand people who “drop by” to try and save me. I don’t enjoy the intrusion of my day, time, and beliefs (or lack of). I also can’t stand the people who beat you over the head with the bibleand their beliefs, but then hate me for my life style. Who turn their backs on the needy, because those people could help themselves if they only tried and believed. How can someone who believes in a loving God, hate another because of their race, religion, life style, or who doesn’t their your opinions? Or think that it’s okay if some people die of disease, because somehow they deserved it? Or who can take the bible (fictional stories if I’ve ever read any) and rework the words to fit their own agenda? Religion, in my opinion, is a tool for war and hate used for selfish reasons

  485. My faith is something that I find to be a tender topic. I don’t have a faith that I could say I align with or a pattern of though that I would say classifies as a faith. Many people have looked down on me for not believing one way or thinking that something shouldn’t be thought about on more than just a surface level. Faith to me is just a little gremlin sitting and snickering the corner with secrets that it refuses to tell me.

  486. i have no faith my oldest son is severly autistic blind mentaly retarded bipolar and has anxiety disorder. my wife did not drink or drug when pregnet so why? some tell us because its gods will fuck that god did not discuss thsi with me so the hell with faith

  487. Faith is a weakness – not a strength – as nearly everyone tends to believe. Sure, it can appear to give you strength in times of utter desperation, but in truth it is just flimsy psychological reinforcement of our own hopes and beliefs. And just because you really, REALLY want something to be real doesn’t make it so. Except perhaps in novels… :)

  488. I am young, but I have faith that everything in my life will turn out alright. Faith that I will achieve my dreams, that I will love someone, faith that everything is good. I see so many people that have lost their faith, that just live out 9 to 5 jobs to support an average life, and I have faith that I will not be like that when I get older.

  489. Be it my young age, I think faith is what makes the thought of death less painful. It’s also a crutch that prevents us from experiencing all of life: the pain, the joy, the challenges, the two seconds of peace. I may personally believe in God, but I would say that I am faithless for the simple fact that I accept many things that Christians would “frown upon”. Also because that faith lead to more disappointment that living without it.

  490. Faith.. to me, it means to believe and to be able to embrace it in order to move forward and make everything happen. My faith has helped me trough a lot, specially on the darkest of my days and times i’ve been trough.

  491. I have had faith for as long as I can remember. It has always been the biggest part of me. Not because of church or religion, but because I can feel it deep within me. Everything came from something, including the atoms and molecules that were to suppose to go BANG! There is no doubt that God is a supernatural being and though I don’t understand everything, faith is simple. God is not only supernatural, but loving. He doesn’t dictate what we should choose. He made this wonderful world, life, and even us. One of the biggest gifts He gave, was FREE WILL. Bad things do not happen because God chooses it, bad happens when we choose to do wrong. I am not talking just about crimes, consequences come through our actions. The way we speak to others, our body language, how we see others, etc. How we handle ourselves and our choices, bring either good or bad consequences. He gave us FREE WILL, for He has faith in us, just like I have faith in Him. Through that faith, He has blessed me and pulled me through many times. Life hasn’t been easy and I am sure we all have tales that could raise the hair on your neck ( I could seriously have been on Oprah and sadly, Jerry Springer), but I am so grateful I didn’t go through it alone.

  492. My faith has been up and down throughout my life. But in times of greatest stress and need, it has been the rock that has pulled me through. I have always believed in God, but now I know that He is with me always and I can trust in Him.

  493. Faith is believing in something even when there is no proof. I have total faith in the fact that everything came into existence by a Creator. To think that everything just happened by chance is much more difficult, for me, to accept. I also believe everything happens for a reason & some day I’ll understand what those reasons are. I feel every soul has its own spiritual journey to take in this life. This life should be about love for all living things. And I sincerely believe & have faith in the fact that GOD IS LOVE. My faith gives me hope, peace, & assurance that all will be well, in this life & the next.

  494. Faith is believing in something bigger than you, not to be confused with religion. I align faith with spirituality. I believe in evolution, the big bang, and God. My understanding, ways of defining and accepting things have changed through out my life’s journey and I expect that to continue.

    I know energy is everything. I know God is in everything. I know light is Energy…I know God is described as light. I know energy created life, the universe and everything. Who am I to to say a day on Earth is a day to God? I know a day on Earth is different than a day on Mercury. I know billions of years is a hard number to comprehend so I understand simplifying large ideas into easier to more tangable stories, such as creating the world in 7 days.

    Faith doesn’t have to be blind, nor should it.

  495. When I was little I died and learned that there is more life.. after life. Where I went some would call Heaven. I just know I never wanted to leave because it was so filled with love. All encompassing love.I was sent back. I wanted to stay but still had my life to live… Places to go, people to see and things to do. I prayed to God for a sign that he was real and he gave me one. He gave me a dream of a whole day. From the time I woke up until I went to sleep. It came to pass exactly as I dreamed it.. every second.. so I learned as a child that God is real and that Jesus Christ is his son. I have seen his face on earth painted by a young girl, Akiane Kramarik. I believe your faith is everything. Your soul is who you really are. God is pure unconditional love. That was the biggest thing I felt when I was there. Perhaps each person has an intimate defining moment in their life that awakens them to this love. Jesus is there and He is our Savior. He is the Father and it doesn’t matter if you are one year old or one hundred years old, his love is like you are a child and he is your Father and you are being held and loved…. How has my life been shaped? Well, I know I am loved and never alone. I tell God thank you often for .. waking up, a good cup of coffee on a cold morning, a bright beautiful day, a child’s laughter or puppy dog eyes, flowers in the spring, rainy days, good books, hearty laughs, tears of joy, sadness or frustration even, just this whole big messy world that he has let us journey through .. and learn. He knew us each and every one of us.. before we were born.

  496. My faith means everything to me. I do not have faith in God, per say. I could never seem to have a healthy relationship with him. My faith lies in the elements. Earth, fire, water, air and spirit. I align myself with “others” to fulfill intent. My faith is in positive and negative energies that control us – and we control them. My faith is in clairvoyance and the austral plain.

  497. I have witnessed what I believe to be two miracles which fuels my faith. Some days faith is what gets me through.

  498. Belief is a powerful thing. you never know when magics gonna strike you down and take you maybe even save you. Just hope you believe in the right thing you never know what your gonna get

  499. Faith is a word used by the educated to get what they want from the uneducated with minimal effort.

  500. I have faith because, well, why not. I spent a long time living without faith and I find that either coincidently or not, many people who aren’t quite atheist but are too scared to say there is no God are generally doing something wrong and dont want to admit it to themselves. To each their own. My faith is mine alone. It’s peace. It’s anger. It’s a coping mechanism. It’s MINE and I own it.

  501. I was extremely involved with my church and church family until burning out. I do miss my church family. I guess “faith” to me is a belief in a higher being, a belief in a better place after death and I believe that a church family at times supports you more than your biological family. I have a BIG problem with people who think that their faith is THE only faith and the most important. Faith is not a building–it is not your’s and your’s alone. It is community, sharing, caring and humility. I do not believe that any deity would condone killing in the name of faith! Faith is personal but not your’s to push onto someone else. I am slowly getting involved with my church again but not jumping in with both feet. I pray–but not every night. I talk to God–but not every day. I like to think that I live my faith.

  502. I don´t have any. It´s cool for books and movies, but absolutely useless in real life. Plus, it works against racional thinking. (sorry if I wrote something in a wrong way, I speak spanish)

  503. Faith is a crutch and an excuse. I believe that we are responsible for our own fate and that the only “heaven” we’ll ever find is right here on earth during our lifetimes. I choose to treat people with kindness and respect. I don’t need a higher power to tell me that it’s the right thing to do. I choose to be honest, trustworthy and forthright, to have strong values and a strong sense of integrity. I don’t need the threat of damnation or the promise of some kind of redemption to make me do those those things.

  504. Something one consciously chooses either to have or not to have when things become challenging, miserable, fearsome. Choosing faith enables you to believe that life is worth fighting for until you are strong enough to believe it. It helps one to choose to see things in a positive light when no other hope exists. If one can find the faith that is real, find the inspiration to choose it when all the chips are down…

    It’s easy for people to sneer at faith, but the word doesn’t have to imply religion.
    Life is fragile. Until one is faced with that fragility or forced to be the vulnerable one, perhaps it’s easier to sneer than to believe. For some, there is no choice but to believe.

  505. I have faith in nothing.

  506. I’m no longer connected to any system of belief that I would label as “faith.”

  507. Faith is the vehicle of hope.

  508. My faith in God has made me fearless.

  509. Faith is for the very young and the very old. It helps those who are too weak to face the dark.

  510. Faith is an excuse for horrible people to do terrible things. It’s an excuse for denying civil rights, for prejudices, and for choosing to remain ignorant. It enables the worst characteristics in humans to continue and thrive. Laziness is encouraged, because “god will provide.” Atrocities are committed because “god doesn’t like (insert group of choice).” Ignorance is encouraged because “god should never be questioned,” or “god has a plan.” It is divisive, elitist, and ridiculous. Faith should be placed in ourselves and in humanity, not in imaginary creatures hidden among the clouds.

  511. One can have faith in many different things..Religion, self, nature, any higher power, love, spirits… I have in that my lost loved ones are still with me because I dream about them often. I have faith in the goodness of mankind..but I know there is evil out there, too. .. Still..I have faith that good will overtake evil..

  512. the older I get, the less actual faith I have in any higher power, superman, or the great beyond. I am turned off by organized religion, particularly the Christian Church which in the very early years did so much to politicize Jesus’ message, twisting it, turning it, until it was barely recognizable. As my faith has disentigrated, so has my hope become hidden in the darkest recesses. I am still on this earth, however, because every now and again something very bad happens in my life and I am forced to hang on to hope and faith, rather than fall into the pit. It is at these times I see the bright light that is God’s Grace. I have lived on the edge between the pit and Grace for 58 years, and I don’t expect that will change in my lifetime. This is who I am meant to be.

  513. I have learned that the only faith I possess is faith in myself. My successes and failures depend solely on my actions and decisions, not some invisible being with a sick sense of humor. I have no faith in an imaginary being who has either predetermined my destiny or makes decisions based upon his or her whims; I also don’t believe evil exists in the form of a devil to tempt us. Evil exists in the things Man creates from his own wants and desires…and from those who seek justice in the “name of God.”

  514. Faith? I have faith in my friends and some of my family. Faith in God? No. Don’t misunderstand, I believe in intelligent design. I think something had to trigger the big bang. Recently I read an article stating that it all makes sense if you think of the big bang as like a projector being turned on and our reality as a hologram of sorts. I believe there is something that started it all, but I also think given all the pain and suffering in the world that a “all loving God”. On the flip side of hope, faith can be a prison. Living in the conservative south I can tell you there are many people “of faith” who only do good for humanity out of fear of punishment from a higher power if they sin or for the possibility of reward for good deeds. In a very real way their faith guides every action. I tear up a bit thinking of the sense of freedom I felt the day I let that go.

    “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then He is not omnipotent. Is He able, but not willing? Then He is malevolent. Is He both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is He neither able nor willing? Then why call Him God?” -Epicurus (c. 341 – c. 270 BC)

  515. I honestly don’t know exactly what to believe. I went to several churches and I don’t know. I do think there is something greater than us. But then I always think, “Who made God?” It’s hard for me to have blind faith like most of the people I know who call themselves “Christians.”

  516. My faith is not the standard main stream faith based religion. It has helped me to understand others on a level other than the physical aspects of standard religion. My faith has opened up my sense of why I am here and why I have no control over the timeline of life and death. My faith has opened my mind and my eyes to things that are not always visible and touchable.

  517. Faith, for most, is something acquired in old age when death is near, prisoners, the sheltered, the poor and abused. When I had it, it let me down.

  518. By faith you mean religion I assume. I have no problem with religion. I have a problem with the overwhelming opinion that if you don’t believe. There is something wrong with you. I thought part of the teachings was not to judge others. That they would be judged by the supreme being. Millions of people have die at the hand’s of others, over differences in religious beliefs. I have a hard time believing in a god that would condone. Killing over a difference of beliefs, it just doesn’t make sense. Myself I find comfort in the sounds of birds in the trees, the gentle babble of running water. Blue skies warm sunshine on my face, the silence of a snow covered morning. I treat all that I meet, the way I wish to be treated. And that is with fairness and not judgement.

  519. I am incapable of faith in any supernatural being. I’ve tried Christianity, but cannot force myself to believe. I don’t need to believe in an afterlife or that someone more powerful than myself is there to help. It’s a nice idea, but it is not necessary or supported by evidence. If there is a god, I don’t believe he involves himself in our lives.

  520. I believe there’s something greater than all of us, but it’s NOT a personal G-d. What kind of G-d would it be to favor one person over another, or one team over another–it just doesn’t make sense.

  521. Faith is a kind of “fake it ’til you make it” thing. I think it’s the first step toward absolute belief or absolute disbelief. I have had both. I had faith, then things happened that validated my faith – faith in myself, faith in others. The things: odd coincidences, ultimate karma, dreams (and sometimes nightmares) that led me to a place I was meant to be.

  522. I have faith in God, that he will receive me in heaven. But I feel God has forgotten me. I talk to God everyday, even if it’s just to compliment on a sunrise or sunset. Since I have survived cancer, I feel I have received my lifetime supply of blessings and should not ask for anything else.

  523. Having been abused and unwanted in my life I find that I need to have faith that this life is not all there is. Without this belief I wouldn’t know how to go on. If this is a lack of intelligence or courage, so be it.

  524. Faith is a kind of trust. So often faith in yourself will give you the unrivalled will to go on, but where will it get you? Nowhere without the faith of others and faith in others. Believe in what you want, but the faith that carries us is tangible, here and now. Do you trust the unseen, unheard and unknown, or do you trust those you share your life with?

  525. Faith is the very core that gets me through everything.

  526. I miss my faith. It was killed by long term chronic illness. It is not the only part of me that I have lost to illness.

  527. When I was 8, I was obsessed with the stories of Bernadette and the Virgin of Lourdes, Joan of Arc and the Virgin Mary and for a period of about three weeks I was sure that I too would be chosen by God and experience a holy presence. Suffice it to say, this didn’t happen – nor did I recuperate my 20/20 vision, in order to avoid my big thick eyeglasses. Bummer.

    Did I say I was raised Catholic?

    In my adult years, I still belief in God, but don’t practice, remain unaffiliated and chose not to baptize my child. I have innumerable points of contention with the Catholic Church and a certain disdain for organized religion in general. I cringe when I hear bible thumpers state that they know they’ll be in Heaven, for example. Or when one religion thinks it’s better than other…

    After reading my answer so far, I guess it’s pretty evident that although I believe in God, I am currently lacking in Faith.

  528. I believe in having faith yourself

  529. I’m an atheist. There are times that I believe in hopelessness as if that’s my faith, and then I’m comforted again by being an atheist, because all that matters is what I do here on earth, and that makes me hopeful again.

  530. I have faith in myself, in my abilities, and what I can observe or learn. The concept of faith in some unknowable ‘higher power’ is ridiculous to me; the ‘higher power’ is what I’m able to achieve, what I can do to help someone, what I can create to make life better for myself or others. Man created God in his own image.

  531. There are periods in my life where my faith has been strong and unfortunately periods of weakness when it comes to my faith. The most profound spiritual awareness has been in the times when I sought God and only God himself. Not sitting in a pew but but in His word and in prayer. It takes an awareness that those sitting next to you are flawed people just like you or even more flawed than you to attend church and not become disillusioned. If you put your faith in that building or the people therein… You set yourself up for a fall into deep disappointment. God doesn’t disappoint, people do. He enriches my soul and makes my spirit shine. I know I am not perfect and my life isn’t perfect but He graces it anyway. I hope He forgives me for the times I am unfaithful and weak.

  532. For most of my life, I’ve been an agnostic bumping up against atheist. In the last couple of years, I’ve come to accept the fact, that if I am grateful for everything good in my life, I sleep better at night and life is a bit more fun.

  533. I don’t know what my faith means to me right now. My version of God at this moment is called the great unknown because I have questions that I don’t feel will ever be answered and can’t be answered due to the fact that I am human and could never understand someone who was a god. I have had versions in the past I felt was surely how it was-ranging from a fatherly figure, to a creator who created and then left us to go about our business…etc…now I just feel I don’t know what comes next and who is out there.

  534. My Faith has kept me going in the darkest moments of my life. Knowing that God has a plan for me and death, loss and poverty will lead me to a better place of peace and understanding has kept me pushing forward. Faith is the hardest thing to keep, but such a big part of who I am. If you don’t have Faith, what’s left?

  535. I don’t have faith in a higher being (I actually have a hard time believing there is one). What I do have faith in, however misguided it may be, is my family, friends, and myself. I don’t really know how my faith (or lack of) has shaped my life.

  536. People claim to be blessed by God when tragedy misses them. Is it then that God has cursed those who are struck by tragedy?
    Shit happens!

  537. Knowing something is there even when you can not see it. Believing good will win the war even when
    bad is taking its toll.

  538. I think I need to have faith because it’s too frightening to to contemplate just being mechanical flesh I need to think we have a soul because if I try to imagine not existing there is just nothing but black yet you can’t imagine your consciousness not being. so faith in a higher power is essential because to me it means we continue beyond death.

  539. I am an agnostic atheist (don’t think there’s a god, but acknowledge there’s the possibility that I’m wrong), so I personally do not have faith in supernatural entities or the afterlife. This has shaped my life quite a bit, as I grew up in a predominantly Christian town and encountered ideological differences with quite a number of people.

  540. My Faith, has taken more hits than all the acid users at Woodstock. I have tried to remain a truly faithful person, only to find all of my earliest beliefs to be crutches to keep control of a life that has spun so far from center at times, to be something that looks like a spoof of a real life. I WANT to believe that there is a all knowing all seeing Father in Heaven, but I just don’t know in my heart if I am a believer or just a contrary “other” in a world bent on being and bringing forth the antithesis of Godly.

  541. Atheist

  542. Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
    My faith is very important to me and I feel this Bible verse says it all perfectly.

  543. Faith is believing what you know ain’t so

  544. I used to envy people with strong faith. They seemed to know something I didn’t know. I tried to make it happen…fake it ’til you make it, kind of thing. I ended up feeling like a fraud.
    In my quest to find faith, what I ended up finding out, is that faith can be the biggest mask of all. People hide behind it, use it to blend in, use it to feel good about themselves. They use faith to feel superior, manipulate others… or they act like it can be used later as their admission ticket to Heaven.

    And then…once in awhile, there is the rare person who gives me hope. They don’t have faith. They ARE faith. They believe in something better, something greater than ourselves. They aren’t taking prescribed steps to walk the walk- they’re just good people, with good intentions, living the best lives they can lead. These people aren’t going to tell you what to do, or what they do, or what HAS TO BE DONE. They’re just living a life that makes you want to try harder, reach higher, be better.

    I don’t know if they really know something I don’t know. But they seem to. They seem sure.

  545. I do my best not to “believe” anything. I know how that sounds, but when my old church taught me that “faith” is the evidence of things unseen, they lost me. Call me a doubting Thomas, but it makes more sense to me to live a life free from certainty in the inexplicable.

  546. Faith is trust

  547. Faith has an imaginary line I put in the sand. On one side is me being evil and on the other side is me being good. What defines my definition of good and evil is my faith.

  548. none. in god, in humanity, especially in government. my only faith is in myself.

  549. I have faith in nature and myself. It has helped because i don’t expect to be saved and I don’t blame anyone for not saving me. I have faith there are things beyond understanding and so am not stunned when they happen.

  550. Faith is a crutch of comfort. The idea that there is something unseen, bigger than everyone else with an invisible hand guiding us. An idea that even when we screw up, hey, its in the master scheme of things

  551. Faith is a word that is too big for God alone.

  552. Faith is something that helps me through the tragedy of life. When something, anything, happens I fall into a state of prayer. Is it a coping skill, a kind of meditation that keeps me sane? Perhaps.

  553. Faith is blindness.

  554. Faith Is

  555. Faith. That says it all. To believe or trust in something you cannot see, cannot prove, cannot explain. What a leap! My faith has shaped me for both good and for not so good. Faith says that you have to trust that things will work out…..but what about when they don’t? And many times they have not, some horribly. Then what? Faith says ‘hang in there, there is a purpose for everything’. So you do, and sometimes things get better, circumstances change, you can point to good things that would not have happened had the bad not occurred; and sometimes they don’t. How has faith shaped my life? It has made me stronger, but it has also made me bitter. It has increased my trust in people, but also destroyed it. It has made me happy, and yet painted part of me meloncholy. Maybe that’s what it’s all about…can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

  556. Faith defies logic. It is the belief that good will triumph over evil and things will work out in the end, with no concrete evidence to prove that belief. It is belief,for some, of a higher power or the universe constantly righting itself despite negative circumstances.

  557. When I was young, believing in the Christian model of God seemed to have the answers. But now, I find more answers in watching/observing the great wheel of the universe turn, and marvel at how it all fits together, and rethink what I’ve been taught “God” is.

  558. I do have faith there is something or some entity out there who is greater than we are. I am not sure you can say I have unquestioning faith. I think I need to be able to question faith,spirituality, God, the universe in order to keep believing. I do not want to be able to have all the answers.

  559. Faith, as I see it, is hope.

  560. Faith is everything to me! I honestly don’t know how people get through one day without God. I had a rather rough childhood and looking back I don’t think I could’ve gotten through it without faith and prayer. Today God still continuously carries me through the rough moments. At the same time I am very far to the left politically and in my beliefs. I don’t believe in judging others. I am for gay marriage and giving to the poor and ya know just treating each other well. I believe this thinking follows the teaching of Christ more closely than the closed minded, let the poor die type “Christians” that we see a lot of these days.

  561. Faith is completely separate from religion.
    Faith is deep and quiet, it can be faith in a higher power or faith in yourself and those around you. Faith feels safe and hopeful.
    Religion is loud and pushy, it encourages hate because your religion is the “right” one and everyone else is wrong.
    Religion is dangerous.

  562. My faith in God means everything to me. It’s my faith that has carried me through the darkest times in my life. Enduring, reassuring, constant. These describe my faith.

  563. Faith is the hope that everything will work out okay…sometimes it does…sometimes it doesn’t…

  564. I want to believe there is a god and sometimes I do. Just too many questions…not enough answers. I wish I could believe unconditionally.

  565. Belief in some all encompassing philosophy or theory despite doubts, questions, and no tangible evidence of its truth. Sure that proof will be given in the end.

  566. Like Shepherd Book (Serenity movie) said: “When I talk about belief, why do you always assume I’m talking about God?” Faith is not a religious thing. Faith is something that can give our actions a purpose. We do something because we believe in something. It can be something grand like believing in world piece, or just believing in one person, or as simple (and yet complicated) as getting through the day just because you believe that some day will be better.

  567. I was raised in a very strict religious home but unfortunately the church made up rules that had nothing to do with Biblical teachings. Therefore, when I was old enough to get out of the house, I gravitated away from all things “spiritual”. But, I realized that something was missing from my life and I began to read and explore and found that my faith in God was intact. I just didn’t like the structure of organized religion with their made-up rules. My faith has been a comfort when I’ve lots loved ones, when life has thrown me for a loop, when I’ve been left wondering “why me?” and when I contemplate the hereafter with those I’ve lost.

  568. Over the years my faith as all but disappeared. I look around the world and I don’t see a loving father. I see dispair, pain, starvation, wars, and hate. Yes there is good in this world. It’s all around. But does it really outweigh the evil? I don’t believe it does.

  569. Faith? Blind, trusting ignorance.

  570. Faith is what we humans use to make are selves feel
    Better about possible bad things that may happen.. Death etc

  571. Faith is important to me because it means believing in something even when common sense tells me not to believe. If not for my faith in myself and in my abilities, I would never have risen above my horrible marriage and divorce/annulment and most importantly, would not have risen to the challenge of being a strong, confident, single mother. I need my faith, not just in God, but in MYSELF in order to be a confident, capable parent. My faith has been my touchstone.

  572. Faith is a tricky beast. Some times it can be comforting; other times it can be lonely. Everyone in my life has a deep, abiding faith in God. I prefer to have faith in my fellow man – but – that always seems to lead to sorrow and disappointment.

  573. Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see… Dead in sin, alive in Christ.

  574. I grew up southern Baptist but was never quiet comfortable with Church thinking. I was the child who defended Judas. That did not go over well. Ha. I still like to think there is something more powerful watching and listening. They just don’t seem to interfere. Everyone in a time of crisis will face it alone in their heart. No one can save you.

  575. Faith is believing, believing is seeing, knowing and accepting the faith that you have a what you believe and need to take you through life and beyond.

  576. faith is how we cope with the fear of death, since absolutely no science can provide an answer, we must believe for the sake of our own sanity that our essence was meaningful in some way after we die, otherwise living would be pointless

  577. I have a strong belief in God, but I do not attend church. I use to go and I found there more hypocrites attend church than I realized. I was judged because I smoked, but yet the my roommate who attended the same church with the same people slept with any male she wanted to and was not judged. The pastor came to our apt and blessed it all except my room…that is when my faith in church was shaken, but not my belief in god.

  578. I have come to accept that faith for me is the acceptance of possibility. I do not know whether God exists or demons or even good and evil. But I believe in the possibility.

  579. Faith is a necessary crutch for those who need it. Usually it is the people who think there has to be an answer for everything. While I like answers – I can get along fine with “who knows why”. I have become very leery, over time, of those who blast their religion in your face. It is usually a cover-up so as the world won’t see their true mean colors. Religion is used to give the poor something to grasp ahold of and believe that their life is just as fulfilling as the rich (trust me, I am not rich by any stretch of the imagination). Religion keeps the poor busy and off the back of the rich. Faith — have at it — just don’t push it down my throat.

  580. My faith sometimes feels like a hollow shell. There is substance but it’s on the surface. When I try to dig deeper to find that solace that people talk about so often, I feel empty and angry. I want to believe in something bigger than myself so I rely on the Universe and hope that I’ll be somewhere good when I die.

  581. Being a recovering Catholic, my faith has taken many turns in my 50+ years. I now consider myself spiritual but not affiliated with any specific religion. I believe in a power greater than myself, what that power is………..i do not know

  582. Faith – as in faith in a diety? No, no way. Faith in my family and myself and the fact the sun will come up tomorrow. Yeah, sure – of course. The idea of an all powerful being – regardless of the religion or sect is just nonsense. There’s far too much hate and violence in the name of God for me to want to be a part of it anyway.

  583. My faith in my religion was total and complete as a child. I believed simply and fully that Noah filled his ark with camels and kangaroos alike, penguins and elephants. Moses parted a sea and Joshua made a wall fall down just by tooting a horn. Then I entered my teenage years where I found out others did not believe as I did. So I went along with the assumption that if something isn’t completely true, then it’s a lie; also a construct of my faith in my religion.

    As I developed my own constructs of what my Bible told me, I drifted away from my religion. I found a website that gave me the origin of the words in my Bible and found, to my utter delight, that much of what preachers and atheists told me was actually wrong. At one point I even considered becoming Jewish just to understand what my Bible said better from the folks to whom a good portion of it was written.

    So that’s my faith in my religion now; when I question why or what I turn to the original words and am satisfied, without having the need for the religion and it’s constrictions.

    But my faith in God? Absolute and without a doubt I know He exists. How? I had an experience, one that’s rough to even write down. I begged God to listen to me, I screamed at Him to notice me and my dire need, and He turned His eyes to me. I literally lost my bowels and threw up at the same time in absolute fear. My bones shook and I fell prostate in my own mess. God is not the tender loving embrace of a mother or the gentle strength of a father, He’s terrible with a capital T, His gaze alone will tear you apart. So no, I don’t believe in God, I KNOW He exists.

  584. As a child, I had faith. As I aged, people took it from me. Or perhaps I helped them, handing it out like free samples in one messed-up metaphysical food court. It’s gone.

  585. I’m a Catholic who has drifted away from the hierchy, but not the faith. My faith means a lot to me; it means action and not just prayer, intelligence and not just blind adherence to dogma. Its shaped ever facet of my life – my marriage, raising my children, my work and my recreation. It causes me pain, and yet keeps me on a straight and narrow path.

  586. As a child, I accepted whatever I was told……teens – I wasn’t interested – adult – I question, but as I grow older I’m starting to accept again…..out of fear of the outcome? maybe – …. out of fear of losing so many loved ones? maybe …….

  587. Pure, uncorrupted faith would be an amazingly beautiful thing. Unfortunately, humans are corruptible and make true faith an illusion.

    I think having too much faith can be extremely dangerous. It’s better to be flexible in your beliefs. That way you can continually adapt instead of standing around and watching your belief structure crumble around you.

  588. Faith. I am agnostic. I truly do not know if there is or is not a higher power. I find it unlikely that the Judea-Christian God is the higher power, but I may be wrong. I am unconcerned with that because I truly believe it doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t matter. I have faith that if there is a higher power, I need not be concerned that I will somehow be punished for not knowing if they existed. My faith is a firm belief that all anyone must do in this life, whether this is all we get or is only a preface to something more, is lead a “good” life. What is a “good” life? A life lived with intentions and actions that aim to help the people around them and to do no harm. We all do harm, so I believe there is, in fact, much to be said for good intentions. Since I do not believe in hell (I find the concept beyond unlikely, I find it absolutely unfathomable bordering on ridiculous), I don’t think good intentions will pave you a road to get there. Do your very best to do no harm and love and help the people around you, all the people around you. If there is a higher power, I should think there could be no better way to praise or honor this entity than to have led a well-lived, well-intentioned life.

  589. I struggle with faith. I have faith in karma in Ka.. In the universe. But a higher power? Too much evidence of opiate of the masses. It hurts me to say that and I have intense catholic guilt.. But still.. Faith in doing what’s right is most important to me.

  590. I really don’t have much faith in anything anymore. I have seen too much needless suffering in the world

  591. I’ve gone from being very faithful to questioning everything with the death of my best friend and then my little brother shortly after. I no longer am sure just how much I do have faith in any longer.

  592. My faith is very important to me, but over the years I’ve noticed that a schism has developed between my faith and the religious tradition that I was brought up in. I identify as a Christian, albeit reluctantly, because I don’t have much use for organized religion. I do have a deep faith in Christ and God, however, and my goal in life is to make sure that those two things come out in my daily life. My faith has led me to be loving without being pushy, and to be myself: a flawed human being with scars and sins.

  593. Faith can be beautiful or ugly depending on what the faith is based in. I was raised Catholic, so visions of burning in hell and teeth gnashing come to mind when reflecting on my early childhood perceptions. However, I have managed to put aside my resentment of the fear mongering and focus on the positive aspects of faith. Faith is a beautiful thing when you have faith in something beautiful or hopeful. Faith can keep you alive through the darkest most dangerous times. Faith can save you from demons that attempt to attack, influence or derail whatever it is you are supposed to be doing. Faith in yourself and others makes all the difference…

  594. Faith is hard for me. I don’t know what I really would say my faith is. I’ve used it to try to help myself, which sounds horrible but is true. Bad situation, I pray to God, but do I believe? I believe there is something but mostly I think we are all part of one being, connected, brought here to make our own choices good or bad. That’s not to say that I don’t have any faith, it’s just not religious. I have faith in my son, my friends, myself.

  595. being an atheist, religious means nothing to me and I view it as brain washing and close mindedness.
    You can still have faith and be an atheist. Faith for me is knowing that as long as I take control of my own life, then what ever challenges life throws up, I will deal will them the best I can.

  596. Where does faith come from? Is it innate or can we work to get it? Some religions believe only the elect are chosen so what difference does it make if we believe or not? Faith is the ultimate mystery, how do people know or feel that God exists, or are they merely deluded? And if the worst happens to you is faith any comfort, thinking that God had a plan in which terrible things would happen to you or your loved ones? So many questions and no answers!

  597. The moment my parents asked me if I still wanted to go to church at the age of 12 I started questioning organized faith (and my parents position on it). First and foremost I have faith in myself. I believe in myself and it drive me through life on a daily basis allowing me to forge my own destiny. I instill the same faith in my children in addition to my wife raising them Catholic. Organized religion is fine as long as it doesn’t force you to lose faith in yourself. Eventually they can choose based on who they are or who they want to be.

  598. My faith is the part of me that has evolved the most. As a child, I took pride in memorizing the Catholic mass and tried to sneak in being a nun for Halloween two years in a row. My mom put a stop to that. Although a devout Catholic herself, she did not want a nun for a daughter. My faith in Catholicism ebbed and flowed up into my late twenties. Then after a few disappointing experiences inside the Church, the Universe pushed me right out of the pew. I thought a lot about it ~ how my mom, who shared some of the same beliefs as I did, just stayed there. I couldn’t. I don’t want to bore anyone with “my journey”, because in a way I think it is very personal. Bottom line, I can still draw on my saints and my Jesus, but my faith lives comfortable inside of me with all the other beliefs I have taken on along the way.

  599. I spent a long time when I was young trying to decide what faith was. It was only after maturity and adulthood that I realized faith is just believing in something I can’t see. Ive lost many loved ones over the years. Some very suddenly and unexpectedly, and I grew to believe they are in a better place and I will see them again. Thats faith!

  600. Faith is a difficult subject. Do I have faith in organized religion? Not one bit. Do I have faith that there is a higher power out there? Absolutely

  601. I have faith in the people I walk with.

  602. Faith sure comes in handy when someone close to you comes seriously ill or dies. For example, my Mother was seriously ill,in the hospital. Because I did not want her to suffer, while she lay dying, I asked God, not to spare her life because that would be unreasonable, but to please not let her suffer. Faith is a situational be used when the time is right for reasonal requests. But maybe because I was brought up Catholic and brought to church on Sunday during my childhood,my experience with faith has been warped. maybe what I believe about faith is because of my experiences in life ( death of family member from a car accident, watching horror movies at a young age, my encounter with a ghost…)

  603. My faith is spiritual, my god is nature, music and love. Religion troubles me, so many unanswered questions, guilt and prejudice. I believe it is responsible for most of the trouble in the world today. Religion is a cult, with some branches being more extreme, bizarre and tribalistic than others. I believe in karma, what you give out comes back to you, so do good, be good and try to remain positive and optimistic. Do what you will as long as it harms none.

  604. I have no faith. I have no beliefs. I feel that beliefs get in the way of knowledge.

  605. Having been raised in an Irish Catholic Family in Bangor, I remember questioning “which religion was the right one” from a very young age. Now as an adult, I consider myself non-denominational. My Faith in a higher power has always been strong; but my inability to connect with any one religion has kept me at an arms length from organized religion. The news constantly reminds me that I am smart to do so.

  606. If there is a god, It must be a E.T. I believe you are given talents and skills to get you through life.

  607. I have faith in humanity, in the overall good nature of human kind and the ability of each generation to become more informed, tolerant and compassionate. I hope it will be enough for my children and my children’s children to have a quality of life as good as my own. I hope they will succeed where we have failed and take the tough decisions on overpopulation and the declining resources of the planet that our generation and the one before it have been to cowardly to take.

    I live my life knowing that I will be judged on my decisions by myself. I like to think that so far, my existence has had a positive impact on the world, however small.

  608. I wish I had a stronger faith. I did as a kid, as I was taught at home and in the church. As an adult, I see so much evil, pain, and senseless happenings in the world that I cannot sustain that faith.

  609. Faith is the belief in things unseen.
    Belief is a feeling that something exists or is valid.

    “Faith is believin’ what you know ain’t so.”
    ~Mark Twain, in the voice of Puddin’head Wilson

    I am faithless. I have replaced faith with imagination. The better I imagine, the more likely I am to turn what I imagine into reality.

  610. My faith is in myself for no other person,thing, or spirit has inspired faith in me

  611. To some faith coincides with religion, but not for me. My religion is one that has been persecuted and condemned since the days of old. I stand true to what I believe, even when others try so strongly to press their thoughts and their beliefs onto me. Do I have faith in my religious beliefs? NO, because I could be wrong. We all could be wrong! The only thing I have faith in is the fact that everything including ourselves is just temporary. Death comes to us all in time, we all become a memory. So I place my faith in the inevitable demise of all we know and love. It’s the only guarantee we are given in this world.

  612. I was never brought up to be religious. I was brought up to be a good person and do the right thing. Not to impress god, but to make sure that I could sleep at night, so I could be a good example and inspire others. Those that do good in attempt to get into “heaven” aren’t doing deeds for the right reasons. It’s sort of cliche’, but some of the MOST judgmental people I’ve met are also the most religious people I’ve met. Isn’t that incredibly backwards?! I do sometimes envy those people though, how easy and comforting it must be to blindly believe in something that is supposed to be bright, shiny and perfect…

  613. My faith is really still confusing to me. I believe different things from all religions and that has how it has always been. My mom is super christian, and my dad just believes there is something bigger up there. Myself, I just believe that we have morals to live by and there are bigger things out there. But questions like what made this all start still confuses me. I believe my faith has helped me look at the world differently than others, and I tend to be more open to all different religions so I listen a lot more than others who are biased due to religion.

  614. My faith is not of a religious nature, it has never been. In my opinion, most religions are used by men to control others. The way they think, the way they dress, what they eat….I believe in humankind, in our freedom to do the absolute worst, or the absolute best….in our capacity to chose, and to learn from our mistakes. I have faith in me, and in the people I love. I have faith in life.

  615. I feel like sometimes I have good faith, and then I have days that I question
    everything. I know that to truly have faith I can’t have doubt….

  616. Faith drew me away from the darkness of the cruelty of my childhood home where psychological torture and physical and sexual abuse was daily/nightly experience from toddlerhood until I moved out at 19. I knew that there was a kinder Spirit that existed outside of what was going on and I would hear It’s voice in the wind and rain and in the Beauty of Nature.

  617. It means a complete and utter change from the life I use to live. Once an atheist, I have found that there is a God who is just as real as what the Bible says. I’ve been walking a better life and handling things and people with a difference that my old friends just can’t believe. I’m by far not a religious man, however. For “Religion” kills the spirit and teaches you think a certain way. It comes down to faith. The only thing I know is that God loves me, has forgiven my sins with the sacrifice His son did for me, and because of that, I live more for Him than myself.

    I hate no one. I love all. I do believe in protecting myself but I don’t go out of my way to do harm to others even if they don’t believe as I do.

  618. Faith has helped me cope in my life. I always think things happen for a reason and it will all come out all right in the end. If I didn’t think that way, I would have been either dead or crazy along time ago. I have gone through times with an abusive mother to health problems.

  619. I have no religious faith and am not spiritual in any way.

  620. My faith in a higher power gives me someone to talk to, complain to, rail against, plead with, share my heart with when it is too full. Too full of regret, shame, love, gratefulness, uncertainty, fear, worry, peace and yearning. It means I am not alone and as long as I have my faith, I have someone to share my true feeling with.. Stephen once wrote… “The most important things are the hardest things to say. They are the things you get ashamed of, because words diminish them-words shrink things that seemed limitless when they were In your head to no more than living size when they’re brought out. But it’s more than that, isn’t it? The most important things lie too close to wherever your secret heart is buried, like landmarks to a treasure your enemies would love to steal away. And you may make revelations that cost you dearly only to have people look at you in a funny way, not understanding what you’ve said at all, or why you thought it was so important that you almost cried while you were saying it. That’s the worst, I think. When the secret stays locked within not for want of a teller but for want of an understanding ear.” I believe my Faith is my understanding ear.
    My faith has seen me through the death of a little sister, the suicide of my father, and the slow agonizing painful death of my mother. That Faith has helped me walk through addiction and helped me walk one of my children through it as well. I have seen many relationships fail but never has my Faith let me down.
    It’s always there as long as I want it to be…

  621. Faith = myth

  622. An awful lot of evil has been perpetrated in the name of Faith. Faith to me is believing that to be a content human we have to love one another and that eventually love will conquer all and prevail. Without that we are but empty shells running on a treadmill like rats trying to either catch up or stay ahead of the pack,

  623. I’ve seen too much in my life not to believe in God. I lost my way and spent about 20 years away from church, but for years ago I found my way home. I am disabled and spent my adult life filling sorry for my self, doing nothing but watching tv and playing video games. When I got back in church my whole life changed. I volunteer in many ways and I am more active now at 37 then I have been since I was 16.

  624. I have no faith. I often wish that I did because the people that I know who have a strong faith are very secure in their beliefs. They are absolutely sure that there is a heaven and are not afraid to die. I am not afraid of death but I am supremely disappointed in the whole finality thing.

  625. I believe that there is something more to our existence then what is on the surface, but I don’t believe in God in the traditional sense. I believe the Bible was written by man in order to keep people in line and not inspired by a divine God. I do believe that we have an energy source that continues after our bodies die, and I have encountered them in my life.

  626. I have faith that the spirit, the Divine, and the forever universe have nothing to do with religion. Religion is a tool to control the scared, the weak, and the unenlightened ….

  627. Faith is the only thing that has carried me into adulthood and now….old age. Because of all the tragedy in my life, without Faith, I would not be here today.

  628. Faith, The big one. The one thing that it all hinges on. My faith wavers and varies with my everyday life. Most times it’s the size of the Mustard Seed at best. I want to believe, I Pray, but I would think that one shouldn’t have to fear prayer. It seems to me that when I pray over something, or someone, that things get worse instead of better. Is that just God telling me, or showing me that what happens is for the best? I really have a problem with that.

  629. Faith in God is something I cling to, but no matter how badly I want it, I never get a firm hold. I go to church, I pray, and I have faith more than I lack it, but there is a corner of my mind that says I’m a liar. Did God really create us, or did we dream up God because we’re too chicken shit to face death? I choose to have faith, and if I die and God is a lie, I’l never know. On the other hand, if there is a God, I should probably try not to piss Him off.

  630. I have faith in the Revival…

  631. I was baptized LDS. I was never active, but participated in church activities because that is where my friends were. My parents drank, so I was treated poorly by the faithful. I never did have a testimony for the church, and do not subscribe to their doctrine. I find my spirit connects with nature more than anything. I am very spiritual, not remotely religious.

  632. I used to have faith in my fellow man but times they are a changing….I still want to believe we are basically good but greed & narcissism have made humans less compassionate towards each other. I still try to be caring & compassionate with the hope that others will follow and restore my faith in mankind.


  634. Faith is a monkey at a typewriter. Dressed in tiny clothes and banging away at the keys, he may look like he’s writing a novel, but in the end he’s just a monkey and all that he has typed is fgh it fdsasghjircvjkid!

  635. My faith has helped me stand up for what I believe in. It has given me a connection to my planet and everything in it. It has helped me identify the good and the bad in the universe and given me a voice to say it’s ok for there to be some grey areas in life. :)

  636. Faith has been an obstacle. People cite it to give reason to heinous acts. Personal responsibility takes a back seat whenever they speak the magic words of “God made me do it”. Faith is what yells obscenities at me when I go shopping on Sundays. Faith corrupted my friend into a hateful way of living. Faith has told me time and time again that I am incapable of good, that I am a stain upon the tapestry of humanity, that I spoil the gifts given to me every time I wake up without praising God.
    Faith and I are not on good terms, and the reason is simple, yet liberating.
    There is no God.

  637. I highly distrust anyone who blindly believes in what they are told. I have faith that the love I have is enough. I wish more people felt the same, instead of letting their God destroy us. Wake up sheeple

  638. I have been through many dark times in my life and supposedly i got stronger because of it. But it’s a lie. I have seen too much selfishness (not surprising as we are living mostly in a money-hungry, power-hungry capitalist world) and superficiality. I have heard too many lies, seen too many masquerades, witnessed too many wrong actions, that my Faith in humanity has fallen and decayed a long time ago.

    I wrote something about my feelings towards humanity, years (seems like aeons) ago :

    “The Misanthropy And Cynicism In My Heart About Society And Human Nature Will Never Fail To Enlighten My Path, Unfortunately.”


    “I Hate So Much Things In This World And The Saddest Thing About It, Is That One Of These Things Is Hatred Itself.”

    God. What is God, if not just something that was invented because the human being needs to know that there is something after death? Because the human being is so afraid of his own mortality? Because with religion the human being feels that he can take advantage and power?

    Satan. Is Satan or the Devil not just an excuse for the human being to most of the time blame someone (something) else, so he can be freed from taking responsability for his own actions? Selfish, cruel and horrible actions?

    I don’t believe in God, nor the Devil. I don’t believe in entities, spirits, ghosts (i don’t need to believe in an after life to help me cope with grief).

    So, i have no Faith in God nor anything paranormal or supernatural, i have almost no Faith whatsoever left in humanity. Where does it leaves me?

    After all the wrongs and bad things that i have seen and been through in life, after all that i have been through that didn’t kill me and was supposed to make me stronger, even if i grew more cynical day by day, there is still something, like a little secret place in my heart that wants to believe that there are still good people out there, a place where hope still lives, where love is possible, where even happiness can be felt and where i can be moved… moved with things like books (novels by Stephen King are a big part of it), moved through music and through movies.

    So, in the end, i believe that i have Faith in words, sounds, melodies and images that touches and moves… and when i am touched and moved, i feel alive.

  639. As a muslim, faith in Allah has been a significant and central matter in my life. It’s a huge part of my being and the basis of nearly all my doings. Having faith in Allah had affected my life in ways as little as helping me sleep at night and as big as bringing me sanity and peace in times of serious crisis. I have seen and felt and lived through the proof of Allah’s existence.

  640. By definition faith is believing in things that are unsupported by evidence. Our ability to reason gives us the power to separate reality from that which is false. Faith opens the door to accepting any kind of nonsense as true. It is not a quality that is deserves admiration or even respect.

  641. While I like the idea that there might be some kind of spiritual force out there I don’t have any kind of faith that there is. I guess I could say that not having faith has shaped my life in that I have a questioning nature. I generally don’t accept things without doing my own research and shaping my own opinions.

  642. I believe that faith is something humans created in order to deal with all of the terrible things that happen in the world. I don’t believe in a loving savior deity. I don’t believe that when people die they go either to heaven or hell. Rather, I believe that the world is random, and so humans created the idea of a savoir and everlasting life in order to keep going. I would love to believe that there is some divine creator watching over the earth and accepting the faithful into an eternal paradise, but I can’t. There are beautiful, wonderful things in this world, but I think those things exist by chance. All too often those wonderful things are greatly overshadowed by all the horrible things that happen. I don’t think there is a greater meaning to life. I think those who spend time on earth ended up here by chance, and the best we can do is live a happy and productive life before the lights go out for good.

  643. I believe faith in a god or gods can be both a good and a bad thing. I think faith gives man a sort of security in the rush that is life. Something to hold on to. It can explain things you see around you and, in dark times, give you a reason to hang on. So most of the time faith is a good thing. But if you hold on too something to hard you become more and more blind to other viewpoints. That can be dangerous and lead to fanaticism and fundamentalistic views. Then it is a bad thing. Most faiths are, at the core even if they do say that their version is the true one, tolerant and it is when people forget that that religion can breed war and murder. But that is not the faiths fault. It is the leaders, political or church leaders, fault that use the faith as a motivating tool. I myself do not believe in any faith i know of but i find all religions interesting. I wouldn’t try to persuade anyone to share my opinion. I think it is up to each individual to decide what he or she thinks about faith. You shouldn’t be told what you should think.

  644. I think that the idea of God is nice. I understand how it came about. I know for some people it’s more important than anything, the knowledge that someone good and loving is always with you, always looking out for you.

    I also know that just because something is nice doesn’t make it real. I can wish on a shooting star all I want and it will still just be a ball of falling gas somewhere in the black void of space. Thinking that it’s something special and real doesn’t make it so.

  645. I believe if that you pray or ask for supernatural assistance/intervention in any matter you must pay for that assistance/intervention.

  646. I believe in God and believe that everything happens for a reason.

  647. I have faith that God is there. Of course life is often cruel and short. somehow things will appear completely fair at some point. I believe we live many lives. It doesn’t make sense that we live one life and then we receive eternal life or eternal damnation. We should be encouraged that most things are beyond our understanding and that we are here.

  648. I believe that God is better than religion is able to portray.

  649. There are more things that are, than are not.

  650. …I have no faith in particular anymore…the evil in the world has burned the belief in a beneficent God out of me…it has simply rendered me a cynical pessimist…

  651. I try to have faith that this all means something more in the end.
    “All the world’s a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances,
    And one man in his time plays many parts”

  652. My faith is very basic and not religious. I have faith that there is more to life than we understand. I believe there is something important about our lives but I don’t know what it is. I suppose my faith keeps me sane; hoping that all of this is somehow divine. And maybe its not. We’ll ALL find out someday. I have faith that its going to be good thing. Lets hope so. If faith is merely a distraction from the inevitability of death… That’s really depressing.

  653. My faith keeps me sane. I try to give up my worries every time to God but sometimes it is a struggle; when I do my load is lightened. My God is with me always.

  654. Faith, to me, is a belief- trust in a higher Power to provide/answer when in need. To have Faith does not necessarily mean belonging to an “organized” religion. I have Faith that when I ask, it will be heard and answered. Within my own life, this has happened several times. I trust that I will be guided and answers will be given.