What is the one thing in life you are most curious about? What drives that curiosity?


  1. There are things that curiosity enhances and there are things that are better left untouched. I suppose it depends on how well you can handle the thing you are curious about. Curiosity is a way to learn.

  2. I always say.. don’t die curious!

  3. Nature……I think the answers to all our questions lie in it.

  4. Is there really a heaven or life after? I myself am confused on this subject. Or is there such thing as reincarnation.

  5. Fear always trumped my curiosity. I find myself being more curious now that I’m older. I think it is supposed to be the other way around but not for me. I think it’s a great thing as long as it doesn’t hurt others. I’m often curious why people do the things they do, but know from experience that we usually only know the “whys” after we’ve done them.

  6. I am most curious about heaven. I can’t imagine how beautiful it is. I can’t fathom living for all eternity, but I know I will. I can’t wait to meet my sister who died right after she was born. I can’t imagine all my animals being there with me forever, but I know they will. I wonder what Jesus is going to look like and what he is going to say to me. That worries me a little.

  7. Is the bible just a story?

  8. The one thing I am curious about is why we are here and what is our purpose of being here or what is the secret, if any, to life?

  9. I am curious about God. The more I learn, the more I realize my knowledge is a drop in the ocean.

  10. Curiosity can be positive or negative. It that little voice inside of you that is not satisfied with what is at the surface and needs to dig deeper to understand

  11. See Addiction.

  12. I am curious about the nature of God. I don’t believe human life, or any life for that matter, is random. Why did God need(?), want(?) to create us. Are we a disappointment or did omnipotent God always know?

  13. Curiouside-the choices are endless. Why are we here? Is there an unseen perpuse? Do we, each individual, have a mission we are put on this earth to fulfill? Or are we just an experiment, started by some unknown species who has long forgotten our existence? Does something continue long after our flesh and bones bodies are dust? Why do we behave as we do, make the choices we make?
    The questions are endless. As for the answers, there aren’t any. There may never be but the curiosity remains.

  14. “What Is The One Thing In Life You Are Most Curious About? What Drives That Curiosity?”
    Easy one. How we got from hunter gatherer status to where we are today. What drives it is simply intellectual curiosity. What drives people to do what they do. To add or subtract from what we are as people. Curiosity drives my curiosity! The simple urge to understand. It’s really that simple for me. It’s why I learn as much as I possibly can about every single subject that intrigues me! You ask for “one thing your most curious about” the only answer I have for that is “Why do people do the things they do?” What drives it? I want to know more about why I do the things I do! It’s fairly simple, the implications and answers are wildly complicated.

  15. The unknown. What’s on the other side. I guess fear drives this. What really happens when you say goodbye to the world for the last time.

  16. I am most curious about what Heaven will really be like. I realize that in this life humans are incapable of fully understanding Heaven, or of course fully experiencing it; though it has been described somewhat. Some of what is described seems inconceivable, though not unbelievable. The very idea of eternal, everlasting life has always appealed to me (maybe that’s an obvious assumption).

  17. I am curious to know if life is a game…

  18. What lies beyond life. What drives that curiosity is my desire to see my mother again.

  19. Iam curious about why people do some of the things they do. I think the crimes drive this curiousity as you always want to see the reasoning behind it.

  20. i’m mostly curious about how life of other people goes???!!!how they think or even how think life to be??!!!!you know like some sort of people just think how they themselves make happy by just simply socialize those people around them???!!!???when superstitious beliefs exactly began??!!??why there are many religions in the world???!!!??and lastly that i’ve been too curious of is??are spirits real???

  21. I am most curious about (what sounds arrogant) but isn’t, the strange things that have happened in my life.
    What drives that curiosity is- why did this happen to me? why did an ordinary person experience things that were so devastating, so profound and so life changing and also be stuck dumb when seeking in the words of ordinary expression to explain what cant be explained.

    Out of this comes tentative enquires about lives we may have lived before, karmic imprints soul returns, the nature of God and mystery and the growing in a small dark nature of some slow seeds that start to shine a light and begin to seek expression.

    And an experience also so chastening!

  22. Why humans focus so much on differences and diversity instead of focusing on our similarities. What drives this is if we, as a collective did this, admit we don’t like each other, and accept our same – ness, we could all get along better and leave the ones we don’t like alone instead of trying to kill and/ or hurt them.

  23. Curiosity is completely normal for any species, if there was no curiosity we would not have the advances in medicine and technology that we do. Not saying it can not be perverse but then again anything can turn perverse in the wrong hands

  24. It’s killed many cats. And people.

  25. I am curious if curiosity will exist forever or humans will evolve into all-knowing beings.

  26. Where the he’ll we came from. Where did all this come from. Where are we going. Where does it all end up. All essentially the same question. My faith falters. I become dissolusioned and tragically evermore curious. Our existence, the human mind and body are inexplicably infuriatingly, wonderfully, mysteriously, beautiful. How did we happen? Who/what happened us?

  27. What is the one thing in life you are most curious about? What drives that curiosity?
    I’m curious about people. What’s going on in the minds of the people around me, the people in my life, the people that are sharing my space in time. I have found in life that all people have both strengths and weaknesses. Many times those with the greatest strengths also have equally great weaknesses. Many times a strength carried to an extreme can become a weakness.

    Let’s take a look at a typical writer for example. I like to write. Does that make me a writer? I think it does just that. Whether I write well or not is for the reader to decide. As one that likes to write or to put it a better way; one that is driven to write, I spend a lot of time in my own head. If I spend too much time in my head I lose focus on the reality of the world around me. Too much loss of focus on the world around me can result in my poor performance in that world.

    I know someone of the opposite extreme. This person is very good a focusing on the world around her but not so good at all at relishing the joy that can be found in the experience of life itself. I know someone else that is a person that lives inside a negative shell. What I mean is that this person always seems to finds the bad in any situation. As a result of that he is always trying to improve that situation. And most times that results in making the situation better.

    My curiosity about people I suppose is driven by a gnawing need to know more . I believe that my life would be very boring if I ever lost that curiosity.
    The Voice of Truth

  28. I’m curious to know if there are other parallel dimensions, aliens, and ghosts.

  29. Humanity’s search for the cure that “something is wrong”. Virtually every religion has come to the conclusion that something is terribly wrong, and then either provides an answer or a solution, often both, to what it sees as the problem. This intrigues me and is why I study religion. I would love to find the truth, whatever that might mean, but ultimately I spend my time learning about what others have said about this. The yearning in my own soul for a solution to the problem is what drives me, even if I have accepted that ultimately, the answer is simply that the universe is utterly unconcerned with our lives, both individually and collectively.

  30. What is the purpose of life? Why do we work, why do we have to earn money to pay for all the things that we really don’t need. What is the meaning of it all when you just die in the end and can’t take any of it with you?

  31. I wonder if there is other life out there. Surely we can’t be all there is. When you look at places like Machu Picchu, man could not have done that!
    Did we descend from apes or was it really Adam & Eve. And if so, where did they come from? You can’t create something from nothing.

  32. Curiosity causes extreme anxiety (for me). (yes, I know its fucked up)

  33. Where everything came from. Is it truly random or is there a method to the madness we know as reality?

  34. I always wondered what babies think about floating around in the womb.

  35. EVERYTHING! When I was about 4 I remember asking my Grandfather question after question. He answered every one. The answers may or may not have been exactly true, after all, who knows everything?
    I went into my career because it had underlying mysteries that I could help solve. The career was medicine. I worked in critical care all over the country. I worked in Trauma, Pediatric, Cardiac, Burn, and General ICUs over my 40+ year career.
    I loved it right up until I didn’t.

  36. My children and what they will be like later! They (girl,17 and boy, 9) are my pride and joy and…I have two more on the way :)
    Baby-boy and baby-girl will be born between now and about 5 weeks yippiieee

  37. If God does exist and wants everyone to follow him and believe in him, why did he wait billions of years of earth history and make an appearance 2,000 years ago, and use text to spread his word, which he would have known later on would have to be translated into a ton of different languages and open to ambiguity and full of mistakes and errors from being copied and copied and copied. Not a very good method if you ask me. Why not wait a few years and make an appearance now, we’ve got iPhones and the internet, could have done the job so much better.

    Maybe the holy bibble isn’t true…. makes me wonder.

  38. I’m curious about the spirit world. I think there is an endless need to know what, if anything, is there. I’m curious about life after death or if there is such a thing. Otherwise, I’m curious naturally. I think curiosity is a great trait to possess as it can make life more fun.

  39. Im curious as to what lies beyond the door of death. My fear of my own mortality drives that curiosity. I often times wonder if there are other worlds than these.

  40. The one thing ? Oh no, not a single thing but ALL !
    I’m curious by nature and everything interests me.
    What motivates me ? Learn simply :-)

  41. People fascinate me. Societies fascinate me.
    My love of people drive that curiosity.

  42. I wonder if there are indeed other worlds than this. I have an abiding interest in the idea of parallel universes and if I exist in some of them and whether there I travelled a different path. I’m curious about the universe we know of too and whether there are folk out there and if they’re doing a better job at protecting their planets than we are.

  43. How the universe came to be. Why the basic laws of the universe exist. We know how gravity works, but not why it works. The universe would not be the place we experience without gravity. But is there an alternate universe where there is no gravity and things just float around at random for eternity?

  44. How does it work? What does that say? Where will this lead? Can I do it? and most importantly, “why did you say that the way you said it?” What do you really mean?

  45. the mysteries of the universe. how, where, why, when, who? are we one great big cosmic experiment? are you laughing at the chaos that we have created instead of peace and utopia? What drives this is the news reports daily… how have we come to this??

  46. I am curious about my heredity. Where do I get this from? Why do I do this? I have done genealogical research, but that doesn’t answer it all. How many tongue rollers are in my background. Also, are my deceased relatives waiting for me in Heaven? Is it like a big cocktail party and they’re waiting for you like a reception?

  47. how does faith work

  48. What is consciousness??? This is possibly the most fundamental question we can ask, one which may or may not have a legitimate answer. Science is pushing the boundaries of what we know (and perhaps can know) in this area yet somehow the basic mystery remains. How have we developed self-awareness? Is it a fluke of evolution that each of us experiences life subjectively, filtered through our individual nervous systems? Or at root is this a powerful illusion as virtually all the mystical traditions maintain? Could the ancient Hindu concept of Lila have it right? Namely, that Everything is engaged in some sort of divine cosmic dance… The Universe playing hide and seek with Itself, manifesting consciousness in countless different forms for the purpose of simply being able to perceive Itself? In other words, how can Everything ever look in a mirror? Perhaps only by splintering off parts of Itself, imbuing each one with individual consciousness so that each piece (every one of us) forgets our true identity as part of the greater whole and can then explore the universe with our five senses before losing energy and falling back into the Oneness of which we’ve always been a part. Could each of us be a tiny fragment of some greater, unified consciousness, like individual waves on the surface of the ocean, appearing to have separate form yet always remaining part of the sea? We’re not the only creatures who possess consciousness by the way. Cetaceans, some primates and even elephants appear to meet most of the criteria that define sentient beings. There is a growing body of evidence that consciousness may in fact be present in all animals and perhaps even plants, depending on how we define it. The take away message here is that we should all be willing to explore the possibility that we are not, in fact, who or what we think we are.

  49. The meaning of life…why are we here. Death would be a repreave.

  50. Some great F orce drives me to be curious about everything. I used to think it was god, but it is not. I have questioned everything since I knew I could and I love curiosity, although, as we know, it can kill cats and us presumably.

  51. When will people stop letting religion (and all the other stuff that creates false barriers) keep us from one another. I am curious about the divinity I see everywhere and the love it evokes.
    I see the stress and the pain that people are living out…its painful to see people pain. There is so much fear and mistrust. I don’t know why we have stayed in this state for so long.

  52. Curiosity is what keeps use moving forward

  53. Why people treat each other so cruelly. Insensitivity or even numbness seems to be a way of life these days.

  54. DejaVu, it really freaks me out.

  55. Me, how did I get here, why am I here, etc.

  56. I am most curious about life after death. My desire to see my passed on loved ones and my upbringing has caused this curiousity.

  57. I am most curious about the things I cannot remember and what causes the crazy dreams I have nightly. I’m curious if I’m supposed to be listening to what I’m being told in my dreams. I have had incidents of bad in my life and I wonder if that’s what drives my curiosity, because of the bad I’ve experienced but never dealt with.

  58. zero equals two

    what really went down on jericho hill

    i know that i know but, how do i know

  59. I am curious as to what type of “life”, as we may define or imagine it here on earth, exists in our vast universe–and why we have not, on a great scale, yet encountered such life.

  60. I am curious about why there are so many people in the world that subscribe to the “movement” and ideology of survivalism, and why so many people are obsessed with guns and the ability to carry them and amass as many as possible. I find it ridiculous that these types of individuals and indeed, whole groups, believe that the ability/right to seriously injure or take the life of another somehow would make their life and our world better. If it came down to a doomsday scenario that these survivalists seem to believe is inevitable (and maybe it is), why would you want to continue living in a world like that? I am not a pacifist, and I think that we should fight against evil forces and movements in our world, as we did against Naziism, but the gun-obsession and anti-government sentiments in our American society really make me wonder how our society will progress with such a paranoid and desperate view of life.

  61. As trite as this may sound, I really look for the answer as to the meaning of life. I mean really, what is the purpose in us being here. Are we really born just to age and then die. Humans, at least as far as we know, are the only species capable of or interested in asking this question. Some of us may feel a “calling” that give life a “purpose”, and I think that is wondrous. I just hope my life can have a positive impact on the lives of others and make the world a little better for my efforts.

  62. My main curiosity is everything. I want to know and learn as much as possible. What drives this is the uncertainty of how long I will be alive and what happens after death. Since I have no for sure answer for either of those questions I try to live my life to the fullest. A lot of the time it is hard to. Some days I feel like I can’t focus and just end up wasting my day away. But other than those days I try to be productive, helpful and learn something new.

  63. What is the other life like in the universe? What is out there? Have no clue what drives this curiosity. All my life have wanted to know what is out there. Born too soon to be an astronaut. May will come back a thousand years from now and be one. Or when I croak, can zoom over the cosmos and find out.

  64. I am curious about what can make some people so cruel. And how they can sleep at night

  65. life itself. are we even real or just some ones dream ? I don’t remember where I was before I was born so why would I be cognizant of anything after death ? maybe there’s a reason those are the only 2 sure things in life. how can one even imagine an afterlife that goes on for eternity when a sizable portion of us cannot handle the allotted time we have now ? I think an eternity of thought would turn to insanity

  66. Every day curiosities for me are more about learning new things. My big curiosity, what happens after we die, I’d like to know, but not anytime soon. ;)

  67. The question of “What if”. What if I die? What if God does or doesn’t exist? What if one of the wars hadn’t happened?

    But not only these questions. I admit I might be too young and too naive but I am curious to see a dead person one day. It’s all over the TV, radio, movies, shows and books but it never really got to me. Will seeing a dead person freak me out? Will I panic? Or will I be excited? Would I end up like the mass murderers just to watch people die a slow painful death? Or would I still not really care? Would it pass by me like the message of a missing cat in a far away country? I’m quite curious and I hope to experience something exciting, preferably sooner than later.

  68. Yup, I’m curious about the age old question of the meaning of life? 42, yes yes; but seriously, I feel I serve no purpose and am not happy and I have watched my dreams get thrown by the wayside and have slowly started settling for everything, just to have a life to talk about.

  69. It’s really death and just when it may take me – how – and what happens next. It’s so often on my mind that the older I get the less I actually fear it. What I hope is that I can hang out another 30 years as my mom and dad both had long lives, so I can see my 3 grandchildren maybe have their kids. I just believe there’s something more after we go; be it another life or whatever but I don’t buy the whole “you just cease to exist” thing.

  70. I am mighty curious whether humanity will ever grow up and realize there are no gods, never were any gods, and sin is a ridiculous and crippling concept, poisoning many lives. Let our children read Thomas Hardy, Spinoza, Darwin, Shakespeare, Rushdie, Russell, Dawkins, Voltaire, and all the other greats, and hope they embrace the possibility that it *might* just be possible to lead a meaningful and, above all, human life without having to retort to ghastly & garbled fairy tales, concocted by primitive & fearful people thousands of years ago, in mankind’s infancy.

  71. I don’t believe you come back after death but wonder if there’s another place you go to. Will I pay for my sins or is there nothing there?

  72. Curiosity killed the cat.

  73. I’m very curious about humanity and emotions and why we are the way we are, and how we will be in the future. I think it’s important to understand other people and yourself, and people are pretty amazing. I mainly think it’s really interesting and incredible… but it’s also important to consider why people can act cruelly. I think that’s also something that’s innate and unavoidable, and learning about it can help me understand that in myself and try to temper it.

    Really, it’s just incredibly interesting though. Learning about psychology and people makes me make sense of my own life. I love books and am probably very very curious about reading them as well. I like writing and understanding literature. I think it’s amazing that we can interpret texts so differently, and how they can have such a lasting impact on us.

  74. The cosmos. My only dream would be to get put on a rocket and blasted into space on a one-way ticket. Imagine all the things you could witness and the images you could send back. Imagine what you’d see on your deathbed!

  75. I am curious about the dumbing down of America. Frankly, it pisses me off!

  76. Why is my boss such a bitch!?
    What is the meaning of life?
    Why do terrible things happen to anybody?

  77. What I most often wonder about is the state of man-and whether it is grand or some ultimate jest.

  78. As I grow older and begin to feel my mortality, the thing most on my mind is “what’s after this life.” Do we just wink-out like a light, or is there something after this? I hope it’s the latter, as the thought of nothingness terrifies me.

  79. Language and meaning–especially written texts–those are where my curiosity lies, and those are what drives my curiosity; it’s circular and doesn’t stop.

  80. What is heaven really like? What if I don’t like it? Will my pets be there? How can anything be sustained for eternity without becoming stale and boring? Or will we come back as crickets and have to start over again?

  81. Art – all of it; books, music, film, painting, sculpture everything. What drives it? Life I guess.

  82. I’m most curious about the state of being in general . It is my most cherished possession

  83. If you live in the moment everything is a wondrous mystery to unravel. I love the physical world and my curiosity is endless. I would most like to know what will happen in the future concerning global climate change.

  84. What really happens when we die? Do we just turn to dust or ashes? Is there afterlife? Can we really guide or watch a loved one spiritually?

  85. I have always been curious; about everything. My Mother once told me that the very first question I asked her was “Why is water wet?” and that set the scene for my life. Since childhood I’ve always wanted to know everything about everything and I’ve studied one thing or another all my life (and I am still studying). However, the one thing that I would most like to know is why my son died. I know he died from SIDS; but why? Why does it happen? What makes it take one child and not the next? Why does it happen in geographical clusters? Why? Why? Why?
    I know with absolute certainty that there IS a reason, and I will never stop searching until I find it.

  86. Everything makes me curious if a pay enough attention. Is really interesting how a new idea can take you to others and an immeasurable chain of knowledge starts to grow.

  87. The one thing in life that I am most curious about is why do bad people seem to be happy. They break laws and hurt people, yet that does not phase them. What drives that curiosity is seeing it happen too many times. But I have learned that I am only seeing the surface and do not really know what is going on behind closed doors.

  88. I am curious about the mind that can write the stories we all love so much. Perhaps I should have stayed in college and become a scientist of some sort in order to study the minds of creative people. Can you imagine the heyday Freud would have chatting with SK?

  89. What drives others to do what they???? I have experienced many factors in my life – father committing suicide, brother dying before age 40, mother committing all aspects of her life to a religion, a sibling falling into addiction and another sibling spending their entire life as if they want to die. What drives them one way and yet I’m driven the other way? I have always had a thirst to learn more and more. The desire to know – to know whatever about everything.

  90. I am curious about what comes after death (duh)
    I always wonder if I will ever see proof of paranormal or super powers, and of course aliens.
    As a last thing, I will always want to know if my dad has ever loved me at all.
    I wish I could see inside his heart and mind and finally understand him, finally know the truth, for once.
    If I could do that, I would close that door forever.

  91. The vastness of space. Driven by my curiosity about the mindboggling vastness of space.

  92. Who shot Kennedy and what really went on between Marilyn Monroe and JFK — Agent Dale Cooper

  93. I am curious about life on other planets. Surely we can’t be the only ones.

    I am curious as to why WordPress thinks I’m submitting comments too quickly and won’t let me post this.

    Seriously, WordPress?

    Also, why is my cat looking at me like that?

  94. People and their thought processes are interesting. Everyone has an agenda, which is not a bad thing. I am always curious about people’s angles.

  95. I’m curious about most everything, but the ones that intrigue me the most are the morbid things. Sociopaths, Psychopaths, murder. I have no desire to act on any of these, but more to study them. What does it feel like to take someone’s life? What would it be like to act only on instinct, and have no emotions? I watch crime shows with the desire to understand the way these people think and what it is like to do the things they have done. I love the idea of becoming a medical examiner to satisfy my anatomical curiosity. These are not curiosities that I have shared with anyone. Even though I know I won’t ever act on them, these kinds of thoughts generally are frowned upon.

  96. Curiosity is not a uniquely human trait; animals as simple as goldfish have it. I think a total lack of curiosity would be creepy, maybe partially brain dead.

  97. The really neat thing is that all of our questions are answered after we die. Not much good here unless you can remember something from before or have a near death or after life experience. I can remember laying on my back staring at the stars in the sky and wondering WHY? What am I here for, God? What is my purpose? It has taken many years to realize I might or might not find out that answer until I die. I am a work in progress until the bitter end. I do know I would be the one to get my head chopped off by Isis if it meant I had to denounce God. And if it comes to it.. I won’t take the mark either. Religion is a dangerous thing. Very very dangerous. God knows the hearts and minds of people and I trust Him to lead the good people in the right direction.. when all is said and done we get the answers and all consuming love. We win in the end.

  98. How life and the universe came to be.

  99. I am curious about everything. But if I had to narrow it down to one thing, I would like to know the answer to “Why is there something rather than nothing?” For me, both science and religion have come up short on this one……

  100. Sociopathy. I am curious to know what it’s like to do horrible things and have no real emotional response about them.

  101. Will I really burn for all eternity? Can my dead mother see me and know the grief I carry for her?

  102. Will I see them all again? Will I really, for real, die? Even at 45, the idea seems preposterous.

  103. The Universe.

  104. The Esoteric, is it really all just a hall of mirrors?

  105. The infinite

  106. My primary curiosity: Can I do it? My curiosity is driven by the idea of limitless potential in all things.

  107. I would love to know the answers to all the conspiracies out there. And when (not if) the vast majority of the population on earth will die by virus, bacteria, ect(healthcare worker here, it will happen, just a matter of how and when)

  108. I am curious about most things in life. There is so much beauty and mystery in the world. I want to know so much, and there are only so many days in my life. No matter how many thousands of books I’ve read, I continue to realize that I know almost nothing. And my curiosity continues to grow…

  109. I am curious about many things. I think things of the paranormal are very curious to me. But I am not willing to explore it to deeply I know the dark doors it could potentially open.

  110. I’m curious about most of the things. I guess I just need to know the answers and the questions never end – one solved puzzle makes new one appear. My biggest curiosity is where will my curiosity take me.

  111. I am most curious about why so many people have homes, cars, families and seem to be loved and happy. All I’ve ever wanted is someone to love and to be loved. How can there be billions of people and I can’t find one. What do they have or what have they done to be rewarded with a happy loving life?

  112. The moment between this life and next.

  113. Does it “feel like anything” to be super smart?

  114. The older I get the more curious I become about everything. My biggest curiosity at the moment is why are people so cruel? To children,partners,pets , other cultures etc. I am curious about if I would be capable of cruelty.

  115. Is there consciousness after death? Ego.

  116. I am most curious about creativity and what inspires someone to write a book or a song, create a work of art, or even design a building . I appreciate all of these things but have never felt the drive to create something that came exclusively from my own thoughts. I know most creative people get inspiration from someone/somewhere, but so many are able to be original, one of a kind and unique.

  117. Achievement. Being better than average at anything is what consumes my curiosity. I want to know what it feels like to not shy away, and instead push through being good at something to becoming great.

  118. I am most curious about the state of the world that we live in and how it continues to deteriorate. As a whole, people just don’t care enough to try to make a difference. I wonder what kind of world it will be for my child.

  119. Why are we here? What is the reason for our “being”. I’m not a religious person…I’m a scientist and I think I understand religion and religious people to a certain extent. That extent is the acceptance of that which can’t be explained and “chalking it up” to a supreme being. I know it goes deeper than that for many but I also know a lot of people use religion just for this purpose. I wish I could because my curiousity makes life hard sometimes. I have trouble sleeping because I’m stuck on a theory or a line of spacial thinking that just won’t go away. While I find it exciting, it’s also frustrating at times.

  120. In general it has been my experience that being curious connotes positive feelings and emotions. Exploration of something that is unknown. However this site has sparked something in me, exploring the darker side of human emotion is what drives my curiosity today. Why are people driven to hurt others, intentionally or otherwise? Why would an individual seek to harm an innocent bystander? Why would someone throw away the gift of friendship? Is it selfishness? Chemical imbalance? Something to ponder while waiting for Revival.

  121. Everything? Can I say everything? I’m always wondering “Why?” My mom said that was my favorite question when I was little. I don’t remember that but it’s certainly true now. If I had to pick one thing though…. I can’t… I’m gonna pick two… I wonder why people do the things that they do and what is the nature of God. And how are they connected.

  122. If you are not curious, you are not living. I am interested in everything I encounter–Life, people, animals, nature, politics, religion, medicine, diet. You name–I am interested. How can you make an informed decision about anything you encounter in life if you are not curious. I have many questions and not enough answers. I am glad that I am this way and hope that it continues all my life long. I want to know everything, especially historical insight. I want to know what makes it tick…?

  123. A cat once told me: Follow your dreams. I am happy no-one killed that cat!

  124. The King himself wrote… (and yes, I mean Stephen…haha)

    Try to imagine something beyond your imagination.

    Those words have stayed with me over the years…and I’m still trying to imagine…but I’m not obsessed! :)

  125. Curiosity is one of the things to be grateful for. Unfortunately, it is the stepladder to OBSESSION in many forms. It is too easy to cross over. Yet a life without curiosity is hobbled. The day you stop being curious, is a day you experience a form of death. The day curiosity becomes OBSESSION, much the same has happened. Only,somehow, worse.

  126. Curiosity in whether, across the Universe, is there a place where intelligence has got it right? What is right? They don’t have children they can’t support. They don’t kill each other for the sake of non-conformity to a “belief”. They don’t burden their environments with waste and abuse,,,,,,,,,,,,, what else?

  127. Life itself is the greatest curiousity! I strive daily to learn as much as I can about anything and everything in order to be fully alive. The minute you stop being curious and stop learning is the moment you begin to die.

  128. Curiosity is not always a good think, I speak from experiance.

  129. What causes people to react/act in certain ways. I’ve just always been fascinated with history, firmly believing that in order to understand a person in the now, you need to have an understanding of that person’s history. What has happened to them in life that currently effects how they act.

  130. I am curious about everything, I believe it is the nature of man to be so. I trust in science to give me answers. x

  131. My major curiosity right now is whether or not it’s possible to achieve a society where billionaires don’t exist, and the childish fears and obsessions that fuel wars gradually disappear. There is enough of everything for everybody. Can humans ever implement this realization?

  132. Everything. It’s the key part of the ‘what if’ factor that has led me through life and led me to writing.

  133. Am curious about almost everything, science, mechanics, psychology, history, why people have certain beliefs and ideas, cooking, crafts, what exactly is intelligence, common sense and how that is defined in different cultures. What is at the bottom of the ocean, at the top of the mountains, under the soil and rocks, how animals live and reproduce, human genetics, fish in the seas, bugs and birds, what may or may not be in the next universe, chemistry. Why some years my garden is wonderful and others a failure despite optimal conditions. Why someone though a certain decoration belonged on the top of a building, how artists come up with what to paint, draw, write, create and what drive those people. What folks in other countries think, believe and why…..the list can go on and on and on. Who was the first person to think a wheel was the way to move things and why. Curiosity to me is a wonder and wonderful. I am thankful I was born with the mental and intellectual ability to wonder. And am glad I am alive while this thing we call the internet and web exists so I am free to wander around following esoteric snippets to my heart’s content. And I wonder how I got so curious when most of the folks I grew up with are content to just be and exist.

  134. I am curious about the roles that we take on as life rolls out before us. How we seem to walk in the footsteps of others and yet some jet off to create a new path. I am curious about how we define ourselves. How I define myself. If my actions tomorrow will be determined by my perception of myself today. Thus, I am also curious about successful (apparently) people and how they live their lives. If I can emulate them to a certain extent, it would appear that my outcome would be favorable.

  135. I want to know where the spark of an idea comes from.

  136. I am curious about a lot of things. Most are things that are very hard to find answers to, perhaps impossible…its part of who I am suppose…things I hope that I’ll be able to find out someday…preferably before death but more than likely after…things that make you read and write and watch and learn…so, so many things.

    Physically speaking, my curiosity is about sex. I’ve only ever been with my wife, so I am curious about others. My wife knows of this, we have talked it over. No big deal there, we still are very much in love and understand…she actually feels the same way. Its cool…we got married quite young.

    Curiosity…what a crazy thing it is.

  137. I’m curious about the human mind…

  138. I am curious about dreams. My dreams have always been important to me. One in particular was an extremely special dream. How I view the world has changed because of it and so have I. It is the reason I am so curious about dreams as a whole.

  139. I am curious about many things. I’m nearing the end of my life and, besides the fact that I’ll be leaving my loved ones behind, the thing that hurts the most is that I won’t be able to learn, explore and create any more. I wish we could live indefinitely. I would LOVE to see what the human race comes up with in the future!!!

  140. Death. What happens to us. Is it just over? Do we come back? Are all the stories (religion) true?
    The thing that drives me is my curiosity

  141. Curious ? Not about one single thing, just generally curious about a whole load of things:- other peoples lifestyles, how to stay healthy, why people go off track etc. What drives this? Ive got no clue!

  142. Religion. It amazes me that so many people believe. I study it every chance I get. All different types and beliefs

  143. The books I have not read, the films I have not seen, the music I have not heard. And why I’m so obsessed by the entertainment industry.

  144. I guess conspiracies & cover-ups make me the most curious. I have a deep need to just know the truth. I have sometimes regretted that need, but I hate when people lie. I would just love to know the truth about all things & maybe I already do know or do I?

  145. There is no one thing….anything that affects me, my family, friends, will inspire my curiosity, I will engage in attempting to figure out that puzzle until I reach a conclusion that I am satisfied with or come to a dead end….then on to the next….

  146. I am curious about the world that is unseen: The forces of light and dark that war for the human soul and the role we as humans play in that conflict.

  147. I’m curious to see what I can accomplish. I’ve wanted to be a thousand things “when I grow up” for as long as I can remember, and I just want to see what I end up doing. Since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to be an FBI agent, be a pastry chef, study sharks in the Bahamas, be a dog trainer, be a drama teacher, be an actress, a singer, a wanderer. I’ve wanted to move to New Zealand for a year with my dog and hike from one end to the other because I thought it was so incredibly beautiful there. I wanted to go shark diving in South Africa and be able to tell people that I was a foot away from a great white shark. I’ve wanted to go to Paris and learn how to make incredible food. I’ve wanted to finish writing the novel that I started in high school. I’ve wanted to learn how to do a cartwheel.

    I’m curious to see what I can do. When I die, I still want to be curious, but I want to know that there are things I wondered about, things I wanted to learn and to see and to do, and know that I did them. I’m curious to see how that feels.

  148. I am curious to know if there are other planets with any form of life on, I dont believe we can be the only planet in the entire solar system that can support life in whatever form

  149. Reaction. People react in different ways depending on their circumstance. 2 different people in the same situation believe differently, act differently, and grow differently. I have compared myself to others and it always amazes me how the same situation is seen differently and different things are gained and lost from various trials.

  150. I am curious about people. About their eyes and body. I have problems understanding eye contact and body language. I seem to be illiterate when it comes to understanding this language and thus it fills me with curiosity. Why does tone matter more than words? How did we evolve this sense of good and evil from the way we stand and how we say something? It’s like being blind. So I watch people, and they think it’s creepy.

  151. I am very curious about the cosmos. Just like our primitive ancestors, the night sky never fails to captivate me.
    The universe is the one place that still holds any bit of wonder or magic for me, perhaps because I am incapable of understanding it. What if the universe is really one giant animal and we are some cellular level thing living inside of it? Like a cancer cell? Or worse. Wow, wouldn’t that be a blow to the human condition.

  152. People-when I am people watching I always ask (to myself) -“what’s their story?”

  153. People-I love to experience life and relationships; what motivates people to be who and what they are.

  154. I am curious about a lot of things, but most of all, I wonder about conviction. I wonder about how come two people can have different opinions in light of the same evidence. Why do people argue? Is it a matter of ego; that the thought of being W R O N G is too much to bear?

  155. I can thank my sense of curiosity for helping to form who I am and how I behave today. If I am not learning something new, not drawn down new paths while navigating others, leap-frogging from one new idea to the next, I may as well be dead. This curiosity was one of the keys to my surviving and overcoming, to some extent, a personal tragedy from my youth. I hope to remain curious, and that it remains one of my defining characteristics, for as long as I live.

  156. I’m curious about everything. I learned to read at a very early age and been a voracious reader throughout my life, that is what drives my curiosity. Reading has taken me to places that I’ve never been, both real and imagined, and has exposed me to adventure, outer space, history, sports, other cultures, my own fears and more. It’s given me an extremely active imagination and a thirst to know more. The people I’ve met who lack curiosity and are the most unimaginative all have one thing in common…”I hate reading”.

  157. This is the key that unlocks the door to everything (both good and bad). It allows you to explore, learn, experiment, study, taste, see, feel, smell, wonder…. everything. What’s on the other side? What’s behind that door? What ‘is’ that noise?

  158. The one thing? Oh my, it could never be one thing- stick a fork in me, I’m done if it is! Wonder…I am in continual wonder of it all. Everything. Astounding! I don’t know what drives my insatiable vehicle of wonder/curiosity- I haven’t a clue truly…maybe there are unseen forces tapping at me, whispering- “do you see it too? What do you make of it?!” Ha…I just don’t know.
    Well…I will tell you The Stand affected me at a younger age in such a way that it changed me, caused me to explore more beyond what was force fed at home. I even joined the journalism class and wrote a review ( I was terribly shy in that hardly ever up to that time,had I a feeling of being loved or supported anywhere) as Mother Abigail just spoke to me, it’s crazy to say that a fictional character gave me the beginning of a backbone- but, it’s true. (Although to this day, I feel she was a real person or perhaps a mix of wise women in the author’s life or in my own in my grannys and grandmas) Books, stories, tales- they can do that. I was transported in a way by that book and now I wonder (!) if this new book will be like the book end of all the stories that have shared in the shaping of me from then til now. I find many of Mr. King’s stories…to be quite profound, who knew? A horror writer speaking like a teacher through a book of good and evil, and that name- The Stand. With all that said, I guess after all- my curiosity about words, their origins, order, stance in place of pictures- the stories they tell, the lies and truths they behold- I’m awfully confounded and curious about writing that can inform as well as inflict.

  159. I’m insanely curious about everything. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that drives me to distraction at times because I’m constantly wanting to sign up to new courses to learn new skills, start new careers, move house, move country…

  160. I’m curious abot a lot of thing, from intimate question to deep space and life bigger question.
    the point is the revelation when you got the answer, it’s a prize for itself.
    Be curious and try a lot of thing (or leran a lot of thing) is the base of existance,
    becouse without question to solve there is a lot of boredom :)

  161. I’m curious about what goes on in other people’s heads. My thoughts, desires, secrets, etc. can run the gambit from ridiculous and playful to dark and evil. As long as I keep the darkness inside, it can’t get out…

  162. I’m Curious why people still need gods to worship? Gods were made up to help early man cope with things that they did not understand. Curiosity solved all those problems, yet people still hang on to that security blanket of Faith.

  163. Why?
    Why curiosity?
    Why are we made to wonder?
    Why are we made to imagine possibilities and impossibilities?
    We have beautiful minds, hungering for more stimulation and wonder.
    Do we value answers over questions?
    Does the desire for an answer have more value than the actual answer?

  164. I’m curious about what motivates people, why they act the way they do, what made them the way they are. So I ask a lot of questions, get people to talk about themselves. People really love this, but sometimes I learn more than I want to know. They walk away happy, I walk away perplexed. I really should question my own motivation for this driving curiosity, but I’m a writer (sometimes), and maybe I’m trying to filter through potential characters and story lines. That must be it, or maybe it’s just that it does make life a lot less dull to focus on others.

  165. I’m curious to know how big the universal is, are we the amoebes on the flees of a giant dog? Wise people say that the universal has begun with a big bang. For the smallest cells we know; is our fertilisation allso a big bang? Tell me I’m curious…

  166. The one thing in life about which I’m most curious has to be the human condition. Why do people act the way they do? Why are some people compassionate, and others callous and self-involved? Why is that some people are ruled by kindness, and others enmity? Why are we so variegated, and do possible answers lie in what we’ve experienced and the manner in which we’ve been raised?

    This is the main reason, I believe, that I’m a writer. Fiction offers a realm in which I am able to explore the possibilities. Perhaps it’s also why, at the center of fiction, lies a seed of truth.

  167. Curiosity is what drives me forward each day in the search for knowledge about everything which affects me each day.

  168. I am basically curious about everything, and I kind of like to try everything once ; the only thing keeping me from doing it is that sometimes I’m more scared than curious, and there are ethics obviously.
    If I had to pick just one thing, I guess it would be the balance between instinct and pragmatism that define people’s personnalities, mine to begin with.
    But let’s take Ted Bundy for an example : a perfectly socially integrated young man, with a promising career, a nice girlfriend, but an ugly dark half urging him to the most awful crimes.
    When and why does someone like that snap ? What happens ? When does what Freud calls “Id” become stronger that your ego and superego ?
    That’s definitely what I’m the most curious about though I doubt people themselves have the answer.

  169. I am most curious about the minds of humans. Humans are such a curious thing. What drives us? Why do we do what we do? And so on.
    I also find it funny that I am so curious about humans. I am also an introvert and shy. So, in learning and understanding about the human mind is in a way learning about myself.

  170. You die if you loose this. Even if you think you have lived a full life and there is nothing new under the sun, it is because you have crawled under a large psychological rock, whose weight keeps you pinned to that perception

  171. I’m curious about the different faiths people have, especially faith in a god. I do not believe in a higher power and I am always wondering why people feel the need to live their lives on the basis of being recieved into some kind of heaven. I would never tell someone they should not believe, I’m just curious about it.

  172. Partical physics is showing that “magic” exists. There are unseen forces at work all the time. I am curious to know how far we will go down the road to understanding. Also frightened.

  173. Knowing about the future and the mystical things on earth and beyond. What drives me to see the future is just to know if i will be completely happy.

  174. I’m curious about the veil we call reality. It’s flimsy if you really think about it. Our individual perception and expierience colors the way we view the world but each person’s perception and experience is different. Many different realities in one reality. which one is real all of them none of them? What if it’s all a memory

  175. My curiosity is what is on the “other side”. I sense a presence of several. I am compelled to contact them, yet too scared of what I may find.

  176. Curiosity is good, it keeps us on our toes. I have always wondered why or what my true purpose is here on earth. But deep down in my heart of hearts I really don’t want to know because that would be it and then what?

  177. C.y.a. cover your ass when checking around corners. You can’t help it but you don’t need to get hurt

  178. I ask unanswerable questions. I really want to know but God does not respond.

  179. What will happen after I die? I don’t mean I want to know about my own afterlife; I mean, what sorts of shenanigans will take place among the living? I’m a writer…a watcher…I don’t want to miss anything.

  180. I’m curious about everything. Why things work. Why people do what they do. How something, some tech, went from science fiction to reality. I just want to understand it all. And I want to see what’s coming next.

  181. The most dangerous pastime. Curiosity fuels creation and is one of the leading causes of disillusionment.

  182. Curiosity is the reason we should get out of bed in the morning. It should drive the intellect, and intellect should rule the body. Curiosity pushes us forward, to conquer boundaries and overcome obstacles.

  183. I am curious about many things. In particular, I am fascinated with scientific explanations for the origins of life, evolution, and the causes of human behavior. What makes people so different? Why are some people so evil and others altruistic?

  184. My job requires me to be curious. Plus I have a want to want to learn because of my curiosity.

  185. Life without curiosity would be mundane.

  186. I am most curious about whether I’ll ever live long enough to be happy

  187. I have a need to know. It is like a hunger that I can never fully satiate. I feel I need to learn, to have that one bit of knowledge that the person next to me does not have. Like a miser, hording those bits and pieces, like a mocking bird feathering my internal nest. I feel like I can never know enough, I can never learn enough. I need to know.

  188. I’m curious about everything. I have an unending thirst for knowledge and love to learn new things. It’s curiosity that gets me out of bed in the morning, that has me listening for different birds and trying to figure out what they are when I walk the dogs, and gets me to work every day. What drives that? A passion for learning.

  189. I’m curious about where we were before here, the things children say early on about stuff they can’t know. my daughter has autism and at first we didn’t know what went on in her head but when she did start to talk as best she can she had some strange view of the world it was like she was a new person and made me think how the other kids just new automatically how the world worked like they’d been here before they took the nack of assumption for granted where she could assume nothing she wasn’t even sure

  190. I’m most curious about sex.
    I grew up in a home where sex was dirty, taboo, not talked about.
    I became rather a late bloomer, but was with a man who was very sexually indulgent and experienced.
    He left me with a new found confidence in my body, a feeling of acceptance of my desires, and the know how of how to go about exploring safely.

  191. I am curious about what I can’t see or perceive due to my human limits…have you ever thought of how there are animals that hear sounds we will never see…how there are colors that exist I can’t perceive…how you can never truly know another person because you can’t experience being them…they see a different reality even if they are standing beside you.

  192. I’m curious as to how intelligent people can believe that this great big beautiful ball we float around on and everything in, on and around it could all be just some cosmic accident. I have a butterfly house and collect Monarch caterpillars to protect them from birds, lizards and frogs so they can become beautiful butterflies. Anyone who has ever seen this marvel and NOT believe there was a plan, a grand design, is a curiosity to me. No matter how many times it happens, it’s always a Monarch that comes out of that cocoon, not a Painted Lady or a Swallowtail, because their caterpillars are totally different. That’s my biggest curiosity.

  193. I am curious about the afterlife. I have read a few books on near death experiences and have enjoyed them. They are similar and yet have a few differences in them.

  194. When does it all come together? Time is a chief curiosity. Will humans evolve into forms unrecognizable to us now? Can a single mind contain the knowledge of the universe and beyond? Are we transitory conscience vacationing in this fleshy reality? Why do my feet itch for no reason? Do we ever get to know? How far can imagination truly go? My life has been adventurous, nearly half a century and I still feel like a babe in the woods..but I’m a King babe, so watch out…

  195. I’m curious about how other people think and what they think about…..because most of the time I don’t understand it. Maybe if I can better understand that, I can better understand myself.

  196. I’m curious about why people do what they do. That’s the reason I read.

  197. Life after death… Is there a heaven? I doubt it? Who made the universe… It was it just a Big Bang . Is there any propose to te pain and suffering of life ?

  198. What can I say other than what my grandma always warned “curiosity killed the cat”.

  199. curious about life – death – do we ever “leave” or just float around the universe?

  200. I am most curious about what happens when we die. Have always been fascinated by what lies beyond and how and what we feel in that moment when we take our last breath. Is there really a bright light that some claim to have seen? Will there be a loved one there to greet us?
    Is there a purgatory? Is there a heaven and hell? Is each persons version of heaven and/ or hell different?
    I find the subject of death very fascinating and it motivates me to learn about what’s possible and makes me appreciate the life I have each day.

    I do not fear death. When my time has come to leave this earth as I know it, I will embrace death and look forward to my next journey, wherever it may take me.

  201. What’s at the end of the universe? Is it infinite? If not, what’s on the other side? I’ve always been fascinated by astronomy and astrophysics. I’m amazed by the things we can understand about the far reaches of space, using centuries-old mathematical formulas and technology. I saw a quote the other day: “If you could stand at a spot 65 million light years away and look down on the earth, you could see the dinosaurs”. Putting life on earth into cosmic terms always blows my mind.

  202. Why do people have to be such jackasses? Why do people hate those who are different?

  203. What is going to happen next? I believe that curiosity and faith are odd bedfellows, but together, nonetheless. Diving into the unknown of human behavior has kept me intrigued. The puzzlement. The possibilities…the creativity that may reside there. Is there only meaning behind one’s existence that resides in the present, or is it part of the a ‘greater Plan’? Is there something for us…in the clearing in the Wood? – that makes me stay tuned.

  204. I am most curious about “human nature” How some people can be influenced by something ( media, religion, environment, family, location, etc) and others are unaffected by the same….or are affected differently…

  205. I still want to know what happened to my cats. I loved them. They were my self.

  206. Curiosity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought it back. Some things, we simply must know or die trying to find out…

  207. How things work.

  208. About what would happen in case about an apocalyptic event. How long would we, and could we stay “human”, before the dang of civilisation goes away? I think that imagining the worst makes me feel safer in the present

  209. met a girl. We were both nice in the beginning, sharing intelligent conversations into the night. Almost simultaneously we began letting pieces of our social facade fall away, and little by little we realized we both had the same prevalent dark side kept hidden. The same. We fell for each other quickly after that. Inseparable. Did everything together. I was curious how deep our connection went. Up to then there was not one of my darker thoughts or desires that she didn’t share with me. I wanted to know how far it went. I wanted to know how far she would go. I was curious, so I pushed things beyond where I ever had before to places I had dreamt of but never been. It was a one way door for us, and she was at home there. I had fun, and I wanted to go back home. To get into the details would probably get this comment removed, but suffice to say my curiosity was satisfied by loss on a scale I had never before experienced. There is no going back. Our love, our relationship, didn’t die. It remained, alive, and slowly rotted before our eyes like necrosis of a limb. We didn’t want to live without it, but it would kill is to keep it. It was so much worse that way than if it had just died. Curiosity. If only my heart were as black as my thoughts.

  210. I’m curious about human nature, how we are linked to the universe, whether there is a chosen path for each of us or whether there are endless choices for each of us that could change the future for everything

  211. What’s it all for? Does life have a point? I can say that I belir ve it does, but still sometimes I wonder what it is.

  212. I am mostly curious about the human mind. That curiosity is driven by a human mind – mine.

  213. Right now it is Revival. Cant wait to lay my hands on it. Otherwise it is the past. And then i mean several centuries and millennia past. How did we end up where we are to day. I’ll probably never get an answer put i get a little piece now and then and that drives me to learn more.

  214. I want to know if life on Earth is some kind of experiment. I want to know what happens on Earth long after I’ve died. I want to know what other forms of life dwell in the universe. I guess I’m driven by a desire to see the whole picture.

  215. Truth. Reality. I am curious about how the world works. I have studied mathematics and physics looking for truth.

  216. Truth

  217. …what makes people “tick”…everyday events are behind the wheel of that inquisitive bus…

  218. I am very curious about the mysteries that happen around us all the time. The darker side of curiosity. I want the answers to unsolved crimes, missing persons, infamous murders. I want to know these things. It’s just my inquisitive nature that makes me question and want to know.

  219. I am most curious about the meaning of life. WHY are we here? What’s this all about. I find it so interesting that no one really knows what our lives are worth in the end.

  220. I am curious about Death. It seems odd to spend alive time thinking about dead time, but there it is. What drives it? I, too, “was built with a love of the night and the unquiet coffin, that’s all. If you disapprove, I can only shrug my shoulders. It’s what I have.”